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Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags

Inserts Facebook Open Graph, Google+/Schema.org, Twitter and SEO Meta Tags into your WordPress Website for more efficient sharing results.

Yoast SEO shows up a big nasty warning if both plugins are active. Is the world in danger if I keep both plugins active?

No it isn't. You can (and, in our opinion, you should) use both plugins. If you want to use Yoast SEO for your SEO needs and our plugin for social media meta tags you just have to go to "SEO > Social" and disable settings for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you don't find that option, because they've now made it harder to reach, you have to go to "SEO > Dashboard > Features > Advanced settings pages > choose Enabled and Save changes". Then you can reach "SEO > Social". Then set up our plugin as you wish and you're ready to go. We like to work with everybody, so (if you want to) our plugin can even integrate with Yoast SEO and use it's title, description and canonical URL on the Facebook, Google+ and Twitter tags.

Facebook is not showing up the correct image when I share a post. What can I do?

  1. Are you using a big enough image? The minimum image size is 200x200 pixels but we recommend 1200x630.
  2. Are you sure you only have one og:image tag on the source code? Make sure you're not using more than one plugin to set OG tags?
  3. Go to the Facebook URL Debugger, insert your URL, click Debug. Then click on Scrape again to make sure Facebook gets the current version of your HTML code and not a cached version. If the image that shows up on the preview (bottom of the page) is the correct one, then the tags are well set and it "should" be the one that Facebook uses when sharing the post. If it still does not use the correct image when sharing, despite the debugger shows it correctly, there's nothing more we can do about that. That's just Facebook being Facebook.

When I save/edit my post I get the "Facebook Open Graph Tags cache NOT updated/purged" error. Should I worry?

Each time you edit a post, if the option "Try to update Facebook Open Graph Tags cache when saving the post" is activated, we'll try to notify Facebook of the changes so it clears up it's cache and read the new Open Graph tags of this specific URL. If this is a new post and it's the first time you're saving it, the error is "normal" and you should ignore it (wer're looking at a workaround to not show you this error). If this is not a new post and it's not the first time you're saving it, and if this happens always, then maybe your server does not support calling remote URLs with PHP and you should disable the "Try to update Facebook Open Graph Tags cache when saving the post" option. In that scenario we recommend you to use the Facebook URL Debugger to Fetch new scrape information each time you update your post.

Can this plugin get content from "random plugin"?

If there's a popular plugin you think we could get content from to use on the meta tags, use the support forum to tell us that. If you are a plugin or theme author you can always use our filters fb_og_title, fb_og_desc, fb_og_url, fb_og_type, fb_type_schema, fb_og_image, fb_og_image_additional, fb_og_image_overlay and fb_og_locale to customize the Open Graph (and other) meta tags output.

There's a similar plugin on the repository, by Heateor. Is this the same?

It's similar, yes. They've forked our plugin and gave no credits whatsoever for our original work.

Do you provide email support?

We DO NOT provide email support for this plugin. If you send us an email asking for support you'll be invited to: 1. Post the question on the support forum 2. Or we can give you a quote on premium email/phone support if you prefer to

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 50,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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