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Print automatically receipts on a thermal printer for your WooCommerce order.The Plugin allows you to customize the data on the printed receipts via shortcodes, triggers based on order status change, built in templates for order notification and packing slip. Works with any thermal printers with paper size 58mm, 80mm and 100mm. How it works? The plugin sends formatted plain text emails based on order status change. On the receiving side a Mozilla thunderbird email autoprint addon is used with filters in order to print the receipts on the thermal printer. The plugin is very useful for online shops as the order notification receipts are automatically printed and the person responsible for order processing just sees the receipts and processes the order (Example – the person responsible for order processing goes to work in the morning and sees what is ordered and processes the orders without the need of even opening wordpress admin section. The receipts can also be used for marketing, coupon codes printing and sent with the ordered products etc.) To get most of this Plugin you will need our WooPrinter WiFi which can be purchased from: Our Online Store. You can Download Woo Instant Notifications User Manual from This Link

WooPrinter WiFi Demonstration:

A Setup with a standard 57mm Thermal Printer and ThunderBird running on a Laptop:

Plugin in Action Video:

Success Stories

Woo Instant Notifications is successfully integrated in many online and offline coffee shops and bars.Recently Woo Instant Notifications was integrated in the online order management / processing at The Good Boys Juice and Coffee in Singapore . They use the plugin to automate their order management and delivery. Every order gets printed on their thermal receipt printer automatically and then it is processed by their personnel accordingly.Their owner opinion is that the plugin have saved them a lot of time and it helped to avoid mistakes in the order processing, which in terms avoided dealing with unhappy customers! If you are using the plugin and you are happy with it, please send us an email to info@ji4ka.com or write a review directly here. By doing so you help us to continue our work on the plugin!

Latest Plugin Installations WorldWide

Following the Covid-19 crisis many restaurants, bars and coffee shops are choosing to use Woo Instant Notifications Pro to Manage Process and Deliver their orders to their customers. Check out the Pro Version of the Plugin Below!

You are using the Plugin and want your Restaurant, Bar or coffee shop website link above -> Contact Us!
You own a Business affected by COVID-19.Read more here how you can offer contact-less online menus for your Restaurant Clients

Woo Instant Notifications Pro

The Pro version of Woo Instant Notifications that has additional features and options.

What is included in the Pro Version

  • More shortcodes for use with the Plugin Templates
    • Shortocodes for Woo Local Pickup Plus (suitable for restaraunts and coffee shops with more than one physical location. Purchase is made via the merchant online shop and the customer chooses at which location the products will be picked locally)
    • Shortcode for WooCommerce order Shipping address field #2
    • Shortcodes for Checkout Editor Pro (add custom fields on the receipt)
    • Shortcodes for WooCommerce Checkout Manager(add custom checkout fields on the receipt)
    • Shortcodes for ByC WooCommerce Order Delivery or Pickup (add delivery pickup information on the receipt)
    • Shortcodes for Websolution Delivery Date & Time
  • Shortcode to print PayPal transaction id if PayPal is used (as a confirmation that payment is made)
  • Ability to have printers installed in different locations (for Restaurants,Bar chains).
  • Possibility to print Company logo on every printed receipt
  • Ability to choose wheter to send the receipt to the customer via email as well as to the shop administrator & the receipt printer
  • Guide for printing automatically more than one copy of the receipt to the thermal printer (in some businesses two copies of the receipt is needed – one for the kitchen personnel and one for the delivery / preparation personnel)
  • Guide for using a standard LaserJet printer for automatically printing the receipts on A5 or A6 small paper sizes.
  • Video tutorials for Software Setup
  • Installation Support via phone or email

NEW Useful features for the PRO version

  • Shortcodes for order billing address details (in case only order billing is added by the customer)
  • Shortcode for Order time and date
  • Send order notification to a list of different email addresses (other thank the admin email configured in WordPress)
  • Other useful shortcodes

Go Pro -> Woo Instant Notifications Pro

Contributing to Woo Instant Notifications

Submit your pull request or issue on Github WooInstantNotifications


  • Add/Edit instant notifications
  • View notifications list
  • Example Packing slip receipt
  • WooPrinter WiFi Thermal Receipt Printer


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Woo Instant Notifications’
  3. Activate Woo Instant Notifications from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to WordPress Settings menu -> Woo Instant Notifications.
  5. Read Plugin Documentation

From WordPress.org

  1. Download Woo Instant Notifications.
  2. Upload the ‘woo-instant-notifications’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate Woo Instant Notifications from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to WordPress Settings menu -> Woo Instant Notifications.


August 16, 2020
We are using it in our restaurant here in Plovdiv. It saves a lot of time and helps order processing as orders are printed in our kitchen and our cooks directly process online orders. We even use the receipts for delivery
August 17, 2020
Not easy to install for instant printing, using out dated app, nothing special & not worth for money paid. Edited : Okay, after a lot of trial, email like yahoo & google keep rejecting thunderbird email set up. Maybe because of outdated version of thunderbird. Need to register & use new hosting email, then can use the thunderbird email setting. All work fine after that. Just need to improve few things : 1. Bulk action for order edit. Currently need to apply for each of order for action which easier if we can select all & bulk action with instant notification. 2. Email setting. Currently, customer will automatically receive the notification such as notification for Packing List. Some of notifications are unnecessary for customer, only for designated email recipient. Will be good if there is option if we want the customer to receive the notification or not. After all, everything is good. Thank you.
March 27, 2020
The plugin is very useful for quick order processing, where order is made online and it have to be processed at the coffee shop, or a restaurant and available for local pick-up. Once a customer make an online order, an automated email is sent to the thermal receipt printer at the physical location, such as coffee shop a restaurant . The receipt with the order details gets printed and the staff quickly processes the order and prepares it for a local pick-up.
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Contributors & Developers

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  • Initial release
  • WooCommerce Instant Notifications
  • WP Print Instant notifications on a thermal printer
  • Based on woo custom emails plugin (GPL2.0)