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WolfNet IDX for WordPress

The WolfNet IDX for WordPress plugin provides IDX search solution integration with any WordPress website.


  • Fixes a bug with max listings in the featured listings component.


  • Fixes missing legacy owner type values in featured listings requests.
  • Fixes empty geocode lat/lng issue on map.


  • Prevents PHP notice from occurring on missing array key.
  • Fixes issue with very large branding images on listing grid.


  • Fixes bug causing sort drop down to display when no listing are returned.
  • Fixes issue with agent/office display
  • Fixes issue with exact city defaults


  • Fixes styling issue with property list widget


  • Fixes issues with non-scalar values in API requests


  • Fixes bug introduced with last version that impacted widgets


  • Some code cleanup for consistency
  • Fix for potential PHP warning with a reference to undefined array key
  • Refactoring of how search criteria are collected and passed to the API. Fixes some issues with unaccounted for criteria and future proofing for new criteria.
  • Omit non-geocoded listings from map. Fixes issue with map not displaying when listings that are not geocoded (for various reasons) are included in results.


  • Fixes branding issue on paginated listing grid results


  • Updates caching service to remove registry and add more reliable cache clean-up
  • Adds support for criteria that was missed during conversion to new API. (has_lakefront)


  • Decodes request parameters in shortcodes so they can be cleanly encoded right before api request @21754246
  • Adds HTTP Encoding header to API requests
  • Switches API Client to use SSL and adds a new option to the settings page to toggle. NOTE: non-SSL (http://) requests are now deprecated. API requests that do not use the HTTPS protocol will be will be rejected in near future so it is important to update to the new version.
  • Fixes bug preventing exception from being displayed correctly.
  • Fixes bug preventing settings page from displaying when exception occurs while communicating with the API.


  • Fixes PHP Strict notices on some inappropriately configured production servers
  • Fixes bug with listing grid options form


  • Wrapped plugin output points with exception handling.
  • Moved object instantiation to a IOC container class.
  • Various updates the ReadMe file such as typo fixes.
  • Removed humans.txt file in favor of custom ReadMe sections
  • Major refactoring of the API client interface including the removal of custom WP_Error objects in favor of custom Exception classes.
  • Various improvements to the Views class.
  • Removing unnecessary usage of output buffers.
  • Updating views which use the "include" directive directly to instead use the parseTemplate method.
  • Moved PHP code into "src" directory to match composer style project directory structure and for general organization.
  • Moved static content (JS, CSS, Images) into separate directory.
  • Implemented auto-loader class
  • Moved primary plugin class to its own file per PSR guidelines.
  • Fixing some issues with the key validation in the admin. Hopefully making it more reliable.
  • Fixing issue with "zip_code" vs "zipcode" parameters.


  • Adding some simple styling to error messages to make them a bit more presentable.
  • Updating listing branding to use the new API fields.
  • Fixing bug causing error to display in admin when API is not available.
  • Fixing bug resulting in bad request Ajax request.
  • Removing inappropriate output (probably left over from some debugging), causing "headers set" error.


  • Fixed "badData" bug. An error when re-authenticating an expired token which was still held as a valid transient.


  • Fixed bugs with several search manager search fields
  • Fixed issue which caused some fields in widgets to be handled differently than shortcodes
  • Updated error handling and reporting
  • Added support for custom field search
  • Added alternate Quick Search view
  • Fix several other bugs with Search Manager searches


  • Incorporated new API improving speed and performance
  • Fixed several small display issues which occur in some themes


  • Fixed Widget issue when there is no active key


  • Tested to WordPress 4.0
  • Fixed Quick Search price selection bug


  • Fixed minor bug causing notices in rare circumstance


  • Fixed key entry bug


  • Code refactoring
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Update thumbnail image path


  • Deprecating support for versions 3.5.0 and below
  • MLS logo sizing on maps


  • Maintenance
  • Branding logo sizing


  • Introducing maps for Listing Grid and Property List components.
  • Adding an option to city searches for exact or like search behavior to Listing Grid and Property List components.


  • Fixing minor bug impacting sites running specific plugins.


  • Fixing session management bug causing issues with Search Manager.


  • Adding CSS Editor page.
  • Implementing Jsonp for pagination so that paginated components can be displayed as part of header/footer content wrapping search solution on MLSFinder servers.


  • Fixing issue with grid columns when paginating.
  • Fixing bug with special characters in search parameters.
  • Adding WordPress version number to all API request URLs. This is for user metrics data.
  • Performance improvement with widget page in the admin. Now caching saveSearches query in Request scope so that it is only requested once per page request.


  • Fixing bug with generated header and footer files using legacy URL structure.
  • Fixing issue with widget option forms


  • Added maximum transient expiration date to prevent unnecessarily stale data from congesting the database.
  • Added an activation hook which removes legacy transient data from older plugin versions.
  • Added a deactivation hook which removes transient data to clean the database if the plugin is disabled.


  • Major re-architecture of the plugin code.
    • Removed third-party PHP libraries and Framework code.
    • Consolidated most code into wolfnet.php file.
  • Updated Ajax requests to use built in WordPress Ajax hooks.
  • Changed plugin URI to WordPress.org location
  • Fixed CSS issue with shortcode builder dialog window on WordPress 3.6


  • Updating pagination URL to be relative to the root of the site rather than the current page.


  • Updates to resolve issues with BrandCo theme architecture.
  • Updated to new version of WPPF which supports hook arguments.


  • Removing custom cursor on featured listings as they are not supported well in IE.
  • Removing some code that was not intended for release.


  • Fixed minor bug creating inconsistency between initial widget output and paged results.


  • Added SEO support for pagination. Pages can now be viewed even when JavaScript is unavailable/disabled.
  • Updated the order of address information and added postal code.


  • Fixing minor bug causing scripts to be included more than once on search solutions.


  • Fixed a similar issue to that in 1.3.8 which was impacting the search manager and the key validation.


  • Fixed issue with shortcode builder causing problems with multi-site WordPress installs.


  • Fixed a bug in the "toolbar" JavaScript which caused HTML content to be escaped.
  • Restructured parts of the "toolbar" JavaScript for performance.


  • Fixed minor JavaScript bug.


  • Updated to new version of WPPF with caching strategy that uses the WordPress Transient API instead of flat files.


  • Fixed bug with HTTP User-Agents getting caught by MLSFinder mobile browser detection.


  • Updated styles and some JavaScript improve appearance of controls.
  • Implemented option to enable sort options. It is now disabled by default.


  • Fixing bug with search manager saving and deleting functionality.
  • Updated API calls to explicitly include .json file type.
  • Updated wppf code and other service code to avoid caching data if there is a server side error.
  • Added WNT class to the HTML tag on dynamic content pages, for easier styling integration with MLSFinder search solutions.
  • Updated to perform ajax key validation against plugin exposed endpoint rather than calling the WolfNet API directly.
  • Increased timeout for remote call to 3 minutes.
  • Re-wrote shortcode builder JavaScript
  • Removed a couple styles which were causing issues in IE7.
  • Introduced pagination feature to Listing Grid and Property List.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the shortcode builder from working correctly when there is more than one instance of TinyMCE on the page at a time.


  • Updated to ensure that dynamic pages created by the plugin return the correct status code.


  • Fixed bug with shortcode builder introduced in version 1.1.0.


  • Updated all plugin specific CSS classes to make sure they are prefixed to avoid conflicts.


  • Exposed dynamic URLs which can be used to retrieve the header and footer of the WordPress site for use in wrapper a MLSFinder sub-domain search solution.


  • Fixing bug with & special character in query strings.
  • Removed some debug code.


  • Fixing bug that was already fixed but reverted some how.


  • Added regular expression replacement to remove included jQuery source from search builder code. This fixes a bug caused by jQuery being included more than once.
  • Fixed CSS issue with Property List causing price and address to be on different lines in some browsers.
  • Added the following WordPress filters which will effect the display for all listing displays and instances of the quick search:
    • wolfnet_listingView_id
    • wolfnet_listingView_url
    • wolfnet_listingView_address
    • wolfnet_listingView_address_full
    • wolfnet_listingView_image
    • wolfnet_listingView_price
    • wolfnet_listingView_location
    • wolfnet_listingView_fullLocation
    • wolfnet_listingView_bedbath
    • wolfnet_listingView_bedbath_full
    • wolfnet_listingView_branding_brokerLogo
    • wolfnet_listingView_branding_content
    • wolfnet_listingView_listing_class
    • wolfnet_quickSearchView_formAction
  • Switched framework code to newly re-branded GreenTie Development code.


  • Fixed bug preventing drop down lists from populating in QuickSearch widget.


  • Updated QuickSearch view to use new site_base_url method. Fixing bug preventing form action from being populated.


  • Updated WPPF code to v1.1.6. Fixed a bug created in version 1.1.5 affecting sites running older version of PHP (<5.3).


  • Updating WPPF code to v1.1.5
  • Added method to retrieve only site_base_url settings.
  • Updated search service to build search manager URL a little more intelligently.
  • Updated styles on the search manager page to more closely match the default WordPress admin styles.
  • Added placeholder text to search manager save field.
  • Moved search manager JavaScript into a self contained jQuery plugin.


  • Increased price cap from $10mil to $100mil.
  • Updated text on General Settings page.
  • Updated text on Support page.
  • Updated text in JavaScript message displayed when the user is about the changed a widget using a deleted saved search.
  • Updated text on Search Manager page.
  • Updated Info Tooltip text on widget and shortcode pages.
  • Updated widget and shortcode descriptions.
  • Added JavaScript to remove unused buttons on Saved Search custom post type edit screen.
  • Updated Listing Grid jQuery plugin to account for the varying heights of grid items.


  • Fixed bug with jQuery datepicker in Search Manager.


  • Fixed some minor bugs based on initial QA feedback.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings and notices.


  • Fixed bug preventing original Grid parameters from working correctly.


  • Updated hard-coded URI in admin JS.
  • Adding placeholder content for support page.
  • Moved search builder HTTP call to service and added support for cfid and cftoken in mlsfinder URLs.
  • Fixed JavaScript compatibility issue with date by moving date formating into the back-end.
  • Fixing minor bug preventing "more info" tool tips from being displayed in widget forms.
  • Fixing minor bug causing ** DELETED ** item to be displayed on new widget instances.
  • Fixed JavaScript for property list widgets
  • Fixed some bugs with IE
  • Fixed bug causing URLs with no trailing slash to break ajax requests.
  • Fixed minor bug with Abs/Rel paths.


  • Initial version for public release.
  • Added Title Option to All Widgets
  • Updated plugin admin menu to use a generic top level title and a more specific sub menu title.
  • Added Search Manager for creating advanced search criteria.
  • Added Custom Post Type to save search manager data.
  • Updated Widgets and Shortcodes to support "advanced" mode to pull from saved search criteria.
  • Added asynchronous product key validation
  • Created "Shortcode Wizard" as a new button on the Post/Page edit form.
  • Moved jQuery files into root JS directory (all JS files are now in the same directory)
  • Aligned save button on settings page with fields rather than labels.
  • Added custom description to each widget.
  • Added input types to widget option forms which were missing them.
  • Fixed some issues with CSS and JavaScript.
  • Added new shortcode and widget for displaying properties in a list with address and price (wnt_list).
  • Implemented updated framework code.
  • Simplified the inclusion of the autoloader class.
  • Removed some unnecessary styles.


  • Implemented new version of WPPF which fixed some HTTP web service issues.


  • Fixed CSS issue causing a hidden overlapping element to interfere with other elements on the page.


  • Initial beta release for limited distribution.

Requires: 3.5.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-10-1
Active Installs: 800+


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