WooCommerce iZettle Integration


This plugin connects to the beta version of our syncing service.

During the beta period all functionality in the plugin can be used with full functionality. When the beta period is over, you can still use the full functionality for €10 / month.

Please report any problems to tobbe@bjorntech.se

When the beta-period has finished (we expect this to be during Februari 2019), you can still use the full service but with a limitation in the number of synced products.

We have been using the plugin in our own stores during 2018 and we do now release it for broader usage, the documentation will be updated during the beta period.

Sync your products to iZettle, including your product main image. The sync can be done manually, once a day or in realtime to keep your iZettle product database up to date.

Purchases are synced manually or automatically in real-time when done in iZettle.

Choose between just syncing for information purposes (you can view details of all iZettle purchases in WooCommerce), just syncing stock-value or let WooCommerce create orders when you sell something in iZettle.

All settings will be found at WooCommerce->Settings->iZettle

You first have to authorize the plugin with iZettle, this can be done at the iZettle connection page. When authorizing, you accept that we will store your e-mail, web-shop adress, connection information details necessary for iZettle sync and statistics.

Some things to consider when starting:

  • Syncronise products only as a start and then set the syncronization of products to your preference.
  • In this version the sync products function will not remove any products already in iZettle or products that are removed in WooCommerce,
    you have to do this manually. Because of this setup you never have to worry about your existing products being affected.
    We will implement a delete function, but want to listen to our users on how it should work before implementing

  • Synchronization of purchases will when switched on not effect anything in WooCommerce, you can view your iZettle purchases at the menu item iZettle.
    If you click on a purchase it will currently not show any details, this will come soon.

  • Stock-levels can be synced to iZettle on the products that have been synced via the plugin, if you change stock-level in iZettle (exept of via a purchase), it will be overwritten from WooCommerce.


Install the plugin from the WordPress store as you would do with a normal plugin.

You will find all settings under the tab iZettle that can be found at WooCommerce->Settings.

to be filled with detailed info about settings


Very good plugin.

Very good plugin. Exactly what we needed to transfer all our products to iZettle and get them always synced. We saved a lot of time on this!
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  • Fix: (Create WC Order) Sales items could sometimes match with product-id numbers creating wrong items on an order
  • Fix: (Create WC Order) When an order item is created, the price was taken from WooCommerce but should be taken from the actual sales price
  • Fix: (Create WC Order) Re-creating order failed if previous order was not in wastebasket or deleted
  • Fix: (Product sync) To long description sometimes crashes sync. Description only needed for iZettle Web anyway, removed.
  • Added: Possibility to select to select all products (previously only products with status ‘publish’ where synced). Default=publish


  • Change: Added setting to enable/disable missing cron setup


  • Fix: Added action to start background task in cases where cron is disabled


  • Fix: 3.2.0 did break refresh url, corrected


  • Change: Product and stocklevel sync now merged into the product update, stocklevel is a selection within product settings .
  • Change: Settings page changed to make settings more understandable.


  • Fix: Prices where not synced correctly.


  • Fix: Purchases not syncing in some cases


  • Fix: iZettle authorization sometimes failed due too long URI (414), Authorization process changed to handle this


  • Fix: Changed sync time to GMT in order to get all products that needs sync
  • New: Added Barcode generator for products


  • Change: Major change of design to cater for the fact that iZettle WebHooks are not stabile, all communication now done via polling instead.
  • Change: all stock-level updates are done via queue in order to prevent racing conditions when uppdating
  • Change: Realtime sync of products changed to minute and, WooCommerce hook is called too frequently to work


  • New: Possibility to enable/disable logging (errors is still always logged)
  • New: Possibility to delete local copy of purchase
  • New: More efficient handling of existing products when doing product sync
  • New: Possibility to set SKU as identifier (only recommended to use if you are using other iZettle integrations than this), IMPORTANT: products missing sku will not be synced with this setting. WHen changing, do a full sync to change identifier.
  • New: Stocklevel is synced automatically when a new product is added
  • New: Stocklevel and Product sync are connected to prevent both from running if not needed (better performance)
  • Fix: Purchases should be downloaded latest first, fixed now. If you neeed to remove faulty downloaded purchases, turn on the “possibility to delete local purchaes”, delete them and sync again.


  • Fix: Problem to sync when SKU was missing on product, product-id is now identifier instead of SKU
  • Fix: Variable product with 0 variations caused problem to sync


  • New: Possibility to bulk-remove iZettle payment information from WooCommerce


  • Change: Moved advanced settings to own tab
  • New: Sale-prices can now be synced
  • Fix: Product sync failed when using global attributes


  • Fix: Installation failed in some cases


  • Change: Improved process to connect to service
  • Fix: Bugfixes


  • New: Added action link to settings
  • Fix: Information about processed items where not show if the processing was done before 2.8.8


  • Added: The plugin can now create a WooCommerce order, discounts and returns still to be fixed
  • Added: Possibility to remove processing information in order to process it again.
  • Changed: Order processing data displayed in a more readable way
  • Fixed: Various bugfixes, thank you for reporting


  • Better info in settings page on how to authorize.
  • Bufixes


  • Admin email not sent to iZettle in some cases, causing error when authorizing the first time.


  • Country code was hardcoded to SE when creating WooCommerce order, sorry for that 🙂
  • Improved logging when creating wc_orders


  • Processing changes


  • Fix: All products synced instead of increment
  • Fix: Tidy up display page


  • Additional minor layout changes


  • Minor layout changes


  • Initial public release.