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WooCommerce Products Filter

WooCommerce Products Filter – flexible, easy and robust professional filter for products in the WooCommerce store

  • 8 little fixes


  • One hot fix


  • Some little bugs fixed reported from customers
  • 2 Security Vulnerability issues fixed - thanks to pluginvulnerabilities.com
  • Adopting to WooCommerce 2.6.x
  • New attribute tax_exclude: [woof tax_exclude='pa_size,pa_test']
  • New hook filter 'woof_use_chosen'
  • New hook filter 'woof_main_query_tax_relations' added, wacth more here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4zUhfhZlonlNkVXMEZIdUxlWFU/view?usp=sharing
  • Toggle improvement based on request from https://wordpress.org/support/topic/toggle-open-them-all?replies=3
  • Disable the tooltips option for the color filter only
  • New hook filter 'woof_text_autocomplete_items' - how many founded items mto show if text autocomplete mode enabled
  • Links to posts in suggestion - new option for text search if autocomplete enabled
  • A lot of minor improvements in the code

  • Fixed 2 bugs in classes/helper.php: terms ordering and non-latin terms characters for sub-categories

  • Fixed 1 bug with hiding terms from options


  • Fixed bugs from customers
  • A lot of the code has been remade
  • Extension installation functionality from backend is added and its API is finished and can be used in production
  • Using default extension php developers can create: types of filter elements using any custom html templates, any products loop templates
  • Possibility to write custom templates for woocommerce products loop using extensions
  • Improved SKU searching for variable products and autocomplete added add_filter('woof_text_autocomplete_items', function($count){
    return 2; }); (enabled optionally from admin panel)
  • Improved by Text searching and autocomplete added add_filter('woof_sku_autocomplete_items', function($count){
    return 2; }); (enabled optionally from admin panel)
  • Improved InStock searching for variable products
  • Toggles for taxonomies on the front added
  • New attribute: [woof_author_filter role="author"]
  • New attribute: custom_tpl for [woof_products]. Example: [woof_products custom_tpl='themes/twentytwelve/woo_tpl_1.php' per_page=8 columns=3 is_ajax=0 taxonomies=product_cat:9]
  • New attribute: [woof_products get_args_only=1] - possibility get array of arguments only
  • New attribute: [woof excluded_terms="33,44,55,66,77"]
  • New attribute: [woof_products predict_ids_and_continue=1] [woof_products_ids_prediction taxonomies=product_cat:8] - use for AJAX mode only for correct price range slider work
  • New option: Range-slider skin - tab Design
  • New option: Init plugin on the next site pages only - tab Advanced
  • New option: In the terms slugs uses non-latin characters - from now doesn matter which language uses in slug names - tab Advanced
  • New hook added: add_filter('woof_title_tag', function($tag){
    return 'h3'; });
  • New hook added: add_filter('woof_widget_title_tag', function($tag){
    return 'h3'; });
  • New hook added: $price_slider_html = apply_filters('woof_price_slider_html', $price_slider_html, $price_slider_data);
  • New hook added: $orderby = apply_filters('woof_get_terms_orderby', $taxonomy);
  • New hook added: $order = apply_filters('woof_get_terms_order', $taxonomy, $orderby);


  • ATTENTION: before update from v.1.1.2 to v.1.1.3 read this please http://www.woocommerce-filter.com/migration-v-2-1-2-or-1-1-2-and-lower-to-2-1-3-or-1-1-3-and-higher/
  • Fixed bugs from customers
  • New wp filter: $wr = apply_filters('woof_products_query', $wr); in [woof_products]
  • New attributes added: [woof tax_only='pa_color,pa_size' items_only='by_text,by_author']
  • http://www.woocommerce-filter.com/documentation/#!/hierarchy-drop-down
  • Color type improved, now its possible set background image too
  • Search by text: by excerpt, by content OR excerpt, by title OR content OR excerpt
  • Added new shortcode: [woof_text_filter]
  • Added new shortcode: [woof_author_filter]
  • Added new shortcode: [woof_search_options]
  • Improved shortcode: [woof_price_filter type="slider"] //slider,select
  • Improved shortcode: [woof_products behaviour='recent' per_page=12 columns=3]
  • Improved shortcode: [woof redirect="xxx" autosubmit=1]
  • Improved shortcode: [woof redirect="http://www.dev.woocommerce-filter.com/test-all/" autosubmit=1 ajax_redraw=1 is_ajax=1 tax_only="locations" by_only="none"] - new attributes - tax_only,by_only,redirect
  • Disable swoof influence option
  • Custom front css styles file link option
  • Additional text in the widget optionally
  • Additional options in the widget optionally
  • Custom extensions possibility implemented
  • Show helper button option
  • Old v.1.1.2: http://www.woocommerce-filter.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/woocommerce-products-filter-112.zip


  • Fixed minor issues from customers
  • Added: Search by SKU - premium only
  • Added: Filter by price as drop-down - premium only
  • Added shortcode: [woof_title_filter placeholder="custom placeholder text"]
  • the color description selectable so that it can be highlighted and pasted into colour selector by the term description textarea
  • Added condition attribute 'taxonomies': [woof taxonomies=product_cat:9 sid="auto_shortcode"][woof_products is_ajax=1 per_page=8 taxonomies=product_cat:9]
  • Added: the "eyeball" search icon image - can be changed in the plugin settings -> tab Miscellaneous
  • Added: dynamic recount cron cache periods of cleaning
  • Added: option - Hide woof top panel buttons
  • Added: option - storage type: session or transient
  • PHP code optimization
  • Added some features to API: http://www.woocommerce-filter.com/documentation/#!/section_6

  • Hot fix update for compatibility with WordPress 4.3


  • Some little bugs fixed + 1 strict notice
  • Added compatibility for WOOCS 2.0.9 and 1.0.9


  • Too much improvements
  • AJAX mode added!!



  • Heap of bugs from customers is fixed
  • Possibility to add a FILTER button, so the plugin dont search automatically until someone click on Filter
  • New option 'Use chosen' - you can switch off/on this js lib from now
  • In stock only checkbox on the front


Partly WPML compatibility + some little fixes


Adopted to woocommerce 2.3.2 and higher for products attributes filtering


Very important 1 bug fixed with Fatal Error. Corrected work with the native price filter (dynamic recount)


Dynamic products recount


Plugin release. Operate all the basic functions.

Requires: 4.1.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


27 of 51 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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