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WooCommerce Product Sort and Display

Create a true Supermarket shopping experience. Sort and show products on Shop page by category - auto show On Sale or Featured first, Endless Scroll.

Walk into any shop, Supermarket or Department store and what do you see - products organized and grouped in aisle and areas. 'Walk' into any WooCommerce store page and what does your customer / client see - an almost entirely random display of products sorted mostly by date of publishing.

That has always seemed crazy to us. What shop owner would just keep stacking new stock at the front of all the other stock in their shop in any order. None is the answer! So why is that exactly what all of our virtual WooCommerce stores do?

We decided to build a plugin that would fix that. With WooCommerce Product Sort and Display installed you can:

  • Sort products to show by category on shop page.
  • Sort category order on shop page by drag and drop.
  • Set the number of products to show per category on the shop page with link to view all.
  • If Parent Category has no products attached to it - will show products from the Parents Child Categories.
  • Option to switch Product Categories ON | OFF for display on shop page.
  • Set to auto show all current 'On Sale' products first in each category on the shop page.
  • Set to auto show all 'featured' products in each category on the shop page.
  • Activate Endless scroll feature for your shop page.
  • Select Auto Endless Scroll or Scroll on Click.
  • Set how many category group of products show before pagination or endless scroll loads.
  • Intelligent Navigation shows customers the total number of products in the category they are viewing with a link to view all.
  • Endless Scroll feature (option) for seamless customer scrolling through the entire shop page makes for quick and very easy shop browsing.

2 Brand New Product Sort Features

  • Auto show any 'On Sale' products first in the Category View on shop page.
  • Auto show any 'featured' products first in the category view.

Intelligent Browsing

  • Show the current number of products being viewed and total products in Category.
  • 'No more product to view' message when all products are showing.

Shop Page Product Category Group Visual Separator

  • Enable/Disable a visual separator between each Product Category group of products.
  • WYSIWYG separator style editor.
  • Set padding in px above and below the separator.

Live Shop Demo

Visit Dixie Sourenirs to see how the plugin allows you to set up your Shop page product display on a live store. Thanks to the site owner Colin Slark for permission to link to his shop page.

Premium Version

The Premium version of this plugin is for those who want Sort and Display applied to their stores Product Category and Product Tag pages. It has ALL the features of this Free version - Apply Sort and Display to the shop page - plus these advanced features:

  • Apply Sort and display to the entire store - Product Category and Product Tags pages
  • Show Sub Categories with products on their Parent Category page.
  • Set the number of products to show in parent and each child category
  • Set Parent Cat to show no products - just show Child cats and products.
  • If parent Category has no products because all products are in the child categories set to show child cats with products
  • Custom Sort Featured and On Sale is added to WooCommerce Sort features for Category and Tags pages
  • Endless Scroll feature for Product Category and Product tag pages
  • Apply all settings globally from the admin dashboard with individual setting on each category e.g. Sort type, number of products to show

The Premium version is a once only payment Lifetime License plugin (not annual subscription). View details here on the a3rev.com site


  • English (default) - always included. *.po file (woocommerce-product-sort-and-display.po) in languages folder for translations.
  • If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We'll acknowledge your work here. Go here to send your translation files to us.

Plugin Resources

Premium Version | Documentation | Lite Version Support

Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


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