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WolfNet IDX for WordPress

The WolfNet IDX for WordPress plugin provides IDX search solution integration with any WordPress website.


  • Fixes PHP Strict notices on some inappropriately configured production servers
  • Fixes bug with listing grid options form


  • Wrapped plugin output points with exception handling.
  • Moved object instantiation to a IOC container class.
  • Various updates the ReadMe file such as typo fixes.
  • Removed humans.txt file in favor of custom ReadMe sections
  • Major refactoring of the API client interface including the removal of custom WP_Error objects in favor of custom Exception classes.
  • Various improvements to the Views class.
  • Removing unnecessary usage of output buffers.
  • Updating views which use the "include" directive directly to instead use the parseTemplate method.
  • Moved PHP code into "src" directory to match composer style project directory structure and for general organization.
  • Moved static content (JS, CSS, Images) into separate directory.
  • Implemented auto-loader class
  • Moved primary plugin class to its own file per PSR guidelines.
  • Fixing some issues with the key validation in the admin. Hopefully making it more reliable.
  • Fixing issue with "zip_code" vs "zipcode" parameters.


  • Adding some simple styling to error messages to make them a bit more presentable.
  • Updating listing branding to use the new API fields.
  • Fixing bug causing error to display in admin when API is not available.
  • Fixing bug resulting in bad request Ajax request.
  • Removing inappropriate output (probably left over from some debugging), causing "headers set" error.


  • Fixed "badData" bug. An error when re-authenticating an expired token which was still held as a valid transient.


  • Fixed bugs with several search manager search fields
  • Fixed issue which caused some fields in widgets to be handled differently than shortcodes
  • Updated error handling and reporting
  • Added support for custom field search
  • Added alternate Quick Search view
  • Fix several other bugs with Search Manager searches


  • Incorporated new API improving speed and performance
  • Fixed several small display issues which occur in some themes


  • Fixed Widget issue when there is no active key


  • Tested to WordPress 4.0
  • Fixed Quick Search price selection bug


  • Fixed minor bug causing notices in rare circumstance


  • Fixed key entry bug


  • Code refactoring
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Update thumbnail image path


  • Deprecating support for versions 3.5.0 and below
  • MLS logo sizing on maps


  • Maintenance
  • Branding logo sizing


  • Introducing maps for Listing Grid and Property List components.
  • Adding an option to city searches for exact or like search behavior to Listing Grid and Property List components.


  • Fixing minor bug impacting sites running specific plugins.


  • Fixing session management bug causing issues with Search Manager.


  • Adding CSS Editor page.
  • Implementing Jsonp for pagination so that paginated components can be displayed as part of header/footer content wrapping search solution on MLSFinder servers.


  • Fixing issue with grid columns when paginating.
  • Fixing bug with special characters in search parameters.
  • Adding WordPress version number to all API request URLs. This is for user metrics data.
  • Performance improvement with widget page in the admin. Now caching saveSearches query in Request scope so that it is only requested once per page request.


  • Fixing bug with generated header and footer files using legacy URL structure.
  • Fixing issue with widget option forms


  • Added maximum transient expiration date to prevent unnecessarily stale data from congesting the database.
  • Added an activation hook which removes legacy transient data from older plugin versions.
  • Added a deactivation hook which removes transient data to clean the database if the plugin is disabled.


  • Major re-architecture of the plugin code.
    • Removed third-party PHP libraries and Framework code.
    • Consolidated most code into wolfnet.php file.
  • Updated Ajax requests to use built in WordPress Ajax hooks.
  • Changed plugin URI to WordPress.org location
  • Fixed CSS issue with shortcode builder dialog window on WordPress 3.6


  • Updating pagination URL to be relative to the root of the site rather than the current page.


  • Updates to resolve issues with BrandCo theme architecture.
  • Updated to new version of WPPF which supports hook arguments.


  • Removing custom cursor on featured listings as they are not supported well in IE.
  • Removing some code that was not intended for release.


  • Fixed minor bug creating inconsistency between initial widget output and paged results.


  • Added SEO support for pagination. Pages can now be viewed even when JavaScript is unavailable/disabled.
  • Updated the order of address information and added postal code.


  • Fixing minor bug causing scripts to be included more than once on search solutions.


  • Fixed a similar issue to that in 1.3.8 which was impacting the search manager and the key validation.


  • Fixed issue with shortcode builder causing problems with multi-site WordPress installs.


  • Fixed a bug in the "toolbar" JavaScript which caused HTML content to be escaped.
  • Restructured parts of the "toolbar" JavaScript for performance.


  • Fixed minor JavaScript bug.


  • Updated to new version of WPPF with caching strategy that uses the WordPress Transient API instead of flat files.


  • Fixed bug with HTTP User-Agents getting caught by MLSFinder mobile browser detection.


  • Updated styles and some JavaScript improve appearance of controls.
  • Implemented option to enable sort options. It is now disabled by default.


  • Fixing bug with search manager saving and deleting functionality.
  • Updated API calls to explicitly include .json file type.
  • Updated wppf code and other service code to avoid caching data if there is a server side error.
  • Added WNT class to the HTML tag on dynamic content pages, for easier styling integration with MLSFinder search solutions.
  • Updated to perform ajax key validation against plugin exposed endpoint rather than calling the WolfNet API directly.
  • Increased timeout for remote call to 3 minutes.
  • Re-wrote shortcode builder JavaScript
  • Removed a couple styles which were causing issues in IE7.
  • Introduced pagination feature to Listing Grid and Property List.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the shortcode builder from working correctly when there is more than one instance of TinyMCE on the page at a time.


  • Updated to ensure that dynamic pages created by the plugin return the correct status code.


  • Fixed bug with shortcode builder introduced in version 1.1.0.


  • Updated all plugin specific CSS classes to make sure they are prefixed to avoid conflicts.


  • Exposed dynamic URLs which can be used to retrieve the header and footer of the WordPress site for use in wrapper a MLSFinder sub-domain search solution.


  • Fixing bug with & special character in query strings.
  • Removed some debug code.


  • Fixing bug that was already fixed but reverted some how.


  • Added regular expression replacement to remove included jQuery source from search builder code. This fixes a bug caused by jQuery being included more than once.
  • Fixed CSS issue with Property List causing price and address to be on different lines in some browsers.
  • Added the following WordPress filters which will effect the display for all listing displays and instances of the quick search:
    • wolfnet_listingView_id
    • wolfnet_listingView_url
    • wolfnet_listingView_address
    • wolfnet_listingView_address_full
    • wolfnet_listingView_image
    • wolfnet_listingView_price
    • wolfnet_listingView_location
    • wolfnet_listingView_fullLocation
    • wolfnet_listingView_bedbath
    • wolfnet_listingView_bedbath_full
    • wolfnet_listingView_branding_brokerLogo
    • wolfnet_listingView_branding_content
    • wolfnet_listingView_listing_class
    • wolfnet_quickSearchView_formAction
  • Switched framework code to newly re-branded GreenTie Development code.


  • Fixed bug preventing drop down lists from populating in QuickSearch widget.


  • Updated QuickSearch view to use new site_base_url method. Fixing bug preventing form action from being populated.


  • Updated WPPF code to v1.1.6. Fixed a bug created in version 1.1.5 affecting sites running older version of PHP (<5.3).


  • Updating WPPF code to v1.1.5
  • Added method to retrieve only site_base_url settings.
  • Updated search service to build search manager URL a little more intelligently.
  • Updated styles on the search manager page to more closely match the default WordPress admin styles.
  • Added placeholder text to search manager save field.
  • Moved search manager JavaScript into a self contained jQuery plugin.


  • Increased price cap from $10mil to $100mil.
  • Updated text on General Settings page.
  • Updated text on Support page.
  • Updated text in JavaScript message displayed when the user is about the changed a widget using a deleted saved search.
  • Updated text on Search Manager page.
  • Updated Info Tooltip text on widget and shortcode pages.
  • Updated widget and shortcode descriptions.
  • Added JavaScript to remove unused buttons on Saved Search custom post type edit screen.
  • Updated Listing Grid jQuery plugin to account for the varying heights of grid items.


  • Fixed bug with jQuery datepicker in Search Manager.


  • Fixed some minor bugs based on initial QA feedback.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings and notices.


  • Fixed bug preventing original Grid parameters from working correctly.


  • Updated hard-coded URI in admin JS.
  • Adding placeholder content for support page.
  • Moved search builder HTTP call to service and added support for cfid and cftoken in mlsfinder URLs.
  • Fixed JavaScript compatibility issue with date by moving date formating into the back-end.
  • Fixing minor bug preventing "more info" tool tips from being displayed in widget forms.
  • Fixing minor bug causing ** DELETED ** item to be displayed on new widget instances.
  • Fixed JavaScript for property list widgets
  • Fixed some bugs with IE
  • Fixed bug causing URLs with no trailing slash to break ajax requests.
  • Fixed minor bug with Abs/Rel paths.


  • Initial version for public release.
  • Added Title Option to All Widgets
  • Updated plugin admin menu to use a generic top level title and a more specific sub menu title.
  • Added Search Manager for creating advanced search criteria.
  • Added Custom Post Type to save search manager data.
  • Updated Widgets and Shortcodes to support "advanced" mode to pull from saved search criteria.
  • Added asynchronous product key validation
  • Created "Shortcode Wizard" as a new button on the Post/Page edit form.
  • Moved jQuery files into root JS directory (all JS files are now in the same directory)
  • Aligned save button on settings page with fields rather than labels.
  • Added custom description to each widget.
  • Added input types to widget option forms which were missing them.
  • Fixed some issues with CSS and JavaScript.
  • Added new shortcode and widget for displaying properties in a list with address and price (wnt_list).
  • Implemented updated framework code.
  • Simplified the inclusion of the autoloader class.
  • Removed some unnecessary styles.


  • Implemented new version of WPPF which fixed some HTTP web service issues.


  • Fixed CSS issue causing a hidden overlapping element to interfere with other elements on the page.


  • Initial beta release for limited distribution.

Requires: 3.5.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-17
Active Installs: 700+


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