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WooCommerce Product FAQs

Extends WooCommerce to allow for the asking, answering, and viewing of FAQs in a similar experience as on eBay.

Other Notes

To Do:

  • Add ajax loaders where ajax is used so the user knows that their request is being processed DONE

  • Consider adding inline registration option to FAQ form


  • Disqus - interferes with the comment_form function. Will hopefully rectify this soon.

  • 404 Redirected - strips $_GET parameters from URL, removing 'View' and 'Preview' functionality


Available filters:

Format: (filter ; filtered variable ; available variables: var1 (explanation [var type]), var2, var3, ...)

All filters are prefixed/begin with woocommerce_faqs_

  • admin_faq_highlight_color ; Highlight color in the Dashboard when administering a question from the email link

  • front_faq_highlight_color ; Highlight color on the front-end when viewing a question from the email link

  • antispam_error_message ; Error message when the anti-spam check fails ; $result['message'] (error message [string]), posted form (full $_POST[array])

  • answerer_email ; Email for administering FAQs; $post_data ('question_title', 'faq_author_name', 'product_title', 'question_content' [array])

  • asker_email ; Email for the asker; $post_data ('question_title', 'product_title', 'post_id' [array])

  • answerer_email_subject ; Subject of administer email; same as answerer_email vars

  • answerer_email_message ; Final adminster message; same as answerer email vars

  • asker_email_subject; Subject of asker email; same as asker_email vars

  • asker_email_message; Final asker message; same as asker_email vars

  • answer_caps; Capability of answering questions

Requires: 3.5.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.12
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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