Big Post Shipping for WooCommerce


Use the Big Post Shipping plugin to generate shipping quotes for your products when selling through WooCommerce.

The Big Post Shipping plugin has a number of features such as:

  • Submit jobs directly into your Big Post account via your shopping cart checkout (and review them before despatching)
  • The ability to add multiple boxes to a given product
  • Ask your customers if they have access to a forklift for bulky items
  • Determine whether a tailgate home delivery is possible
  • Consolidate cartons into a pallet configuration to save on your freight costs
  • Select where the Shipping Quote box is presented on your product pages
  • Specify the exact Item Type that you are shipping e.g. pallets, skids, cartons etc.
  • Limit shipping methods to a specific product
  • Offer free shipping to your customers, but still lodge the order with Big Post
  • Despatch your goods to over 160 Big Post depots nationwide for collection

Install the plugin today and contact Big Post (03 9544 5525) for your unique Plugin Key so your customers can start receiving shipping costs.


Setting up the Big Post plugin is easy:
1. Contact Big Post to get your plugin key (03 9544 5525)
2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/woo-bigpost-shipping directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
4. Use the Woocommerce->Settings->Shipping->Big Post Shipping to configure the plugin
5. Add your plugin key into the LIVE KEY field
6. Add your first warehouse
7. Add the boxes to your items


Where can I get my plugin key?

Call Big Post on 03 9544 5525 to request the plugin documentation and your unique plugin key.

I can’t see it on my product pages

If you can’t see the Big Post Shipping widget on your product pages, you’ve likely missed one of three steps:

  1. You haven’t added your Big Post plugin key yet
  2. You haven’t added your first pick up warehouse yet
  3. You haven’t added the shipping details to your products yet
What is a testing key?

This is for select users only

Contributors & Developers

“Big Post Shipping for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • First major plugin release


  • Changed input type of API Key fields


  • Fixed the condition when showing/hiding Big Post Quote Form based on product dimensions


  • Added default empty message if quotes are empty


  • Updated conditions on product metabox html


  • Fixed data types on product dimensions


  • Added a display the quote form if the api access is in staging mode


  • Added Order Trigger Stage on Settings page and use this settings to trigger pushing of order
  • Updated the function for sending order to Big Post


  • Fixed issues on rounding of prices when Round Shipping Price option on Settings is changed


  • Added Postcode reordering on Settings page


  • Fixed issues on variable products not returning correct quotes


  • Fixed bug when adding and saving variable product dimensions


  • Fixed the function for checking non-empty product cartons


  • Added a workaround so that Big Post Shipping will show on the list of available shipping methods and
    can also be sorted,enabled/disabled when adding Shipping Zones


  • Fixed the condition when setting HDS as fallback delivery type
  • Updated plugin texts and form labels
  • Added rating link on plugin settings page and product quote setting


  • Fixed missing file leave_rating.php


  • Business + No Forklift Bug Fix


  • Performance enhancement to increase quoting speed


  • Fixed Shipping Type with Use Admin Setting bug


  • Changed API URL to
  • Added condition on order processing to prevent sending of request to bigpost if shipping method is not woobigpost
  • Added a condition to not show bigpost quote widget and rate on cart and checkout when all items are disabled
  • Fixed Bug when a variable has an old existing incomplete simple box data


  • Added a new condition to display the message for Business delivery – no forklift
  • Changed the condition from over 40kg to 30kg
  • Added rounding to length, width, height during product migration


  • Fixed checkout loading
  • Removed dump data


  • Added default value to ATL Description


  • Removed the condition when getting the API URL
  • Fixed the issue about sending disabled items to bigpost after placing an order
  • Fixed the issue about the showing of bigpost form fields when there’s a disabled item/s on cart
  • Fixed warnings found
  • Unset additional variables set by bigpost on the session after placing an order


  • Fixed shipping Types error after migration


  • Migration hotfix for missing shipping types


  • Migration hotfix for missing authorization option


  • Fixed character encoding issue on Item Description when pushing orders to Big Post


  • Improved performance fixes
  • Added ability to exclude tax


  • Tax settings bug fix