WooCommerce Product Feed PRO


Generate WooCommerce product feeds for all your marketing channels, such as Google Shopping, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook Remarketing, Bing Ads, Billiger.de, Pricerunner, Vergelijk.nl and many more. Next to custom feeds there are over 100 pre-defined templates included for marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and search engines.

Why choose this plugin?

Simply because this is the most complete plugin offering support for an unlimited number of products and feeds, including features such as category- & field-mapping and advanced, rule-based, filtering and product variables support.

Our mission

Offer free and advanced, intuitive, tooling and plugins for website owners and marketers to easily set-up and manage their online marketing campaigns.

Plugin Features

Unlimited number of products

No limitations on the number of products you can put in your product feeds. This makes the AdTribes.io WooCommerce Product Feed PRO plugin suitable for small, medium and big webshops.

Unlimited number of product feeds

No limitations on the number of product feeds.

Filters and rules

Set advanced filter and ruling per channel so only your most profitable products make it to the product feed. For example: exclude low-margin products, exclude products that are low on stock or only include products that are on sale. You name it, any filter or rule is possible!

Field / attribute selection

Determine yourself what attributes to in- or exclude in your product feed. This plugin supports usage of ALL attribute types: Custom Attributes, Dynamic Attributes and Product Attributes. Rule-of-thumb: the more attributes you put in your product feed, the better change you have of getting good listings on the channels of your choice.

Field / attribute mapping

Map your field attributes to those of the channels of your choice. For many channels using the right field names is obliged.

Conversion tracking

As of version 1.8.8 the plugin is able to track sales and conversions coming from your product feeds. Just enable the ‘conversion tracking’ and the plugin will measure how much turn-over is coming from your marketing campaigns. The plugin uses both session- and cookie-conversions to make sure all sales are tracked.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields with naming you require and fill it with static or dynamic values to your product feed.

Static field values

Add static field values to your product feed when needed.

Category / taxonomy mapping

Some marketing channels require you to map your categories to theirs (such as Google Shopping). This plugin enables you to exactly do that. Not only does it support 1-to-1 category mapping but you can also map subsets of products on a channel-category based on product names.

Google Analytics support

This plugin enables you to add and configure Google Analytics UTM tracking-codes to your product URL’s so you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing channels in Google Analytics.

Shipping class support

This plugin enables you to set the shipping zone (and shipping class) so the right shipping cost end up in your product feed. Our plugin uses all shipping zone settings you have configured in WooCommerce (flat rates, classes and free shipping).

Product variations / Variables

This plugin supports product variables so all your variations make it to product feeds as individual products too.

Product feed statistics

Product feed statistics showing you the amount of products in yor product feed after every update and refresh.

Google Shopping product feed tutorial

Facebook Dynamic Ads / Remarketing feed tutorial

Available features

  • Unlimited number of products;
  • Unlimited number of product feeds
  • > 100 pre-configured product feed channel-templates for ~ 200 countries;
  • Create custom product feeds;
  • XML, CSV and TXT formats;
  • Tracks conversions and sales;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Supports product variations / variables;
  • Scheduled product feed refreshes: daily, twice-daily or every hour;
  • Supported file formats: XML, TXT and CSV;
  • Supports shipping zones, shipping classes and shipping cost
  • Filters and rules: set product filter and rules so only the right products end up in the product feed;
  • Category / Taxonomy mapping: map your categories to those of other channels, such as Google Shopping;
  • Field / Attribute mapping: map your attributes to channel attributes;
  • Create custom field names: create your own field names and fill them with static or dynamic values;
  • Add static field values to your product feeds;
  • Google Analytics support: add Google Analytics UTM parameters to your product feed and individual products.
  • Supports the official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin (SKU_ID parameter)
  • Supports Yoasts primary category feature
  • Supports Yith brand attributes


  • Custom feeds
  • Google Shopping
  • Google DRM / Dynamic remarketing
  • Facebook Dynamic Ad’s / remarketing
  • Bing Shopping
  • Yandex
  • ShopMania
  • Shopping.com
  • MyShopping
  • Polyvore.com
  • Vergelijk.nl
  • Vergelijk.be
  • Comparer.be
  • Kieskeurig.nl
  • Kieskeurig.be
  • Beslist.nl
  • Beslist.be
  • Bol.com
  • Stylight
  • Incurvy
  • Kijiji
  • Kelkoo
  • Zbozi.cz
  • Shopalike
  • Heureka.cz
  • AdForm
  • Smartly.io
  • Spartoo
  • Pricerunner
  • Miinto
  • Vertaa.fi
  • Prisjakt
  • Hintaseuranta
  • Connexity
  • Cdiscount
  • Fnac
  • ManoMano
  • Cherchons.com
  • Choozen.fr
  • Ciao.fr
  • Idealo.fr
  • LeGuide.fr
  • Priceminister.fr
  • Stylefruits.fr
  • Twenga
  • Webmarchand.com
  • TheNextAd
  • Webgains
  • Crowdfox
  • Real.de
  • Allyouneed
  • Apomio
  • Skroutz.gr
  • Billiger.de
  • Choozen
  • Domodi
  • Geizhals
  • Guenstiger
  • Hood.de
  • Ladenzeile.de
  • Livingo.de
  • Medizinfuchs.de
  • Moebel.de
  • My Best Brands
  • Preis.de
  • Rakuten
  • Restposten.de
  • Sparmedo.de
  • Stylelounge.de
  • Trovaprezzi
  • Tweakers.nl
  • Kleding.nl

From within WordPress

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’;
  2. Search for ‘WooCommerce Product Feed PRO’;
  3. Activate ‘WooCommerce Product Feed PRO’ from your plugins page.


  1. Upload the woo-product-feed-pro folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
  2. Activate ‘WooCommerce Product Feed PRO’ from your plugins page.


  • From within the manage feeds section you can control, (re)confige and activate or pause your product feed projects
  • Graph displaying the amount of products in your product feed (updated after every refresh)
  • Drag and drop the attributes that you want to put in the product feed
  • Map your product categories to those of the channels you are creating feeds for (for example Google shopping)
  • Map your attribute fields to the fields of the channels you are creating feeds for
  • Set feed filter rules so only the profitable products end up in the product feed
  • Add Google Analytics UTM parameters to the product landingpage URL's in your product feed
  • Set the basic configurations for your product feed


Why should I use this plugin?

Simply because this is the most complete plugin offering support for an unlimited number of products and feeds, including features such as category- & field-mapping and advanced, rule-based, filtering and product variables support.

Problem with this plugin?

Make sure you have updated WordPress, WooCommerce and this plugin to the latest version and check that you are running PHP 5.6 or higher.

Are you still experiencing issues with our plugin? Follow these steps before contacting us:
1. Check out our F.A.Q.
2. Deactivate and re-activate the plugin, it might solve the issue;
3. In-case de- & reactivating the plugin doesn’t solve the problem, remove the plugin and reinstall it (do not worry, you will not lose your current project settings and product feeds);
4. Still experiencing issues? Drop-us an e-mail at support@adtribes.io

Is there a product limit?

No, you can add as many products to your product feeds as you want.

Is there a product feed limit?

No, you can create as many product feeds as you want.

Does this plugin support product variables?

Yes, it does.

Does this plugin support features from other plugins?”

Yes, it supports multiple. For example: Yoast’s primary category feature and the Yith brand attributes.

How do I set-up a product feed for Google Shopping?

Please check out our Youtube tutorial:

How do I set-up a product feed for Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Please check out our Youtube tutorial:

What file formats does this plugin support?

This plugin outputs product feeds in the following file formats: TXT, CSV, XML and YML formats.

How often do my product feeds get refreshed?

This plugin can refresh your product feeds daily, twicedaily or every hour.

What channels does this plugin support?

This plugin supports Google Shopping, Facebook, Bing, Yandex and over a 100 other channels.

Does this plugin support Google shopping categories?

Yes, this plugin enables you to map your products and categories to Google Shopping categories using Google’s official taxonomy.

Can I create filters and rules for my product feeds?

Yes, you can set enhanced filters and rules for all your products so only the products you want end up in product feeds.

Does this plugin support Google Analytics tagging?

Yes, you can add all Google Analytics UTM parameters to the landingpage URL’s that are in your product feed.

Questions left or unanswered? Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@adtribes.io for all your questions.


Great plug-in and fast support

I would like to say, the developer of the plug-in is very fast answering my questions. They even released a new version to get some custom fields working. Just perfect. Thank you. Bart

Best Woocommerce Google Shopping Feed Plugin

I spent days searching for a Woocommerce Google Shopping Feed Plugin and was lucky to find this one. After a confusing setup process, I was able to, with the amazing support of the developer, set up feeds for both Google Shopping and Bing. I highly recommend this plugin over any of the others!

Super plugin and super support. Can’t believe it’s free.

I only tried this plugin because the one I have been using for years, while satisfactory enough, was hard on resources and slowed my site down. So I was getting fed up with activating it every day just before Google fetched the feed, then turning deactivating it again.

I really wish I had changed sooner, this is a revelation. Straight away I was able to leave out certain products that are out of season, and add rules for some of my more complicated variations.

I had a few problems setting it up, and the support was quick and efficient, I am now getting 100% Approved, a first for me.

Well impressed all around.

Read all 19 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Product Feed PRO” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.1.1 (2018-14-02)

  • Fixed an issue with the g:identifier_exists attribute
  • Added helptexts to the attribute mapping page
  • Now allowing underscores in XML namespaces for custom feed fields

2.1.0 (2018-09-02)

  • Cleaned-up the list of attributes to map and set filter and rules on making it easier to map fields and set filter or rules.

2.0.9 (2018-07-02)

  • Added support for filtering on empty fields

2.0.8 (2018-06-02)

  • Added support for custom fields that are being added by other plugins

2.0.7 (2018-04-02)

  • Added conversion data to the debug.log in preparation for filtering on product conversions

2.0.6 (2018-02-02)

  • Plugin now automatically puts currency prefixes in place for Google Shopping and Facebook feeds
  • Minor changes for Beslist templates

2.0.5 (2018-30-01)

  • Fixed minor bug: questionmark was appended to the link attribute when tracking was disabled for simple products. This has now been solved.

2.0.4 (2018-30-01)

  • Significantly improved speed of processing product feeds
  • Added templates for Beslist.nl and Beslist.be

2.0.3 (2018-23-01)

  • Fixed some styling and text issues.

2.0.2 (2018-21-01)

  • Solved major bugs with Product and Dynamic attribute mappings

2.0.1 (2018-19-01)

  • Solved a bug that was introduced with the last release. The g:id field for Google Shopping products feed accidently got stripped. This bug has been solved now.

2.0.0 (2018-18-01)

  • Added a new field “Category path”. This field shows the so-called breadcrumb and can be used for your productfeed (needed for Prisjakt)

1.9.9 (2018-17-01)

  • Added support boxes during configuration of a product feed and changed the content of the support email notification text

1.9.8 (2018-16-01)

  • Fixed a bug: Category mappings with a strange character in it where not saved properly. This bug has now been solved.

1.9.7 (2018-09-01)

  • Solved error message showing in the interface

1.9.6 (2018-09-01)

  • Fixed a bug in the filter and rules section: excluding products from your product feed based on categories filters did not work. Also, setting a fixed shipping price for product prices that matched a specific condition did not work. Both issues have now been solved.

1.9.5 (2018-05-01)

  • Fixed a bug: additional gallery images are now also shown in Custom XML feeds

1.9.4 (2018-05-01)

  • Fixed a bug: additional gallery images are now also shown in XML and Google Shopping feeds

1.9.3 (2018-05-01)

  • Added the possibility map products on Google Shopping categories based on advanced rules. You can now map your products to Google Shopping categories not only based on the product category but on any product attribute.

1.9.2 (2017-21-12)

  • Added a ‘plugin settings’ page: grant access to the AdTribes.io support team to help you configure your product feeds
  • Fixed some minor styling issues

1.9.1 (2017-18-12)

  • Added support (templates) for Heureka.cz and Zbozi.cz

1.9.0 (2017-18-12)

  • Fixed a bug for CSV feeds whereas static values did not end up in the CSV-feed. This bug also caused a mismatch between the amount of CSV header fields and individual product row fields.

1.8.9 (2017-14-12)

  • Fixed a bug: mapped dynamic attribute values did not appear in product feeds, this bug has been fixed now.

1.8.8 (2017-14-12)

  • Big update: track conversions coming from your marketing channels that are based on product feeds you created. Just ‘enable conversion tracking’ and sales will be measured. In one of the upcoming releases we will add an interface in which you will see what sale came from what product feed. Tracking of sales and conversions is based on both local session storage and cookie-tracking ensuring all sales being attributed.

1.8.7 (2017-12-12)

  • Filters based on Product categories where not working for Google Shopping merchant center feeds. This bug has been solved now.
  • When users where logged in as Admin and ran the product feed as Admin also products that did not have the ‘publish’ status where put in the product feed. This bug has been solved now. Only published products will end up in products feeds, even when you are logged in as an Admin user.

1.8.6 (2017-07-12)

  • Added error notifications for users who have disabled their WP_CRON or run a WooCommerce version older than 3.0

1.8.5 (2017-05-12)

  • Fixed broken category mappings that had a & in the category name
  • Improved debug logging

1.8.4 (2017-01-12)

  • Added support for the official “Facebook for WooCommerce” plugin by adding a SKU_ID attribute
  • Fixed a bug that caused identical category names to show up twice in CSV files

1.8.3 (2017-28-11)

  • WordPress/WooCommerce sites that did not have the Yoast SEO plugin installed ran into issues with category mappings for Google Shopping feeds as there is no primary category configured. This has now been solved.

1.8.2 (2017-27-11)

  • Custom attribute values did not show in the product feeds, this bug has now been solved

1.8.1 (2017-24-11)

  • Added license javascript

1.8.0 (2017-24-11)

  • Fixed a bug in the category mapping template. Categories that contained a & in the name were mapped but did not show in the mapped overview anymore. This has now ben fixed.
  • Added the amount of published products per category in the category mapping template so you know what categories to map first.
  • Added license validation functionalities for the Elite version of our plugin.

1.7.9 (2017-23-11)

  • The Google category mapping breaked when a WooCommerce Product category was removed. This has now been fixed.
  • Added some user-interface elements on the category mapping page so it is more obvious what categories are mapped and which ones not.

1.7.8 (2017-22-11)

  • User-interface improvement for category mapping template

1.7.7 (2017-22-11)

  • Custom attributes for single products did not show in the product feeds, nor was it possible to filter on it. This has now been fixed.
  • Brand attributes for product variations did not show in the product feeds, this has been solved.
  • Performance increase: processing product feeds has become twice as fast, especially important for shops with thousands of products.

1.7.6 (2017-16-11)

  • This release is all about performance (so will the next one be). We have revamped the category mapping page as the autosuggest was slow in suggesting Google categories. We have also increased performance for the attribute mapping page so this page loads faster for WooCommerce stores with over 30.000 products.

1.7.5 (2017-13-11)

  • Implemented a significant performance increase in the autosuggest dropdowns

1.7.4 (2017-12-11)

  • Fixed an autosuggest bug

1.7.3 (2017-12-11)

  • Added the possibility to set filters and rules on empty attribute values
  • Added localized price format: the product feeds will now contain the same price format as the region and currency setting of your WooCommerce Store.
  • Fixed the CSS dialog buttons for deleting and refreshing feeds

1.7.2 (2017-09-11)

  • Stripping shortcodes from the (short) description fields so those do not end up in the product feeds
  • Revamped the manage project dashboard in preparation for our support section

1.7.1 (2017-02-11)

  • Bing merchant center does not fully accept Google Shopping formated feeds, some changes needed to be made in order for Bing to accept the product feeds.
  • Fixed a CSS styling issue on the manage feeds page
  • AdTribes.io moved to SSL/HTTPS, changed some references from the old http to httpS version

1.7.0 (2017-01-11)

  • The plugin graph showing the amounts conflicted with the Yoast Premium plugin and the default colorpicker library of WordPress. This bug has been fixed now.

1.6.9 (2017-31-10)

  • Fixed the typeahead JS errors

1.6.8 (2017-30-10)

  • Filters and rules on the “shipping price” attribute now also support multiple shipping zones

1.6.7 (2017-27-10)

  • Replaced the (jQuery-ui-)-autocomplete functionality with the bootstrap typeahead functionality for dropdowns. jQuery-ui is breaking popular editors for WordPress themes.
  • Fixed a bug that returned error-messages when configuring a new feed

1.6.6 (2017-19-10)

  • Fixed a bug: plugin was not forced to retrieve the latest versions of CSS and Javascript causing fixes in JS/CSS not to work. This has now been fixed.

1.6.5 (2017-19-10)

  • Plugin now supports multiple shipping zones for all channels such as Google Shopping, Facebook and custom feeds. Shipping attributes such as country, region, service and price have also been added.

1.6.4 (2017-12-10)

  • Fixed CSS issues that broke some theme’s, menu’s and editors

1.6.3 (2017-11-10)

  • Added support for websites that run on older PHP (< 5.6) versions. Products will be processed in smaller batches so the plugin does not run into memory issues.

1.6.2 (2017-10-10)

  • Cleaned up some code, speeds up the plugin

1.6.1 (2017-09-10)

  • New bug fixed that caused the feed not to proces all products

1.6.0 (2017-06-10)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the feed not to proces or get stuck while processing

1.5.9 (2017-06-10)

  • Removed duplicate category names in the category mapping dropdown fields

1.5.8 (2017-05-10)

  • Fixed a bug in the categorymapping page whereas it was showing a lot of sub-categories on one row. Thanks Camilo for your help 🙂

1.5.7 (2017-05-10)

  • Added logging with debugging information, this will help us to support you whenever there is an issue with the plugin.

1.5.6 (2017-04-10)

  • Added the possibility to add price, regular price and sale prices excluding VAT to your product feeds

1.5.5 (2017-03-10)

  • Solved a unique_identifier bug for Google Shopping product feeds: the plugin automatically set the g:identifier_exist to ‘no’ even when an unique identifier was present.

1.5.4 (2017-29-09)

  • Fixed a bug, adding a tracking JS

1.5.3 (2017-29-09)

  • BIG UPDATE: The plugin is now able to measure conversions for every channel you publish your productfeed too. When enough conversion (sales) have been measured options will be shown allowing you to automatically remove products from your productfeed that do not convert. No longer waste your marketing budget, only pay for visitors that convert!
  • Rules & Filter bug has been fixed. Only the last created rule or filter was saved, other configured rules and filters where deleted accidently. This has now been solved. Our apologies for the bug.

1.5.2 (2017-11-09)

  • Improved the suggest search for category mappings. The suggest search now also adds attribute values to the product name making it easier to map categories based on product names.

1.5.1 (2017-09-09)

  • Websites running on PHP 5.5 or 5.6 ran into problems when the amount of products in the WooCommerce store exceeds 3500 products with lost of product attributes attached to it. We have optimized the plugin code so this should happen less often. We do however advise you to upgrade your PHP version to at least 7.0 as it greatly improves performance of your website.

1.5.0 (2017-07-09)

  • Identifier_exists parameter for Google Shopping product feeds now also supported for CSV feeds
  • Fixed a bug causing the amount of items in a CSV-row not to match the amount of items in the CSV-header. This sometimes happened, causing errors in Google’s Merchant Center.

1.4.9 (2017-06-09)

  • Fixed a bug in the suggest search for category mappings
  • Added the Vergelijk.be product feed template
  • Added the Vertaa.fi product feed template

1.4.8 (2017-05-09)

  • The plugin now automatically detects what value it has to insert for the Google Shopping identifier_exists field. The plugin detects if and what the values are for the brand, gtin and mpn fields and based on this determines if the value of the identifier_exists fields needs to be yes or no.

1.4.7 (2017-01-09)

  • Added the functionality to add static attributes values in your product feeds
  • Fixed a bug for CSV exports where the amount of attributes on a CSV row mismatched the amount of fields in the CSV header causing errors uploading the products to Google’s Merchant center
  • Fixed a bug that caused active filter, rules and attribute mappings to be overwritten by a newly added filter/rule or mapping

1.4.6 (2017-30-08)

  • Attribute values are automatically being added to the product name when product variations are active. We did however appended the slug of the value. This has now been fixed, the proper name of the value is now being appended.

1.4.5 (2017-28-08)

  • When a product has variables the parent product should not show in the product feed, just the child products are allowed. This has now been fixed.

1.4.4 (2017-25-08)

  • Added a custom made product feed template for Vergelijk.nl

1.4.3 (2017-25-08)

  • Added support for Yoast’s primary category feature

1.4.2 (2017-24-08)

  • Increased speed of processing big product feeds
  • Cleaned-up code, removed some small bugs

1.4.1 (2017-23-08)

  • Added the brand field as a required attribute for the Facebook Dynamic Ad’s product feed

1.4.0 (2017-22-08)

  • When product prices are entered in the WooCommerce backend “without TAX” the products prices where also added without TAX in the product feeds. This has changed in the new release. Product prices (price, regular price and sale price) are always including TAX.

1.3.9 (2017-22-08)

  • Fixed a bug: When making changes to a project other settings in the project got lost. This bug is solved now.

1.3.8 (2017-21-08)

  • Error message was showing on the category mapping page, removed this wrong message

1.3.7 (2017-21-08)

  • Added the possibility to map all your products to 1 Google Shopping category
  • Added the Google Shopping g:shipping_weight attribute

1.3.6 (2017-01-08)

  • Added the Skroutz.gr template

1.3.5 (2017-31-07)

  • Added the attribute Regular price to the list of attributes that can be used in your product feed

1.3.4 (2017-31-07)

  • Big update: as of this release it is also possible to add Product attributes to your product feeds (next to Custom and Dynamic attributes). Not only can you add them to the product feed, it is also possible to create rules and filters on product attributes.

1.3.3 (2017-28-07)

  • Added the currency field / attribute. You can now add the main currency annotation to your feed (for example: EUR), which is needed for channels such as Yandex.

1.3.2 (2017-27-07)

  • It is no longer needed to indicate what attribute you want to append to the product name in order to make it unique (needed for product variables). The plugin just appends all relevant attributes to the product name it can find.

1.3.1 (2017-27-07)

  • Fixed a bug: the main image attribute value did not show in the product feed for Custom Feed projects.

1.3.0 (2017-27-07)

  • Added the category link attribute

1.2.9 (2017-27-07)

  • Increased the speed of creating product feeds (twice as fast)
  • Fixed a bug that occured when processing product variables

1.2.8 (2017-26-07)

  • Fixed a bug in the Yandex product feeds (removed the id and available YML nodes)

1.2.7 (2017-25-07)

  • Added the functionality to add Custom Fields to your product feeds using your own field naming and fill it with static or dynamic attribute values
  • Added advanced shipping costs rules
  • Fixed a VAT issue on shipping costs

1.2.6 (2017-23-07)

  • Stripped HTML from product names

1.2.5 (2017-23-07)

  • Added support for PHP 5.6

1.2.4 (2017-20-07)

  • Fixed a CSS issue for Windows users, causing drop-down fields to show only half of the text

1.2.3 (2017-19-07)

  • Fixed a bug for shops that have a more product variables than single products, which caused the product feed not to start processing.

1.2.2 (2017-19-07)

  • Added more output in debug mode (amount of single and variable products)

1.2.1 (2017-19-07)

  • Added more output in debug mode (PHP, WordPress and WooCommerce versions)

1.2 (2017-19-07)

  • Added the possibility to create enhanced rules: changing the content of an attribute based on the value of another attribute.
  • Fixed some bugs in the ‘update general settings’ page that caused changed settings not to save, such as enabling/disabling shipping and product variable settings.

1.1.9 (2017-17-07)

  • Fixed some bugs in the Yandex template (company and categoryId nodes)

1.1.8 (2017-15-07)

  • Added a custom made product feed template for Yandex

1.1.7 (2017-12-07)

  • Added a debugging mode option on the manage feed page

1.1.6 (2017-12-07)

  • Removed a javascript error that caused an incorrect error message to show on the manage project page

1.1.5 (2017-12-07)

  • Added the option to stop a project while feed processing
  • Product variables and Google Analytics switch disabled itself when changes to the attribute section was made. This bug has now been solved.

1.1.4 (2017-12-07)

  • Added an extra CSV delimiter option (;)

1.1.3 (2017-11-07)

  • Removed the option to select a shipping zone when only one shipping zone is available

1.1.2 (2017-11-07)

  • Added advanced shipping zone and shipping class support so the right shipping cost end up in your product feeds

1.1.1 (2017-07-07)

  • Fixed a bug for XML product feeds containing product versions

1.1.0 (2017-07-07)

  • Added a custom made product feed template for Billiger.de
  • Strip HTML from the (short) description attributes