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Gamify your site, track user rep, or run a rewards program. WordPoints has a powerful core, infinitely extendable via add-on modules.

This plugin adheres to Semantic Versioning.

2.2.2 — 2017-01-14

  • Event reactions for custom post types not awarding points. Plugins like bbPress were effected by this, because they register their post types later in the code than WordPoints expected. This is now fixed so that WordPoints will work correctly for post types no matter how late they are registered.

2.2.1 — 2017-01-03

  • The Points Types screen locking up when creating a new reaction for some events. This only affected events where conditions could be created for items that could relate to another item of the same type (like how a comment could have a parent comment), causing an infinite loop.
  • Points values not being formatted with the prefix if the suffix wasn't set, and vice versa. This would only happen when the value wasn't set at all, not just when it was empty, and so only applies to points types that were created programmatically. Points types created through the UI were still formatted as expected.

2.2.0 — 2016-12-08

Requires: WordPress 4.6+

  • Rate Limits for event reactions to now support setting the number of minutes/hours/etc. Previously it was only possible to have rate limits of "once per minute" or "once per day", now a rate limit can be "once every 5 minutes" or "once every 2 days" or any other amount that you want.
  • Points log entries that are hidden from some users to now be marked as such when a user who is allowed to see them is viewing them. For example, if a post is not public, only users who can view that post can view any points logs that relate to it. Such log entries will now be displayed with a note below them explaining to the current user that not all other users will be able to view them.
  • Points types slugs to be generated from the name of the points type with any spaces replaced with dashes. Previously when a points type was created, the slug would be generated from the name, but any spaces would be removed, so if there were multiple words they would be run together in the slug. Now if you create a points type named "An Example", its slug would be "an-example", instead of "anexample". This will not change the slugs of existing points types.

2.1.5 – 2016-11-15

  • Network activated modules on multisite not being loaded on individual sites in the network, unless some other modules were active on those sites. When no modules were active on a site, the network-activated modules wouldn't be loaded either. This is now fixed.

2.1.4 — 2016-11-08

  • Now using a cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator when creating the security token used during major updates of the plugin. As is often the case, this issue wasn't really exploitable, but we want to set a good example.
  • Now uses all HTTPS links to WordPress.org and WordPoints.org. This makes it more difficult for an attacker to send users to a fake website when they click these links. Once again this is an extra precaution "just in case," and to set a good example by following best practices.
  • Points being removed when a post was updated. Whenever a published post was updated, points would be awarded and removed at the same time, and if the post author had previously been awarded points, those points would be removed also. This is now fixed, and the points that were added and removed in error will be corrected by the update, along with the points logs.

2.1.3 - 2016-10-01

  • Issues when deleting a module. The module data wouldn't be shown correctly on the Delete Module screen, and PHP errors would occur. A success message would be shown saying that the module was deleted, but it would still be present. All of this is now fixed, so your modules are no loner permanent.
  • Reaction conditions not actually being removed when deleted. Reloading the page would show that they were still there. This is now fixed, so your reaction conditions are no longer indestructible either.
  • Issues when cancelling editing a reaction. Weird things would happen, like a duplicate Rate Limits section getting added, the Add Condition form being mangled, and unsaved conditions not being removed. You no longer have to put up with this kind of mayhem. At least not from WordPoints reactions.

2.1.2 - 2016-09-13

  • The form for legacy Rate Limits being displayed on non-legacy reactions. It is only supposed to display on reactions imported with the Importer module.

2.1.1 - 2016-09-12

  • Rate Limits for reactions to the Visit event not working after the end of the first time period. After the first period expired for a user, they would be awarded every time they visited the site.
  • The settings form for Rate Limits for reactions imported from CubePoints using the Importer module not working correctly. The imported rate limits have to use a special form, but the regular one was being displayed instead.

2.1.0 - 2016-08-10 - (countless hrs)

Requires: WordPress 4.4+

  • New Points Types administration screen. This will eventually completely replace the old Points Hooks administration screen. It includes a new UI for creating, updating, and deleting points types, and for configuring when points are awarded in reaction to different events that take place on the site. Because there are still a few minor differences in the behavior of the code that underlies this new UI and the old points hooks, the old points hooks have not yet been imported to the new screen. The plan is to eventually achieve feature parity between the new hooks and the old hooks, and then the old hooks will be automatically imported to the new screen.
  • "Post content contains" condition for event reactions created on the new Points Types screen. This means that you can have an event reaction fire only when a Post contains a particular word or phrase.
  • "User role" condition for event reactions created on the new Points Types screen. This means that you can have an event reaction fire only when a user has a particular role.
  • Upload Media event (on the new Points Types screen), allowing points to be awarded when a new file is uploaded to the media library.
  • Heading levels on the admin screens to better match the rest of WordPress after version 4.3.
  • Most notices shown in the administration screens to be dismissible.
  • The Points Hooks screen, as noted above. It will be removed in a future release.
  • The ability to create, update, and delete points types on the Points Hooks screen. This should be done on the new Points Types screen instead.
  • Some of the language files (Greek, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese). These can now be found on translate.wordpress.org. The rest of the language files will be removed from the plugin in the future in favor of WordPress.org's new language pack system. The Simplified Chinese translation is already available as a language pack there. If you don't see your language, jump in and start translating! Everyone is welcome.
  • Network administration menus being displayed in some cases on multisite even when WordPoints wasn't activated network-wide.
  • A notice incorrectly being shown when the ranks component was installed on multisite.
  • A fatal error when uninstalling the plugin if WordPoints modules had been installed.
  • Some modules not being uninstalled properly.
  • Database error on multisite when uninstalling modules or components that had never been activated.
  • The user points data not being removed from the database for all points types when the plugin was uninstalled on multisite.
  • The Post Delete and Comment Removed points hooks not being displayed on legacy sites where they are still used.
  • [Dev-speak warning!] Symlinked modules not being uninstalled correctly (only file removed, not data). [Told you!]

2.0.2 - 2015-09-26 - (~10 hrs)

  • Since version 2.0.0, the plugin was not running its installation script when it was activated. This caused the Points component not to be activated by default, made it impossible to use the Modules screen, and, in some cases, also resulted in the site sporadically entering maintenance mode. This update will automatically run the install script on sites where it was not run on activation, which will fix all of these issues.

2.0.1 - 2015-07-22 - (~5 hrs)

  • In the table on the modules screen, the id of each checkbox is now based on the module's file, instead of on the module name. This avoids duplicate ids when there are multiple modules with the same name installed. Duplicate ids are not allowed, and could have caused bugs on the Modules screen. You are now free to install as many modules with the same name as you want without any fear of bugs ;-).
  • Use a stronger hashing algorithm to generate the keys for the points logs cache. The use of a weaker algorithm could possibly have allowed a determined attacker to view logs which they might not otherwise be able to.
  • Use a stronger hashing algorithm to generate the key used to perform a module compatibility check during a breaking update. This is not really a security concern, because the time window for exploitation only lasts a few seconds, and all a successful attacker would be able to do is view a list of modules installed on the site.

2.0.0 - 2015-06-30 - (~70 hrs)

  • Support for emoji! 🎉✨ You can now use them in points logs and rank names (and other places, too).
  • Many internal improvements. Great stuff is coming soon!
  • Some old code was removed. This could break some modules, so if you are using a custom module or plugin that integrates with WordPoints, you should test before updating. WordPoints will attempt to detect incompatible modules when it is updated, and will deactivate them if necessary.
  • The modules-per-page setting on the Modules screen was not being saved. You could enter whatever value you wanted, but it wouldn't change a thing. You no longer have to feel like your site is ignoring you.
  • An error on the confirmation screen when attempting to delete a module. This would happen for most modules, preventing them from being deleted. Your modules are no longer permanent.
  • The points logs cache was not being cleaned in certain cases, like when a user was deleted. This would cause deleted logs to continue to display, if persistent caching was being used. Your days of being haunted by zombie points logs are over.
  • The [wordpoints_user_rank] shortcode wasn't using the default points type by default. You always had to use the points_type attribute. Now that your fingers won't be getting that extra exercise from typing, you may want to take them to the gym.
  • The loading spinner was not displaying on the Ranks screen while a rank was being saved. It's now back, so you can stare at the center of it and see if you get mesmerized.

1.10.4 — (~2 hrs)

  • Fixed: Users would see 0 instead of the correct number of points on the profile admin screen.

1.10.3 - (~10 hrs)

  • Fixed: Closes 2 potential SQL injection vulnerabilities in the points logs query code. These are not exploitable within WordPoints itself, however, it is possible that they could be exploited through custom code if it passes untrusted data to the points__compare or text__compare query args.
  • Fixed: Avoids the potential for directory listing of the modules directory on improperly configured servers.
  • Fixed: Closes any potential XSS vulnerabilities through developer error messages on poorly configured installs (i.e., with WP_DEBUG enabled).

1.10.2 — (~6 hrs)

  • Fixed: There was a bug on multisite causing users from all sites to be displayed in the top users table, instead of just users from the current site. Your users will now stay out of each others leader boards.
  • Fixed: There was a bug in the ranks component which would cause a user to be promoted two ranks when they should have only been promoted one. Your users will no longer cut rank on you.
  • Fixed: There was a bug in the top users table that caused users who hadn't been awarded any points yet to be ignored, even when they should have been displayed. Your points-less users will no longer have to feel left out.
  • Fixed: There was another bug in the top users table that would only affect sites where users are allowed to have negative points. Any users with negative points would be displayed above users who had never been awarded any points.
  • Fixed: There was another bug in the top users table (yes, really!), for those using persistent caching. The cache for the top users wouldn't be cleared when a user registered or was deleted. This could cause the table to become stale in some cases. You no longer have to feel nostalgia when you view the leader board.

1.10.1 — (~1/2 hr)

  • Fixed: The My Points widget no longer displays points logs to logged-out users.

1.10.0 — (~20 hrs)

  • Requires: WordPress 3.9+
  • Fixed: Current points values not being displayed beside inputs on profile screen.
  • Fixed: The modules cache being preserved too long when using persistent caching.
  • Fixed: Other caching issues on multisite.
  • Updated: Numerous other small fixes and minor improvements.

1.9.2 — (~2 hrs)

  • Fixed: A bug preventing updating a user's points from their admin profile when they don't have any points yet.

1.9.1 — (~3 hrs)

  • Fixed: A bug preventing ranks from being saved or updated.

1.9.0 - (~65 hrs)

  • Updated: The title for the "Points" column in the points logs and top users tables will be replaced with the name of the points type being displayed.
  • Updated: Display the number of points a rank is for in the rank's title bar (on the Ranks admin screen).
  • Updated: Cache user ranks. May improve performance.
  • Updated: Combine the Comment and Comment Removed points hooks once again. The Comment hook will automatically remove the points if the comment gets removed, and the Comment Removed hook is hidden on new sites. The old behavior is retained as needed for current installs, but the Comment Removed hook will likely be removed in 2.0, so you are recommended to stop using it now.
  • Updated: Combine the Post and Post Delete points hooks also. The Post hook now automatically removes points when a post is deleted. Also, the old behavior is retained on existing installs, but the Post Delete hook will probably be removed in 2.0 as well.
  • Fixed: Better caching for the points logs. This could really improve performance when viewing the logs.
  • Fixed: Warn the user when they attempt to upload a module on the plugins screen.
  • Fixed: On multisite, only load network-active modules on the network admin screens.

1.8.0 - (~55 hrs)

  • New: You can display the points of the current post's author using the [wordpoints_points] shortcode by supplying post_author as the value of the user_id attribute, like this: [wordpoints_points user_id="post_author"].
  • New: Award points to post authors for comments they receive with the Comment Received points hook.
  • New: Display a user's rank with the [wordpoints_user_rank] shortcode.
  • Updated: Part of the install and update process is skipped when the plugin is network activated on a very large multisite network (>10,000 sites).

1.7.1 — (~5 hrs)

  • Fixed: Ranks not saving in some cases. Thanks, @atomtheman10, for the report!
  • Fixed: XSS vulnerability from the points logs admin screen. It was only exploitable by Administrators and Editors.
  • Fixed: CSRF vulnerability for toggling accessibility mode on the Points Hooks screen. It would only have been an annoyance.

1.7.0 - (~80 hrs)

  • New: Create ranks for your users by activating the Ranks component.
    • You can manage the ranks on the WordPoints » Ranks administration screen.
    • A user's rank is displayed along with their name in the Top Users table.
    • You can display a user's rank using the %rank placeholder in the WordPoints widget.
  • Updated: Now requires WordPress 3.8+.
  • Fixed: Display users who have never been awarded points in the Top Users table when appropriate.
  • Fixed: CSRF vulnerability for adding a points type.
  • Fixed: CSRF vulnerability for deleting a points type.
  • Fixed: Many other small internal improvements.


  • Fixed: Honor the Excluded Users setting in the Top Users widget and shortcode.


  • New: The value of the main setting for a hook is displayed in its title bar.
  • New: Translation into Spanish thanks to Andrew Kurtis of WebHostingHub.
  • New: Support for symlinked modules (that's devspeak you don't need to understand, for those of you non-techie users :-)
  • New: The HTML classes of the table elements may be filtered by developers.
  • Updated: Improved performance when the logs are regenerated after a post or comment is deleted.
  • Updated: Better pagination for the points logs tables.
  • Updated: Better accessibility for users with screen readers.


  • Fixed: Cyrillic and other non-English characters not displaying correctly in the points logs.
  • Fixed: Only post types that support comments are shown as options in the Comment and Comment Removed points hooks.


  • New: The Comment and Comment Removed points hooks now have a post type setting, like the Post points hook.
  • New: Translation into simplified Chinese, provided by Jack Lee.
  • Updated: The points hooks API for developers has received several improvements.
    • It is now optional to implement the form() and update() methods when extending WordPoints_Points_Hook.
    • The WordPoints_Post_Type_Points_Hook_Base class was introduced as a bootstrap for points hooks implementing a post type setting.
    • Other internal improvements, to be continued.
  • Updated: The points logs are now cached, offering a performance benefit on sites with persistent caching.
  • Updated: The points types are shown in two columns on the Points Hooks administration panel on devices with wide screens.
  • Updated: By request, it is now possible to enable the use of HTML in the "WordPoints" widget using this code: remove_filter( 'wordpoints_points_widget_text', 'esc_html', 20 );
  • Fixed: Module caching was broken because of a code typo.
  • Fixed: When network active on multisite, the plugin did not install itself on new sites when they were added to the network.


  • New: Added [wordpoints_how_to_get_points] shortcode to display a list of active points hooks.
  • New: Override hook descriptions shown by the new how to get points shortcode on the hooks admin screen.
  • Updated: The current number of points a user has is displayed on their admin profile page to administrators in addition to the inputs.
  • Updated: The post points hook has been split in to the Post and Post Delete points hooks.
  • Updated: The comments points hook has been split into the Comment and Comment Removed points hooks.
  • Updated: Calculate the periods for the periodic points hook relative to the calendar instead of the user's last visit.
  • Fixed: Clean the points logs for comment approvals when a post is deleted, removing the dead link to the post.


  • New: User avatars are displayed in the points logs table.
  • New: Added [wordpoints_points] shortcode to display a user's points.
  • New: Users' points total may be stored in a custom meta key, allowing integration with other plugins.
  • Fixed: Logs for posts that have become private or protected are hidden from users who can't access them.


  • New: Support for WordPress multisite See here for full details.
  • New: Network-wide points hooks for multisite.
  • Fixed: Delete the points logs for a user when they are deleted.
  • Fixed: Clean up the points logs for a post when it is deleted, removing the link.
  • Fixed: Clean up the points logs for a comment when it is deleted, removing the link and comment text.


  • Fixed: The post points hook was awarding points for auto-drafts and post revisions.
  • Fixed: The periodic points hook wasn’t working in some cases.
  • Fixed: There was a fatal error in the uninstall script, causing a blank screen when uninstalling the plugin.


  • New: The Brazilian Portugese language file was added to the plugin, thanks to Gabriel Galvao.
  • Fixed: The language files are being loaded properly now.
  • Fixed: The points component is activated by default. (We tried and failed to do that back in 1.0.1).


  • New: You can now add points hooks to a points type by clicking on the hook and choosing the points type to add it to.
  • New: The plugin is fully translatable, and pot file is now included in /languages.
  • New: For developers, this version introduces an improved modules API.
  • New: Also for developers, the logs query class now implements WP_Meta_Query and WP_Date_Query.
  • Fixed: Use the correct post type name in the points logs instead of the generic "Post".


  • Fixed: The points component is now activated upon installation.
  • Fixed: Module/component activation user experience improved slightly.


  • Initial release

Requires: 4.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.8-alpha-39357
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 400+


5 out of 5 stars


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