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Print automatically receipts on a thermal printer for your WooCommerce order.The Plugin allows you to customize the data on the printed receipts via shortcodes, automatic triggers based on order status change, built in templates for order notification and packing slip.Possibility to manually re-print orders from the WordPress Dashboard. Works with any thermal printers with paper size 58mm, 80mm and 100mm.

How it works?

The plugin sends automatically formatted plain text emails, based on order status change (For example, when a customer places an order an automatic email with the order details is sent to the pre-defined email address in the plugin).

You have three options for automatic printing hardware setup:

  1. A Printer, connected to a PC that runs Mozilla Thunderbird (with the auto printing add-ons installed) and configured with email address (of your choise) for receiving print jobs.

  2. Our Cloud based WooPrinters, that connect directly to the Internet via WiFi or Wired (LAN) connection and monitor their Cloud mailboxes for incoming messages with order details.

  3. MadPrint for automatic printing, using an Android smartphone or tablet, connected to a Bluetooth thermal receipt printer. Please refer to MadPrint description for tested devices.

The first option (1) requires you to have a computer with the Mozilla Thunderbird email client installed and configured with an email address in order to print incoming messages automatically. Mozilla Thunderbird is configured to check the above mailbox on a regular basis (usualy once each minute) for any new emails with order details and once a new email with the order details is received it gets printed via the printer connected to the computer that runs Mozilla Thunderbird (See animation below).

The above setup is useful if you already have a printer, connected to a computer on site and you dont want to invest in additional printing hardware.

The second option (2) for printing hardware is our Cloud based network printers.The WooPrinter connects directly to the Internet via your router and check its unique Cloud email address for new print jobs. Once a customer places and order via WooCommerce, the woo instant notifications plugin sends an email with the order details to the WooPrinter’s unique Cloud emails address. Then the WooPrinter prints the order details automatically (See animation below).

The above setup with our Cloud Based Printers is useful in case you need to setup a WooCommerce automatic printing system quickly and easily on site;You dont have the possibility to install additional computers and printers on site and you dont want to bother configuring Thunderbird.If that is the case, then our Cloud based printers are for you!

Just connect the WooPrinter to the Internet via WiFi or LAN connection through your router and it will be up and running!It will start monitoring its Cloud based email address and waiting for print jobs! Last but not least, with the purchase of a WooPrinter, you also receive a license for Woo Instant Notifications PRO, which allows you to use extra features (See below).

WooPrinter WiFi Demonstration:

Printing hardware options and links

  1. WooPrinter WiFi NG thermal receipt printer , developed specially for woo instant notifications. Provides WiFi and wired connection to the wifi router / internet
  2. WooPrinter WiFi thermal receipt printer , developed specially for woo instant notifications. Provides WiFi and wired connection to the wifi router / internet
  3. WooPrinter Lan thermal receipt printer, also a product specially developed for woo instant notifications; provides wired connection to the wifi router / internet
  4. Any printer / thermal printer , connected to a computer that runs mozilla thunderbird with the auto printing tools installed.(Auto Printing emails with Mozilla ThunderBird – Video Tutorial)

The main benefit of using WooPrinter WiFi or WooPrinter Lan is that they do not need a connection to a computer in order to print woocommerce order receipts and they are printing receipts almost instantly after an order is placed as their polling interval (checking for new orders) is 10 – 20 seconds. The unit’s directly connect to the internet via the client router and regularly check / retrieve for new orders/receipts. You can also use your own printer. In that case you will need a computer, running thunderbird with autoprint tools.

The plugin is very useful for online shops as the order notification receipts are automatically printed and the person responsible for order processing just sees the receipts and processes the order (Example – the person responsible for order processing goes to work in the morning and sees what is ordered and processes the orders without the need of even opening wordpress admin section. The receipts can also be used for marketing, coupon codes printing and sent with the ordered products etc.)

A Setup with a standard 57mm Thermal Printer and ThunderBird running on a Laptop:

A setup with printer, connected to a computer that runs Thunderbird:

Success Stories

Woo Instant Notifications is successfully integrated in many online and offline coffee shops and bars.Recently Woo Instant Notifications was integrated in the online order management / processing at The Good Boys Juice and Coffee in Singapore . They use the plugin to automate their order management and delivery. Every order gets printed on their thermal receipt printer automatically and then it is processed by their personnel accordingly.Their owner opinion is that the plugin have saved them a lot of time and it helped to avoid mistakes in the order processing, which in terms avoided dealing with unhappy customers! If you are using the plugin and you are happy with it, please send us an email to info@ji4ka.com or write a review directly here. By doing so you help us to continue our work on the plugin!

Why Thermal Printers?

  • Low Cost consumables per print (CPP) ~ 0.0038 EUR per print
  • No Ink / Toners needed (Thermal printing technology)
  • Standard thermal paper rolls available anywhere
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Fast Printing

Woo Instant Notifications Pro

The Pro version of Woo Instant Notifications has additional features and options.

What is included in the Pro Version

  • More shortcodes for use with the Plugin Templates
    • Shortocodes for Woo Local Pickup Plus (suitable for restaraunts and coffee shops with more than one physical location. Purchase is made via the merchant online shop and the customer chooses at which location the products will be picked locally)
    • Shortcode for WooCommerce order Shipping address field #2
    • Shortcodes for Checkout Editor Pro (add custom fields on the receipt)
    • Shortcodes for WooCommerce Checkout Manager(add custom checkout fields on the receipt)
    • Shortcodes for ByC WooCommerce Order Delivery or Pickup (add delivery pickup information on the receipt)
  • Shortcodes for Websolution Delivery Date & Time
  • Shortcode to print PayPal transaction id if PayPal is used (as a confirmation that payment is made)
  • Shortcodes for order billing address details (in case only order billing is added by the customer)
  • Shortcode for Order time and date
  • Send order notification to a list of different email addresses (other thank the admin email configured in WordPress)
  • Other useful shortcodes
  • Ability to have printers installed in different locations (for Restaurants,Bar chains).
  • Possibility to print Company logo on every printed receipt
  • Ability to choose wheter to send the receipt to the customer via email as well as to the shop administrator & the receipt printer
  • Guide for printing automatically more than one copy of the receipt to the thermal printer (in some businesses two copies of the receipt is needed – one for the kitchen personnel and one for the delivery / preparation personnel)
  • Guide for using a standard LaserJet printer for automatically printing the receipts on A5 or A6 small paper sizes.
  • Video tutorials for Software Setup
  • Installation Support via phone or email

Go Pro -> Woo Instant Notifications Pro

You still have unanswered questions? Talk to us now!

Contributing to Woo Instant Notifications

Submit your pull request or issue on Github WooInstantNotifications


  • Add/Edit instant notifications
  • View notifications list
  • Example Packing slip receipt
  • WooPrinter WiFi Thermal Receipt Printer
  • WooCommerce Automatic Order Printing via WooPrinter WiFi / LAN, connected directly to the Internet via WiFi or LAN / Wired connection.
  • WooCommerce Automatic Order Printing via Printer, connected to a PC with Mozilla Thunderbird and auto printing tools.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Woo Instant Notifications’
  3. Activate Woo Instant Notifications from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to WordPress Settings menu -> Woo Instant Notifications.
  5. Read Plugin Documentation

From WordPress.org

  1. Download Woo Instant Notifications.
  2. Upload the ‘woo-instant-notifications’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate Woo Instant Notifications from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to WordPress Settings menu -> Woo Instant Notifications.


September 8, 2021
Had a slight issue which was actually a fault of my own, but the support was quick and went beyond to assist us so it wouldn't happen again. Highly recommended.
February 17, 2021
It is three days now that my customer's online ordering service for his ice cream parlour is running with Woo Instant Notifications - the plugin as well as the printer solution. From sending the email to putting it to print via wifi it takes at best 5 to 10 seconds. The plugin does what it says and is easy to configure. And if you are stuck there is always quick and competent support given by the plugin developer. Full marks!
February 16, 2021
I had some questions and received a quick help from the support! Great product!!
February 11, 2021
Useful plug in if you're looking to print order receipts automatically on any printer. After sales support is great too.
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  • Initial release
  • WooCommerce Instant Notifications
  • WP Print Instant notifications on a thermal printer
  • Based on woo custom emails plugin (GPL2.0)