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WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar is display the total amounts of customer to reach minimum order amount Free Shipping system.

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Free shipping method is a marketing tool. It encourages customers to purchase more products to get free shipping. The plugin WooCommerce Free Shipping inform customers know how much they need to spend to get free shipping, how much they have ordered, and how much they will need to spend more. Congratulation message and link to Checkout page if their reached the minimum spend.

-Display the minimum order amounts that customers need to reach to quantify Free Shipping.

-Display successful message when customers purchase to enough minimum amount Free Shipping or missing amounts to reach Free Shipping.

-Display free shipping progress as numbers or percentage.

Important Notice:

-Plugin works based on WooCommerce plugin. Version 3.0 and above.

-The plugin is released on WordPress.org and you can use plugin as free to build themes for sale.


  • Display freeshipping progress: Display how much has a customer purchased, and how much he/she need to spend more to get free shipping.

  • Free shipping zone: Select a shipping zone from WooCommerce that allows free shipping to display the progress

  • Customize messages text: Customize the text Announce message, Purchased message, Success message and error message. The plugin will display this message on the bar on fron-ent. Using shortcode to display numbers from WooCommerce system.

  • Shortcodes: 6 shortcodes are available for you to customize your free shipping bar front-end message:
    {min_amount} – Minimum order amount Free Shipping
    {total_amounts} – The total amount of your purchases
    {cart_amount} – Total current cart amount
    {missing_amount} – The outstanding amount of the free shipping
    {checkout_page} – Link to checkout page
    {shopping} – Link to shop page

  • Works on mobile!: The bar will be displayed normally on mobile device. Most purchase is now come from mobile device so working on reponsive device is now a very important feature for all plugins.

  • Initial delay: The delay time to display the bar after page loaded.

  • Design your shipping bar: Design your free shipping bar with 3 font-end style, 2 position (top and bottom), Background Color, Text Color, Link Color, Font-Size, Text Align, Enable/Disable free shipping progress,

  • Giftbox: Enable or disable the free shipping gift box on the corner of screen. If this option is disabled, the bar will automatically appear and disappear

  • Easy to use: The plugin does have a nice design and friendly user interface.


  • All features from free version.

  • 6 months premium support from VillaTheme: We will help you if you have any problem with the plugin WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar.

  • Detect country and select shipping zone: Free shipping bar will automatical detect customer’s location base on thier IP address. Then automatical select shipping zone. Example: You have a store located in America. You provide free shipping for order above 100 USD with customers from US. But if a customers from Canada, his order will need to be above 200USD to claim free shipping. That is when this option works for you, it will automatically select shipping zone (US or Canada) to display free shipping progress.

  • Enable/Disable the bar on mobile devices.

  • Design: More design options with the pro version Font-Family, Progress Background Color, Current Progress Background Color, Progress Text Color, Font-Size Progress Bar, Progress Bar Effect.

  • Custom CSS: Unlimited your free shipping bar with the Custom CSS option.

  • Initial delay: Select a delay time for the bar to appear after site fully loaded. The bar will make no effect on your site loading time.

  • Close message: Allow customers to close the bar.

  • Time to disappear: Select a time for the bar to automatically disappear. Customer can make it reappear by click on the free delivery icon.

  • Conditional tags: Select which page where the bar should appear. Normally, you will want the bar to appear on WooCommerce pages only. This option will help you to configure where the bar appear by using WordPress conditional tags.

  • Assign pages: Choose to hide the bar on common page like Homepage, Blog page, Cart page, Checkout page…

  • GET PRO VERSION https://codecanyon.net/item/woo-free-shipping-bar/19536343


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  • General Setting
  • Design Setting
  • Message Setting
  • Effect Setting
  • Assign Setting
  • Init bar
  • Bar display when add to cart
  • Bar display when get free ship


  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload woo-free-shipping-bar to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress



Muito bom, realmente faz o cliente comprar mais para ganhar o frete grátis.

It Just Works!

It's a awesome tool to push sales. The only thing I notice is, the top bar that shows "Free shipping" content covers the top navigation. But only for short while, couple secs before it fades out. This can be annoying for the visitor, once trying to navigate. Other then that, it works great!

Top rate

Much better than the static banner I used to have up. The added interactivity has helped encourage larger orders. If I could change anything, it would be to make it easier to swap out the Free Shipping gif to something more stylish, rather than having to ftp it up with every update.

Very limited and bug-ridden

I wanted a plugin focused on free shipping minimums so I tried this one out. First of all, the bar only shows up when you add a product to cart on the shop page. If you add it on the product page (where the majority of purchases will occur), the bar doesn't appear at all. It is also a huge eyesore that takes up the entire width of either the top or bottom of the screen, depending on your settings. If you have a sticky header or a sticky email capture positioned at the bottom, the bar will position itself above those, making the page ugly/disorganized. Even further, without buying the pro version it can't be customized in terms of CSS, font, and colors which means it won't fit in with your site's colors/theme unless you pay the authors. Not only that, but it cannot be hidden without pro, so if customers want that extra screen real estate they can't close the bar. So after installing and uninstalling this plugin, I'm definitely looking elsewhere.
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/* – 2019.04.03**
– Updated: Make admin notices dismissible

/ – 2019.03.02/
– Fixed: Wrong calculation when using tax or coupon
– Updated: Working with zone type continent, postcode, everywhere

/ – 2018.12.11/
– Fixed: Tab JS in backend
– Fixed: Get option
– Updated: Class support

/1.1.3 – 2018.11.21/
– Updated: Make the same premium version

/ – 2018.11.10/
– Fixed: Support class

/ – 2018.10.17/
– Removed: Upgrade Notice

/ – 2018.10.15/
– Removed: Upgrade Notice

/1.1.2 – 2018.07.31/
– Fixed: Get cart price
– Fixed: Hidden class CSS

/1.1.1 – 2018.06.05/
– Fixed: Conflict Constant with Premium version
– Fixed: Class Support
– Fixed: Get Zones

/ – 2018.05.11/
– Updated: Class support

/ – 2018.04.16/
– Updated: Plugin description

/1.1.0 – 2018.04.13/
– Added: New features
– Changed: Backend

/1.0.4 – 2017.06.01/
– Fixed: Check pro version

/1.0.3 – 2017.04.28/
– Updated: More option for message purchased.

/1.0.2 – 2017.04.17/
– Updated: Close icon
– Updated: Total cart amount in message purchased

/1.0.1 – 2017.04.13/
– Updated: Link
– Fixed: Close icon