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WooCommerce Email Inquiry & Cart Options

Set Product Page Rules, Hide Add to Cart, Show Email Inquiry, Filter Rules by Roles for logged in users. 100% Mobile responsive Email Inquiry form!

1.3.0 - 2015/09/01

  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.4.6
  • Tweak - Added Settings text link to plugins menu on WordPress Plugins page for faster access to plugins dashboard.
  • Fix - Added 'box-sizing: initial;' for #fancybox-wrap ID to the Close button show correct on top right corner of Fancybox pop-up

1.2.9 - 2015/08/20

  • Tweak - include new CSSMin lib from https://github.com/tubalmartin/YUI-CSS-compressor-PHP-port into plugin framework instead of old CSSMin lib from http://code.google.com/p/cssmin/ , to avoid conflict with plugins or themes that have CSSMin lib
  • Tweak - make __construct() function for 'Compile_Less_Sass' class instead of using a method with the same name as the class for compatibility on WP 4.3 and is deprecated on PHP4
  • Tweak - change class name from 'lessc' to 'a3_lessc' so that it does not conflict with plugins or themes that have another Lessc lib
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WordPress major version 4.3.0
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.4.4
  • Fix - Check 'request_filesystem_credentials' function, if it does not exists then require the core php lib file from WP where it is defined

1.2.8 - 2015/06/04

  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.3.10
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.2.2
  • Tweak - Security Hardening. Removed all php file_put_contents functions in the plugin framework and replace with the WP_Filesystem API
  • Tweak - Security Hardening. Removed all php file_get_contents functions in the plugin framework and replace with the WP_Filesystem API
  • Fix - Update dynamic stylesheet url in uploads folder to the format //domain.com/ so it's always is correct when loaded as http or https

1.2.7 - 2015/05/05

  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.2.1
  • Fix - Removed check_ajax_referer() call on frontend for compatibility with PHP caching plugins. Was returning -1 to js success call-back.

1.2.6 - 2015/04/23

  • Fix - Move the output of add_query_arg() into esc_url() function to fix the XSS vulnerability identified in WordPress 4.1.2 security upgrade

1.2.5 - 2015/04/21

  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.2.0
  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.3.8
  • Tweak - enqueue the 'a3rev-admin-flat-ui-style' script on product edit page to fix the height of chosen multiple drop down on meta box
  • Tweak - Update style of plugin framework. Removed the [data-icon] selector to prevent conflict with other plugins that have font awesome icons

1.2.4 - 2015/03/19

  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.3.7
  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.1.1

1.2.3 - 2015/02/13

  • Tweak - Major upgrade for full compatibility with WooCommerce major version release 2.3.0 with backward compatibility to WC 2.2.0
  • Tweak - Tested fully compatible with WooCommerce just released version 2.3.3
  • Tweak - Changed WP_CONTENT_DIR to WP_PLUGIN_DIR. When an admin sets a custom WordPress file structure then it can get the correct path of plugin

1.2.2 - 2015/02/02

  • Tweak - Removed CSS Class input box from the Default Email form button style settings.
  • Tweak - Tested for 100% compatibility with WooCommerce version 2.2.11
  • Tweak - Tested and Tweaked for 100% compatibility with WordPress version 4.1.0
  • Tweak - Added Link to new plugins a3 Lazy Load and a3 Portfolio to the Free WordPress plugins list in yelow sidebar.
  • Fix - Sass compile path not saving on windows xampp.

1.2.1 - 2014/09/12

  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.2
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WordPress Version 4.0
  • Tweak - Added WordPress plugin icon
  • Fix - Changed DIR to dirname( FILE ) for Sass script so that on some server __DIR___ is not defined

1.2.0 - 2014/09/03

  • Feature - Converted all front end CSS #dynamic {stylesheets} to Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} for faster loading.
  • Feature - Convert all back end CSS to Sass.
  • Tweak - Updated google font face in plugin framework.
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WooCommerce Version 2.2 and backwards to v2.1 - 2014/06/28

  • Tweak - Change wp_register_script( 'a3rev-chosen') to wp_register_script( 'a3rev-chosen-new')
  • Tweak - Added all Quotes and Orders settings to admin dashboard for full upgrade compatibility
  • Tweak - Added Italian Translation thanks to Fabio Biocchetti
  • Fix - Add @ for called session_start() function to fix uncaught header warning message. - 2014/06/17

  • Tweak - Updated chosen js script to latest version 1.0.1 on the a3rev Plugin Framework
  • Tweak - Added support for placeholder feature for input, email , password , text area types
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WooCommerce version 2.1.11 - 2014/05/26

  • Feature - Show uploaded files as Hyplerlinked File name on Order Received page and customer email. WooCommerce by default shows URL.
  • Tweak - Changed add_filter( 'gettext', array( $this, 'change_button_text' ), null, 2 ); to add_filter( 'gettext', array( $this, 'change_button_text' ), null, 3 );
  • Tweak - Update change_button_text() function from ( $original == 'Insert into Post' ) to ( is_admin() && $original === 'Insert into Post' )
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WooCommerce Version 2.1.9
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WordPress Version 3.9.1 - 2014/04/28

  • Tweak - Checked and updated for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.1.7 and WordPress version 3.9
  • Tweak - Updated Framework help text font for consistency.
  • Tweak - Added remove_all_filters('mce_external_plugins'); before call to wp_editor to remove extension scripts from other plugins.

1.1.0 - 2014/01/25

  • Feature - Upgraded for 100% compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.1 with backward compatibility to Version 2.0
  • Feature - Added all required code so plugin can work with WooCommerce Version 2.1 refactored code.
  • Tweak - Added Custom encode to prevent email clients automatically adding tag to URL's in form message.
  • Tweak - Edited Grid View text on admin panel to Product Card for consistency.
  • Tweak - Added description text to the top of each Pro Version yellow border section
  • Tweak - Tested for compatibility with WordPress version 3.8.1
  • Fix - Email Inquiry sending duplicate emails on themes that have script that duplicate the click event - 2013/12/24

  • Tweak - a3rev Plugin Framework upgrade - all switch text show UPPERCASE
  • Tweak - Updated plugins wp-admin menu item vector image. - 2013/12/17

  • Fix - Plugins wp-admin menu icon display in all versions prior to WordPress 3.8.0. - 2013/12/16

  • Feature - a3rev Plugin Framework admin interface upgraded to 100% Compatibility with WordPress v3.8.0 with backward compatibility.
  • Feature - a3rev framework 100% mobile and tablet responsive, portrait and landscape viewing.
  • Tweak - Upgraded dashboard switch and slider to Vector based display that shows when WordPress version 3.8.0 is activated.
  • Tweak - Upgraded all plugin .jpg icons and images to Vector based display for full compatibility with new WordPress version.
  • Tweak - Yellow sidebar on Pro Versions Menus dose not show in Mobile screens to optimize screen space.
  • Tweak - Tested 100% compatible with WP 3.8.0
  • Fix - Upgraded array_textareas type for Padding, Margin settings on the a3rev plugin framework - 2013/11/20

  • Fix - add filter to 'single_add_to_cart_text' for hide Add to Cart button for Child Products in Grouped Product when Hide Add to Cart Rule is ON.
  • Fix - add action to 'woocommerce_before_template_part' and 'woocommerce_after_template_part' for hide Child Products Quantity selector in Grouped Product when Hide Add to Cart is ON.
  • Credit - Thanks to Marc Schwinges Underdog Productions South Africa for alerting us to the issue and wp-admin and ftp access to find and fix the bug. - 2013/11/18

  • Tweak - Moved - Hide Add to Cart and Hide Price Rules and Roles to the top of the Rules and Roles menu.
  • Tweak - Moved the Email Inquiry Rules & Roles settings from Rules & Roles menu to Email Inquiry menu > Settings tab.
  • Tweak - Moved the show Email Inquiry feature on Product Cards settings from Button Style tab to settings tab.
  • Tweak - Changed Product Cards activation syntax - ON is enables, OFF is disabled.
  • Tweak - Product Page Email & Cart Meta UI design upgrade. New tabs layout - Cart & Price | Email Inquiry | Read More - for ease of navigation.
  • Tweak - Added new main Menu Item - Read More with Tabs - Settings | Button Style (Active for Ultimate Inquiry Ultimate and Quotes & Orders Versions)
  • Fix - Google fonts preview changes conflict. - 2013/11/06

  • Tweak - Stricter sanitization of Default Form Message input field. Only allow input of plain text with auto paragraph on line break.
  • Tweak - Added function .replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '') to check form for empty spaces for required fields Name, Email and Phone.
  • Tweak - Default Form Success Message Pop-up auto resizes to whatever the tall of the success message content is.
  • Tweak - Added class .email_inquiry_cb for Colorbox Pop-up tool content custom background display.

1.0.9 - 2013/11/01

  • Tweak - Removed dynamic pop-up wide setting and replaced with static pop-up max wide.
  • Tweak - Pop-up tools wide under 520px shows 100% wide of the screen for mobiles in portrait or landscape.
  • Tweak - Default Form breaks down for greatly enhanced display in tablets and mobiles.
  • Tweak - Default Form - added static 20px content padding that auto reduces to 5px in tablets and mobiles.
  • Tweak - Default From - vertical alignment of the text fields
  • Tweak - Default Form - changed the default form fonts on install from Bold to Normal.
  • Tweak - Default Form Success Message uses form custom background colour.
  • Tweak - Button Style - changed default button padding on install from 0px to 5px
  • Tweak - Button Style - added blue box help text and fixed a small typo.
  • Tweak - Rules & Roles - added blue box help text for Product Page Rule 'Show Email Inquiry'
  • Fix - Default form success message showing HTML tags with text.

1.0.8 - 2013/10/25

  • Feature - Major plugin upgrade. Full code rework.
  • Feature - Upgraded the plugin to the newly developed a3rev admin Framework with app style interface.
  • Feature - Moved admin from WooCommerce settings tab onto its own Email Inquiry & Cart Options main menu item with sidebar sub menu.
  • Feature - Email Inquiry & Cart Options sub menus, Rules & Roles | Email Inquiry | Quotes Mode | Orders Mode
  • Feature - Email Inquiry menu broken up into tabs - Settings | Default Form | Custom Form | Button Style | Pop-Up Style
  • Feature - New admin UI features check boxes replaced by switches, some dropdowns replaced by sliders.
  • Feature - Added intuitive triggers for admin panel settings. When selected corresponding feature settings appear.
  • Feature - Added choice of 350 Google fonts to the existing 17 websafe fonts in all new single row font editor.
  • Feature - New on page instant previews for Font editor.
  • Feature - Rules & Roles - Activate any Rule for logged in user Role by adding the Role to the Rule.
  • Feature - Rules and Roles - incorporate help message under each Rules Roles. Show when the Rule is turned on.
  • Feature - Settings - Added House Keeping function to settings. Clean up on Deletion. Option - Choose if you ever delete this plugin it will completely remove all tables and data it has created.
  • Tweak - Fixed up all existing typos on admin panel.
  • Tweak - Updated support url to WordPress support forum.
  • Tweak - Updated translation submission URL
  • Tweak - Updated Lite Version support text on plugins description.
  • Fix - Plugins admin script and style not loading in Firefox with SSL on admin. Stripped http// and https// protocols so browser will use the protocol that the page was loaded with.

1.0.7 - 2013/08/09

  • Feature - Default Contact Form new options for 'Email Pop-up Font Styling'. Use WYSIWYG settings to set the default pop-ups Font type (choose from 17 web safe fonts), size, style and colour.
  • Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WordPress v3.6.0
  • Fix - Script validate email for default contact form. Old script conflicted with WordPress 3.6.0 jQuery 1.10.2. Conflict caused the popup tools to break.
  • Fix - Added box-sizing:content-box class attribute for compatibility with new WordPress Twenty Thirteen default theme.

1.0.6 - 2013/06/28

  • Fix - Replaced hardcode iso-8859-1 charset to dynamic get_option('blog_charset')

1.0.5 - 2013/06/22

  • Feature - Email Inquiry - Settings. Added option to set padding in px above and below the Email Inquiry button / Hyperlink.

1.0.4 - 2013/06/21

  • Feature - Email Inquiry - Settings. Added option to show Email Inquiry by Hyperlinked text instead of button.
  • Feature - Email Inquiry - Settings. Added option to set relative Button or link position, Above or Below add to cart button position.
  • Feature - Email Inquiry - Settings. Added option to set padding for button / link position.
  • Feature - Email Inquiry - Settings. Added option to show Email Inquiry button / Link on product grid view extracts on shop and archives pages.
  • Tweak - Upgraded admin Yellow sidebar box information to show the 3 available feature Upgrade plugins. - 2013/06/05

  • Tweak - Upgraded and synched the plugins code to be inline with the new WooCommerce Quotes and Orders plugin. This allows users to seamlessly upgrade to that plugin at any time.
  • Tweak - Updated the plugins support links to the new a3rev support forum.

1.0.3 - 2013/05/04

  • Tweak - Moved plugin admin panel from a single tab on WooCommerce Settings to its own link ‘Email & Cart Options' on the WooCommerce wp-admin menu.
  • Tweak - Added main tab for Rules & Roles settings.
  • Tweak - Added Email Inquiry main tab with related sub tabs.
  • Tweak - Added when install and activate plugin link redirects to the plugins dashboard instead of the wp-plugins dashboard.
  • Tweak - Updated plugins Wiki documentation.
  • Fix - Updated all JavaScript functions so that the plugin is compatible with jQuery Version1.9 and backwards to version 1.6. WordPress still uses jQuery version 1.8.3. In themes that use Google js Library instead of the WordPress jQuery then there was trouble because Google uses the latest jQuery version 1.9. There are a number of functions in jQuery Version 1.9 that have been depreciated and hence this was causing errors with the jQuery function in the plugin.
  • Fix - Did a full WP_DEBUG. All uncaught exceptions, notices, warnings and errors fixed.

1.0.2 - 2013/04/10

  • Fix - WooCommerce Reviews form opening in duplicate popup tools, PrettyPhoto and Fancybox caused by our old WooCommerce v1.6 fancybox lib.
  • Fix - Bug for users who have https: (SSL) on their sites wp-admin but have http on sites front end. This was causing a -1 to show when email pop-up form is called. wp-admin with SSL applied only allows https: but the url of admin-ajax.php is http: and it is denied hence returning the ajax -1 error. Fixed by writing a filter to recognize when https is configured on wp-admin and parsing correctly.

1.0.1 - 2013/03/14

  • Fix - Can't activate the plugin on some sites . The problem was in php configuration differences .It was caused by php configuration related to short <?php syntax which allows to use <? instead.

1.0.0 - 2013/03/07

  • First working release

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


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