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WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin allows to use Sphinx Search Server power to enable ultra-fast and feature-rich search on WordPress-based websites.


  • Changed plugin release version for WordPress 4.2


  • Plugin release for WordPress 4.2


  • Plugin code was revised, fixed and tested to use with WordPress 4.2


  • Plugin code was revised and tested with WordPress 4.1


  • Plugin code was revised and tested with WordPress 4.0 Benny.


  • Updated Sphinx Search engine binaries to version 2.1.9.


  • Checked compatibility with WP v 3.9. Updated common styles.


  • FAQ page is updated. Added description of the problem with Plugin's Wizard.


  • Plugin will use static SSE configuration file now instead of dynamic one.


  • Updated installer's auto-detection mechanism which will allow user admin to choose pre-installed Sphinx binaries even on Windows platform.


  • Updated styles to fit new default theme


  • Added support of WP version up to 3.7.1
  • New feature: Tags search. added missed files.
  • New feature: Added an opportunity to search within post tags.
  • Fixed duplicates of statistics when seo URLs are used.
  • Fixed bug with single quote character.
  • Updates to layout of sphinx installation wizard.
  • Small fixes to verification logic of sphinx dirs security.
  • There is a warning of insecure files has been added to plugin configuration section
  • Fixed bug with unescaped html in snippets


  • fix of the bug related with searching for words that are not in the index


  • few miscellaneous fixes in the plugin admin zone
  • insert into sph_stat table improvement


  • Unhooked unnecessary filters
  • Added checking Sphinx connection on remote or local server to determine is Sphinx running


  • Fixed bug in search term escaping
  • Fixed bug in redirect for friendly URLs


  • Added friendly URLs support
  • Added ability to enable/disable friendly urls in Top/Related and Latest search terms widgets
  • Added ability to set maximum number of search results
  • Added tag for listing top search terms on a page
  • Fixed several bugs


  • Added new template tag: top search terms with pagination


  • Fixed bug in ss_isComment tag
  • Fixed search term highlighting bug


  • Added search management tool
  • Added search statistics/analytic report
  • Added new search mode "Freshness & Relevance"
  • Reworked Admin user interface, made it more simple and clear.
  • Added ability to add custom search terms to the top of the Top/Related widget
  • New option "Show only approved search terms" in Top/Related and Latest widgets
  • New option "Show top Searches for last: day, week, months..." in Top/Related widget
  • Added option to run php in quiet mode in sphinx.conf to prevent displaying HTTP headers
  • Replaced MySQL FullText engine with Sphinx Search in Top/Related and Latest widgets
  • Built search management tool and statistics tool over Sphinx Search
  • Added custom css styles file (templates/style.css) for search forms
  • Ivinco icon looking more smoothly with transparent background


  • Added more settings to Top/Related widget.
  • A few bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Added configuration wizard: you can automatically install or reinstall Sphinx via WordPress wp-admin panel
  • Changed default Sphinx installation directory: now Sphinx is installed to WordPress upload directory
  • Using shebang syntax for Sphinx configuration file - it allows to hide the connection parameters from the public access
  • UI fixes for WordPress wp-admin panel
  • Improved error handling: system output is now hidden and human readable error messages were added
  • Added a new sidebar widgets for displaying top/related and latest search terms and a widget for the extended search form
  • Added search term highlighting for search results (in WordPress' the_excerpt tag)
  • Added automatic generation of cron files


  • Added Search powered by Sphinx Search engine
  • Added sort search resutls by Relevance or Freshness
  • Added search by posts, by comments and by pages.
  • Added exclude posts, comments or pages from search results.
  • Added display comments at search results page.
  • Added search non-password protected pages only
  • Added search only approved comments
  • Added "Match Any" search ability - if no one results was found, then it try to search in "Match Any" mode.
  • Added support for tag title of web page - it changed due to entered search keywords
  • Added log of all search results, except empty results
  • Added tag to display Top-n search keywords
  • Added tag to display Latest-n search keywords
  • Added relevant keywords support to the Top-n search keywords bar.
  • Added support to Disable/Enable search by: comments, posts, pages
  • Added support of keywords wrapper settings:
    • Add tag Before and After search keyword in body/title
    • Separator of result snippets
    • Snippet max length
    • Maximum number of words around keyword in snippet
    • Prefix before Posts, Comments and Pages title
    • List of phrases to cut from search results
  • Added configuration for Sphinx index prefix
  • Added configuration for Host
  • Added configuration for Port
  • Added configuration for Configuration file
  • Added configuration for Searchd file
  • Added configuration for Indexer file
  • Added support to reindex all content manually
  • Added support to stop/start search daemon
  • Added support to install Sphinx Search through web interface

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 7 months ago
Active Installs: 900+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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