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WooCommerce Easy Booking

WooCommerce Easy Booking allows users to add an option to book or rent their products.


  • Fix - CSS generation.
  • Fix - disabled link on the add-ons page.


/!\ You might have to check variable products after this update. Backward compatibility should be ok, but you might have to check the "Bookable" checkbox again.

  • Fix - Hook when saving plugin settings is now triggered when actually saving plugin settings.
  • Fix - New way to generate and minify CSS. The old one was causing issues, especially with multisites.
  • Fix - Calendars CSS, causing issues and conflicting with themes.
  • Add - Possibility to manage booking at parent product level for variable products.
  • Add - Add-ons page on the admin.
  • Add - 'easy_booking_enqueue_additional_scripts' hook to enqueue scripts before the main pickadate script.
  • Add - 'easy_booking_pickadate_dependecies' filter to add dependecies for the main pickadate script.
  • Add - Custom Jquery events when initiliazing and setting calendars.
  • Tweak - Improved Javascript for better flexibility and performance.


  • Fix - Issue with WordPress 4.2.2 causing an error.


  • Fix - Right to left function deprecated in WordPress 4.2.
  • Fix - Backward compatibility with product booking metadata.
  • Fix - First available date on start picker when minimum booking duration is set.
  • Fix - is_bookable() function for variable products.
  • Fix - Removed unnecessary Ajax call when clearing booking session.
  • Fix - Input focus which made the calendar pop up when closing and opening window.
  • Fix - Generated CSS after saving plugin settings.
  • Fix - Registered CSS file for multisites.
  • Fix - Price displayed on archive page for bookable products.
  • Fix - Displayed price on non-bookable variable products.
  • Add - Reports page on the admin.
  • Add - "/ night" price when in "nights" mode.
  • Add - Remove "/ day" or "/ night" text when variation is not bookable.
  • Add - "WooCommerce Product Add-ons" compatibility. Please, refer to the documentation for more information about this : http://herownsweetcode.com/product/woocommerce-easy-booking/#documentation.
  • Add - Automatically open second date picker after selecting first date.
  • Add - Calendar titles.
  • Add - Minifying CSS on-the-fly after saving plugin settings.
  • Add - Close button on the calendar.
  • Update - Pickadate.js version 3.5.6.
  • Remove - WooCommerce Currency Switcher compatibility. Please, refer to the documentation to makes these plugins compatible : http://herownsweetcode.com/product/woocommerce-easy-booking/#documentation.


This update contains major changes for variable products. Backwards compatibility should be ok, but still check your variations after updating.

  • Add - Variations are now handled individually, instead of inheriting from the parent product.
  • Add - Multisite compatibility.
  • Add - Right to left CSS, for right to left languages.
  • Fix - Wrong price calculation when modifying an order.
  • Fix - Security changes.
  • Fix - Picker inputs pointer cursor.
  • Fix - Added en.js file.
  • Fix - Wrong $wpdb calls.
  • Fix - Display product price on the right format.
  • Tweak - Regenerate CSS only after saving plugin settings.
  • Tweak - Improved Inputs CSS.
  • Localization - Added Dutch translation.
  • Localization - Update French translation.


  • Fix - Javascript error on the notices


Easy Booking : Availability Check, the add-on to manage stocks and availabilities for WooCommerce Easy Booking is available ! Get it now on http://herownsweetcode.com/product/easy-booking-availability-check/ !

  • Add - Admin notices styles.
  • Fix - Removed WooCommerce loading gif (which was not loaded, causing Javascript errors).


  • Fix - Issue with WooCommerce 2.3 and variable products.
  • Fix - Issue with WooCommerce 2.3 and products.
  • Fix - Issue with WooCommerce 2.3 on the order page.
  • Fix - Issue when calculating new price and taxes on the order page.
  • Fix - Removed minimum start date on the calendar on the product page.
  • Add - Another theme for the calendar.
  • Add - Hook when saving settings.
  • Add - Filter when calculating new price.
  • Add - Filter when calculating new price on the order page.
  • Add - Filter for the displayed price on the product page.
  • Add - Elements for the future Stock Management plugin.
  • Removed - Spanish translation.
  • Update - French translation.
  • Update - Calendar CSS.
  • Dev - Refactored code and plugin's structure.


  • Fix - Fixed an error when updating orders.
  • Fix - Fixed an error when adding a normal product to cart.
  • Add - Spanish translation.
  • Add - Display base price for one day on the product page.
  • Add - Added an option to set the first available date.
  • Update - French translation.


  • Add - Option to set a minimum and a maximum booking duration for each product.
  • Add - Possibility to change booking dates on the order page.
  • Add - Possibility to add booking products on the order page.
  • Add - en_GB translation file for the calendar.
  • Add - WooCommerce Currency Switcher Compatibility
  • Fix - Timezone issue with the datepicker.
  • Fix - Prevent adding a product to the cart after clicking the "clear" button on the calendar.
  • Fix - Incorrect selected dates with keyboard.
  • Fix - Wrong price displayed when "Price excluding tax" is set on the product page.


  • Fixed an issue where products were not added to cart if the user was not logged in.


This update has a lot of modifications, please do not hesitate to tell me if it's not working on the support forum here https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce-easy-booking-system.

  • Disabled dates before first date and dates after second dates, preventing users to select invalid dates
  • Prevent users to select the same date in "nights" mode
  • Fixed an error in the calculation price for one day in "days" mode
  • Prevent product add to cart if one or both dates are missing
  • Changed the way selected dates were set (old : post meta, new : session) so it doesn't affect the product itself
  • Updated and cleaned Ajax requests
  • Added a few things for the future stock management plugin
  • Corrected an error in the French translation
  • Added US translation for pickadate.js


  • You can now choose whether to calculate the final price depending on number of days or number of nights.


  • Changed the way CSS was added
  • Security update


  • The calendar is now fully customizable !
  • Fixed an issue with variable products' sale price
  • Added filters to easily change picker form
  • Security updates
  • Scripts updates
  • Updated French translation


  • Fixed a few issues
  • WooCommerce EBS now works with variable products


  • Fixed issues with WooCommerce 2.2


  • Added price format
  • Updated French translation


  • Fixed an issue where fields were not showing up on product page


  • Fix for WooCommerce 2.1


  • Disabled dates before current day


  • Initial Release

Requires: 3.8, WooCommerce 2.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.4
Last Updated: 2015-6-29
Active Installs: 1,000+


5 out of 5 stars


3 of 6 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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