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WordPress Mobile Pack

The NEW WordPress Mobile Pack allows you to 'package' your existing content into a cross-platform mobile web application.


  • Translated app in multiple languages. A big thanks to all contributors: Bernhard Steinbichler (German), Péter Ágoston (Hungarian), Sandra Gorgan (Romanian), Agnieszka Bugajska (Polish), Mathias Wideroth (Swedish).
  • Partial support for multi-language plugins (to do - select language from the mobile web application)
  • Fixed comments form display on IE (Windows Phone 8)
  • Cleaned up admin CSS files


  • Changed mobile detection library to Mobile Detect
  • Fixed detection issue for BlackBerry devices (BB will display the desktop theme)
  • Fixed URL rewriting for non-latin languages for the categories menu, use category slug instead of name
  • Added support for more click-to-call formats (Skype, SMS, WhatsApp)
  • Added patch for swipe events on Chrome 43
  • Added Google Webmaster Tools ID & deactivated status for Premium apps
  • Fixed inactive categories and pages warning for sites that use multilanguage plugins
  • Patch 03/06/2015 - Security bug fix for exporting a single post with a 'Private' status


  • Added rel="canonical" and rel="alternate" elements for SEO
  • Fixed bug - category redirect for Premium themes
  • Fixed bug - cleaning up transient when disconnecting the API key
  • Fixed bug - navigating between categories with special chars (ex. French accents)
  • Patch 21/04/2015 - Fixed bug, featured images were not displaying properly for the first 10 articles from the carousel


  • Integrated with Related Posts by Zemanta and Editorial Assistant by Zemanta
  • Wrote docs about how to set up the main cache plugins for WPMP
  • Added manifest files for Android and FirefoxOS (handle 'Add to homescreen' url and icon)
  • Added SSL support
  • Added support for HTML5 audio and video tags. Please note that not all mobile browsers are correctly handling these tags. The audio/video players are not controlled or modified by WPMP.
  • Added opt-in for tracking for anonymous data (disabled by default)
  • Fixed bug - Blank page when accessing a category with a single post from the menu, if the post is displayed on the cover.
  • Premium version connect - Added support for custom color schemes and fonts
  • Patch 11/02/2015 - Added support for tel: and callto: link attributes


  • Added support for pages with basic HTML content (forms, tables and iframe tags are not supported)
  • Categories and pages can be ordered from the admin panel
  • Connect with Appticles.com through an API key for the Premium version
  • Fixed PHP errors caused by STRICT standards
  • Fixed url rewriting bug for categories with special characters in the title
  • Patch 22/09/2014 - Fixed redirect loop bug for blogs that use a static page as their front page


  • Added support for Firefox and Firefox OS
  • Added support for customizing the home page cover
  • Added animation and arrow on the home page to suggest to readers that they have to swipe the screen to see the content
  • Added menu button on the home page / cover
  • Fixed bug - Filter content to remove script tags. The code from script tags was wrongly displayed as content.
  • Fixed bug - Filter content to remove default image links added by WordPress. The links were opening an image in a new window and messing up the scrolling of the content.
  • Fixed bug - Using 'home_url' instead of 'site_url' for redirecting to the home page.
  • Fixed bug - Switching from portrait to landscape on the native Android browser was not working properly on some smartphones (HTC One).
  • Security bug fix for exporting password-protected posts, CVE-2014-5337


  • Hide comments button if the comments are disabled for an article
  • Hide back and comments buttons at scroll within an article and display them at tap
  • Hide 'Latest' category from the main menu
  • Within a category, display a single article per page only if the article has a featured image.
  • Fixed bug - verify if the curl library is installed before checking for updates
  • Fixed bug - url rewriting for categories with punctuation or other special characters


  • Enterily rebuilt to use Sencha Touch for the mobile web application and a separate admin panel. NO backwards compatibility with v1.2.5.



  • Fixed image transcoder callback bug



  • Support for WordPress v3.0 RC2: custom menus and sidebars
  • Primary custom menu will appear on mobile theme if it is enabled for the desktop theme
  • Mobile widgets can be enabled from multiple sidebar locations (as in the default WP3.0 theme, twentyten)



  • Advanced themes for Nokia and WebKit devices enabled by default. (The development of this feature has been kindly sponsored by Forum Nokia.)
  • Mobile analytics and integration with PercentMobile
  • Updated screenshots


  • Shortened QR-code URLs and added alt attribute to img tag to be valid XHTML Two major issues were introduced in beta 1, now solved:
  • Solved mobile admin login error
  • Restored compatibility with PHP4


  • Full internationalisation and readiness for translation (see .pot file within installation)
  • Automatic mpexo listings (enabled in the settings menu)


  • Prevented javascript being displayed in posts


  • Fixed admin bug when using older themes


  • Multi-device theming engine
  • Metadata in post lists can be hidden
  • More tolerance of installs on Windows servers
  • Changes to comment status now generate emails
  • Shortcodes filtered from teasers
  • base theme patterns refactored, and any derived themes may need to be updated


  • Ensure subdirectoried blogs work correctly with switcher
  • Support object-oriented widgets in WP2.8
  • Fixed empty and pre WP2.8 widgets causing invalid XHTML
  • Switcher link now always appears in footer on admin pages
  • Nokia N97 checkbox rendering fixed


  • Tested to support WP v2.8.4
  • Minor typos & theme credits
  • Preparation for I18N


  • Tested support for WP v2.8.1
  • Improved tolerance of permissions issues at install
  • Ability to force the upgrade of themes at install
  • Deep-link QR-codes to the page you're on
  • User can override detection-only switching
  • Switcher race conditions avoided
  • Mobile teaser now overrules 'more' break
  • Support for Nintendo and Novarra mobile user agents
  • PHP4 support
  • Numerous minor bug fixes


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-9-27
Active Installs: 30,000+


2.8 out of 5 stars


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