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WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS lets you include the latest Twitter Bootstrap CSS and Javascript libraries in your WordPress site.

See Full Demos Of All Shortcodes Available In This Plugin.


As of Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.0 and the release of the plugin with this Bootstrap library version, several things have changed which you should be aware of before you upgrade!

  • The Twitter Bootstrap v3+ library is quite different to previous versions. If your current WordPress theme is heavily customized and built around Bootstrap v2+ you should take great care before upgrading. Always have a valid WordPress backup before upgrading your sites.
  • Javascript-based Bootstrap components have also changed quite a bit. I've attempted to maintain the shortcodes, but they might break. If something breaks for your site, please report them in the forums.
  • Upgrade code I kept in previous versions for those that moved from v1 to v2 of the plugin has been completely removed.
  • Future versions of the plugin v3+ will have an in-built automatic upgrade system for minor releases. Much the same as I've done for the WordPress Simple Firewall.


  • Provide better upgrade support for customized Variable.less files. Currently if you've customized your Variables.less file manually you'll need to back it up before you upgrade your Bootstrap plugin.
  • Allow for a free entry LESS section for users to add their own completely custom variables.


  • UPDATED: Normalize.css to 5.0.0
  • FIXED: Asset caching to handle a switch between ssl and non-ssl a bit better
  • FIXED: Mixed content for ssl sites


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to v3.3.7
  • UPDATED: Normalize.css to v4.4.1


  • ADDED: WordPress filter to remove HTML debug comment as desired.


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to v3.3.6


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to v3.3.5
  • UPDATED: Normalize to v3.0.3
  • UPDATED: Admin Bootstrap CSS is now updated to v3.3.5


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to v3.3.4
  • UPDATED: Normalize to v3.0.2
  • UPDATED: LESS PHP compiler to latest
  • FIX: Small fixes to code.


  • FIXED: Non-critical errors and warning notices.


  • FIXED: Non-critical error in options processing.
  • CHANGED: Slight code refactor


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to v3.2.0
  • UPDATED: Normalize to v3.0.1
  • UPDATED: LESS PHP compiler to latest
  • ADDED: Option for automatic plugin updates for minor releases - i.e. features & bug fixes only.
  • CHANGED: Massive code refactor and change how certain settings are applied - e.g. To use LESS compiled CSS it is chosen from the main CSS select option.


  • FIX: Reported bugs/errors.


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to v3.1.1
  • UPDATED: Less.php compiler to latest stable (v1.7.0.1)
  • FIX: Reported bugs/errors.


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to v3.1.0
  • UPDATED: Normalize.css to version 3.0.0
  • UPDATED: Less.php compiler to latest stable (v1.5.1.2)
  • FIX: Reported bugs/errors.
  • FIX: Minified CSS for Less compiler - the Less compiler now works when requested minified/compressed CSS.


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to v3.0.3
  • ADDED: A new LESS Compiler for PHP for Bootstrap v3.0+ that works. (The previous one had issues). NOTE: This library has a bug with minimize the outputed CSS so even if you select to use minified CSS + LESS compiler, you'll not get minified CSS.
  • ADDED: Time-based CSS caching expiration. This is where, for example, you're using CDNJS and the library isn't released the plugin will automatically attempt every 48hrs to see if it can verify it exists. If it does, it'll update the cache.


  • FIX: A bug relating to preservation of LESS variables in compiler.


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to v3.0.2
  • UPDATED: Admin Bootstrap CSS is now updated to v3.0.2
  • FIX: Bug when saving LESS options that are "sizes". This means there is now much less validation.


  • FIX: LESS compiler for v2.0 of Bootstrap


  • FIX: For Multisite and wpDirAuth compatibility.
  • FIX: Some other smaller tweaks and fixes.


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap LESS Compiler now better supports Bootstrap v3.0. There are a lot of changes in this release - ensure to backup your variable.less configuration and review the changes.


  • UPDATED: Normalize.css to v2.1.3
  • FIX: Crash for links to Normalize and Yahoo Reset, due to variables not defined.


  • UPDATED: Given the courteous and not-so-courteous feedback that you'd like to have the option for both Bootstrap v2.3.x and Bootstrap v3+ I've added the option for both. It adds more complexity to the plugin and I cannot guarantee for how long both branches of the Bootstrap libraries will remain in this v3 plugin branch.
  • UPDATED: The plugin now employs our new Options Object system, so in place of 15+ WordPress options it now uses a single WordPress Option to store everything. TODO: apply the same to the LESS compiler options.
  • UPDATED: The version of the JQuery library included if you use the CDNJS option (to align with WordPress 3.6)
  • UPDATED: Support for the latest W3 Total Cache plugin version.
  • CHANGED: A lot of code refactoring to improve its reliability and performance (and also to cater for v2 and v3 of the Bootstrap libraries)
  • FIX: LESS Compiler for Bootstrap v3.0




  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to version 3.0.0
  • UPDATED: Less compiler to v0.4.0 (although still doesn't work with Bootstrap v3.0.0)
  • CHANGED: Refactored a lot of code (with more to come!)


  • UPDATED: Removed dashboard ad link.
  • UPDATED: Normalize CSS to version 2.1.2
  • FIX: Undefined variable warning.


  • UPDATED: Bootstrap version to latest release v2.3.2


  • ADDED: The ability/option to hide all ads - this is simply achieved by purchasing an iControlWP subscription. See FAQ.


  • ADDED: The option to enqueue the CSS styles using the WordPress styles enqueue option. There's no guarantee that this will add the files so that they're first CSS, so not recommended.
  • CHANGED: Vastly simplified the logic for CSS files being included so it's a little easier to maintain.
  • CHANGED: references to Worpit are now iControlWP.
  • FIX: Using use the plugin's original method to include the CSS will only ever make the necessary code replacement on the head element once. (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/css-added-outside-the-head)
  • UPDATED: Normalize to version 2.1.1
  • CHANGED: Yahoo! Reset to version 3.10.0.


  • FIX: CDNJS changed their path for their Bootstrap Javscript files since version 2.3.0 so the code now reflects this.


  • UPDATED: LESS PHP to version 0.3.9 for full compatibility with Twitter Bootstrap 2.3


  • UPDATED: Bootstrap version to latest release 2.3.1
  • ADDED: New shortcodes: TBS_THUMBNAILS and TBS_THUMBNAIL - use in conjuction.


  • UPDATED: less.php library with a fix from the lesscphp author for an error generated due to unhandled less syntax.



  • ADDED: option to include Bootstrap CSS in the WP Editor (request: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/include-twitter-bootstrap-to-wp-editor)
  • ADDED: Now uses CDNJS for the source of the jQuery CDN option is selected.
  • ADDED: The option to use CDNJS for the main Twitter Bootstrap library files - note, if you're using the LESS compiler, then it will use files on your server as it cannot store your personal customizations on CDNJS.
  • CHANGED: Requirements changed - if you opt to use CDNJS, you must have WordPress 3.5+


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library version to 2.2.1
  • ADDED: New option to use shortcodes within sidebar widgets.
  • ADDED: New shortcode: TBS_TEXT See emphasis classes
  • ADDED: New shortcode: TBS_ABBR See abbreviations
  • ADDED: Option to set TBS_ICON to the white version of the icon using parameter: white="y"
  • UPDATED: LESS PHP Compiler to latest release 0.3.8
  • UPDATED: Using new LESS PHP compiler to write CSS files.
  • UPDATED: Using new LESS PHP compiler to create minified CSS files.
  • UPDATED: Google CDN JQuery library now links to version 1.8.2
  • CHANGED: Using plugin_url() instead of PLUGIN_URL because it seems SSL is ignored with the latter
  • CHANGED: Directory separator to WORPIT_DS, moved it to a base class, and ensured there'd be no attempt to redefine it if it already exists.
  • (v2.2.1.2 includes a fix for a PHP error)

  • Added a guard around class declarations to prevents fatal errors if you have the plugin installed twice(?).

  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap library to latest release v2.1.1
  • ADDED: option to Popover to allow you to set the activation 'trigger' and defaulted it to pre-Bootstrap 2.1.0 behaviour - i.e. on hover!
  • ADDED: option to Tooltip to allow you to set the activation 'trigger' and defaulted it to pre-Bootstrap 2.1.0 behaviour - i.e. on hover!
  • ADDED: btn-block to the shortcode help for buttons.
  • FIX: RSS Feed Widget urls

  • ADDED: Shortcode [TBS_PROGRESS_BAR] for Twitter Bootstrap Progress Bars (http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/components.html#progress)
  • ADDED: MUCH more verbose help on ALL shortcodes. Simply type: help="y" and it will print the help box on your post.
  • ADDED: 'target' parameter to the TBS_BUTTON shortcode so you can open in new window if you want. i.e. target="_blank"

  • FIXED: Further attempt to fix string escape issues (thanks Troy!).
  • FIXED: Bug with Grid Columns field being appended with 'px' in LESS compiler.
  • UPDATED: LESS PHP compiler to latest release (v0.3.5)

  • FIXED: An attempt to fix problems some people have with the LESS compiler and escaping double-quoted fonts. ** IF you have had problems, do a RESET first, then attempt to compile your customizations. **

  • FIXED: Wasn't properly linking to Google Prettify CSS and JS files when the option was enabled.
  • UPDATED: Yahoo! YUI v3 to version 3.5.1.
  • UPDATED: Uses serialized data for the LESS CSS plugin options - greatly reducing database calls on the admin section and database usage.
  • UPDATED: Plugin now uses iControlWP's standard plugin structure for dynamically creating plugin options pages. The whole plugin is more stable and more reliable.
  • UPDATED: Now flushes W3 Total Cache (if installed) when you update your LESS CSS options also.
  • ADDED: iControlWP feed to the news feed.

  • FIXED: Reported Bug (thanks Claudio!) with Responsive CSS includes - there was a typo in the code and the CSS wasn't linked to correctly.


  • UPDATED: Twitter Bootstrap version 2.0.4
  • ADDED: Option - to replace WordPress JQuery library with the latest (at the time of plugin release) as served from Google CDN This is useful if your WordPress version isn't the latest and has an incompatible JQuery library.
  • IMPROVED much of the plugin code.
  • IMPROVED variable.less integrity. Now always uses the original copy for LESS compilation in case it becomes corrupted.
  • IMPROVED Upgrade handling in terms of LESS compiled CSS. Now automatically recompiles CSS upon upgrade where applicable.
  • IMPROVED [TBS_ROW] shortcode to allow fluid rows/containers and also to allow option of creating a container or not. Default to NOT creating container.
  • FIXED: A few reported bugs.


  • ADDED: LESS Compiler for some of the most common Bootstrap style options! ( thanks to LESSCPHP for PHP LESS compiler )
  • ADDED: Option - toggle use of minimized or non-minized Bootstrap CSS
  • ADDED: Option - toggle delete all plugin settings upon plugin deactivation
  • ADDED: Option - enable LESS compiler and include less-compiled CSS
  • ADDED: Now enqueues native WordPress JQuery Javascript when Bootstrap Javascript is enabled.
  • ADDED: Yahoo YUI! reset.css v3.4.1
  • UPDATED: Plugin upgrade handling is much improved
  • UPDATED: Normalize CSS updated to the latest version
  • REMOVED: support Twitter Bootstrap v1.4.0 ("legacy") !
  • REMOVED: support for Individual Twitter Bootstrap Javascript Libraries !
  • REMOVED: support for shortcodes [TBS_BLOCK] and [TBS_TWIPSY] !

  • FIX: Fixed a bug where the plugin would error and WordPress may deactivate the plugin.
  • UPDATED: By default when the plugin deactivates, all plugin settings are removed from the database. I have stopped this for now (so all settings remain upon deactivation). Version 2.0.3 will have the option for the user to toggle this setting.
  • ADDED: A notice in the dashboard about removal of Javascript library changes coming in version 2.0.3


  • ADDED: Ability to include Twitter Bootstrap CSS in WP Admin (along with some CSS fixes to accomodate)
  • ADDED: WordPress Admin notices for upgrades and success settings operations.
  • ADDED: New Shortcode: TBS_BADGE
  • ADDED: Host Like Toast RSS News feed on Dashboard + option to hide (hlt-rssfeed-widget.php)
  • UPDATED: Settings page now uses a new Twitter Bootstrap layout/design
  • UPDATED: The screenshots for the docs
  • STARTED: The process of Internationalisation (I18n) for the plugin. Anyone who wants to help out, please get in touch.


  • UPDATED: Updated Twitter Bootstrap library to v2.0.2
  • ADDED: Ability to include Responsive CSS stylesheet that comes with Twitter Bootstrap version 2.0+
  • ADDED: Reorg'd some of the interface to be a little more logical
  • FIXED: serious oversight with including individual Javascript libraries.


  • ADDED: Ability to add the "disabled" option to Twitter Bootstrap button components.
  • FIXED: a couple of bugs in the shortcodes


  • ADDED: New shortcode TBS_ICON to allow you to easily make use of Twitter Bootstrap Glyphicons
  • ADDED: New shortcode [TBS_BUTTONGROUP] to allow you to easily make use of Twitter Bootstrap Button Groups
  • CHANGED: Rewrote [TBS_BUTTON]. Now you can add "toggle" option, and specify the exact html element type, eg [a], [button], [input]
  • CHANGED: Rewrote [TBS_ALERT]. Now you can add the Alert Heading using the parameter: heading="my lovely heading"
  • With [TBS_ALERT], parameter "type" is no longer supported - use parameter "class" instead
  • CHANGED: Added inline Javascript for activating Popover and Tooltips - nice page-loading optimization and also only execute JS code necessary
  • Throughout, attempted to retain support for Twitter Bootstrap 1.4.0. But no guarantees - you should upgrade and convert asap.
  • TODO: necessary javascript snippet to enable button toggling - couldn't get it working.


  • Skipped due to missing elements in [TBS_ICON] shortcode.


  • Twitter Bootstrap library upgraded to v2.0.1


  • Added the options for Twitter Bootstrap Library 2.0.0
  • Maintained compatibility with Twitter Bootstrap Library 1.4.0
  • Removed option to HotLink to resources
  • Added more Javascript libraries for 1.4.0 and 2.0.0
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Keeping plugin version numbering in-line with Twitter Bootstrap versioning.
  • References to "Twipsy" renamed to "Tooltips" to be inline with version 2.0.0
  • Most SHORTCODES work between both versions. Latest Notes


  • Restructured and centralized CSS on admin side.
  • Revamped the Host Like Toast Developer Channel subscription box - the previous one wasn't working so well.


  • Fixed bug where styles were being reapplied when HTML [HEADER] element was defined (thanks to Matt Sims!)
  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 3.3 with more correct enqueue of scripts/stylesheets.


  • [TBS_TWIPSY] and [TBS_POPOVER] are now by default SPAN elements (There may be an option at a later date to specify the element)


  • Made some functional improvements to [TBS_TWIPSY]
  • Fixed [TBS_POPOVER]


  • Fixed a quoting bug in [TBS_BLOCK]
  • Added [TBS_ALERT] shortcode (see guide below for TBS_BLOCK)


  • Added option to inline "style" labels, blocks, and code.
  • Added Shortcode [TBS_BLOCKQUOTE] : produces a Twitter Bootstrap styled BLOCKQUOTE with parameter "source" for citing source Guide on Blockquote shortcode here


  • Added option to "style" buttons inline.
  • Some bug fixes with shortcodes.


  • This is a huge release. We have implemented some of the major Twitter Bootstrap feature through WordPress Shortcodes.
  • Shortcode [TBS_BUTTON] : produces a Twitter Bootstrap styled BUTTON Guide on Button shortcode here
  • Shortcode [TBS_LABEL] : produces a Twitter Bootstrap styled LABEL Guide on Label shortcode here
  • Shortcode [TBS_BLOCK] : produces a Twitter Bootstrap styled BLOCK Messages Guide on Blockquote shortcode here
  • Shortcode [TBS_CODE] : produces a Twitter Bootstrap styled CODE BLOCK
  • Shortcode [TBS_TWIPSY] : produces a Twitter Bootstrap TWIPSY mouse over effect Guide on Twipsy shortcode here
  • Shortcode [TBS_POPOVER] : produces a Twitter Bootstrap POPOVER window
  • Shortcode [TBS_DROPDOWN] + [TBS_DROPDOWN_OPTION] : produces a Twitter Bootstrap styled DROPDOWN MENU
  • Shortcode [TBS_TABGROUP] + [TAB] : produces a Twitter Bootstrap TAB! Now you can create TAB'd content in your posts!
  • More documentation will be forthcoming in the iControlWP WordPress Plugins Page.


  • Quick fix for Login and Register pages - for now there is no Bootstrap added to the login/register pages whatsoever.


  • Updated to account for the latest version of Twitter Bootsrap version 1.4.0


  • Re-added the attempt utilize W3 Total Cache "flush all" if the plugin is active (compatible with W3 Total Cache v0.9.2.4)
  • Added some more screenshots to the docs


  • Added the ability to include your own custom CSS file using a URL for the source. This custom CSS file will be linked immediately after the bootstrap CSS (if you add it).


  • Added support for 'Bootstrap, from Twitter' Javascript libraries. You can now select which of the invididual JS libraries to include.
  • Inclusion of Javascript libraries is dependent upon selection of Twitter Bootstrap CSS. If this is not selected, no Javascript is added.
  • Option to load Javascript files in the "HEAD" (using wp_head). The default, and recommended, is just before the closing html "BODY" (using wp_footer).


  • Updated Twitter Bootstrap CSS link to version 1.3.0.


  • Removed support for automatic W3 Total Cache flushing as the author of the other plugin has altered his code. This is temporary until we fix.


  • bugfix for 'None' option. Update recommended.


  • First public release
  • Allows you to select 1 of 3 possible styles: YUI 2 Reset; normalize CSS; or Twitter Bootstrap CSS.
  • YUI 2 version 2.9.0
  • Normalize CSS version 2011-08-31
  • Twitter Bootstrap version 1.2.0

Requires: 3.2.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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