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This Plugin enables Woocommerce shopowners to get payments through UPI applications like BHIM, Google Pay, Whatsapp, PayTM, PhonePe or any banking UPI application. This helps small shop-owner as it saves payment gateway charges.

UPI is a payment standard owned by National Payment Corporation of India, a government owned entity. UPI works 24×7 and is free subject to prevalent government guidelines.

When this plugin is installed, a customer will see UPI as a payment option. When he/she chooses it, it will take him/her to the list of installed UPI mobile applications. He/she can choose an app (like PayTM) and pay.

In PCs, it will show a QR code that can be scanned by the UPI application and payment can be made. Payments come to the shopowners bank account directly. There is no payment gateway involved and saves money for shop owners

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  • Configuration of shopowners UPI VPA and shopname


  1. Upload “woocommerce-UPI-payments.zip” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Goto UPI Plugin and configure the shop name and UPI VPA.
  4. If you configure “Title” “Description” or “Instructions”, please dont use any HTML in the fields like headers/bold/italic etc in the text.


How does it help me?

By using the plugin, you avoid the payment gateway charges that are part of every transaction.

What are prerequisites for customer?

Customer should be in India. This is as per Government requirements for UPI payments.

What are prerequisites for shopowner?

Shopowner should have a Woocommerce ecommerce website. It should be Woocommerce 2.1 version or above

Shopowner should create a UPI VPA connecting his/her bank account and then configure plugin with that VPA. After that, all payments will come to the bank account.

How does the shopowner know about payment by a customer?

Shopowner should install BHIM application in his/her mobile. Whenever a customer makes a payment, shopowner can see the Transactions in BHIM application. It will show the Order ID. With this, shop owner can know that customer has paid for the order.

What about shipping, order processing, refund etc?

This plugin adds another payment option. Operations like shipping, order processing etc should be handled by shop owner as being done now

What are Terms and Conditions?

This plugin is made available in as-is-where-is and is on free basis and under GPL. The user of plugin understands and agrees that plugin developer is not responsible for any loss of payments made using the plugin. Developer of plugin has no liability whatsoever for any loss, if any, incurred by customer or shop owner.

Is there a demo?

Yes, there is a demo site where you can see how the plugin works. Please click here .

Anything else?

If you configure “Title” “Description” or “Instructions”, please dont use any HTML in the fields like headers/bold/italic etc in the text.

All fine, but this does not allow payments with debit card etc, etc?

This plugin works for a small shop owner by saving him/her the payment gateway charges. As the store grows in size and customer mix, he/she needs to upgrade to payment gateway to accept all kinds of payment options and be ready to pay the gateway charges. Till then, this is very useful.

I still have a question!

Please send your question to raj@kiasa.in. Thank you!


everthing ok.

everthing ok. final order page make some design with button on " click here to pay through upi "

Great Plugin

The Plugin Integrates well with woocommerce. Thanks author. Could you get it up on github please. Also tip for people using async javascript. Add the plugin in the Plugin exclusions list otherwise the QR Code generating javascript doesn't load
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