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WiziApp - Adaptive Mobile Themes, Android & iPhone Apps (WooCommerce & BuddyPress compatible

Choose your dedicated mobile Theme, Create your own Native Android and iPhone Apps (Woocommerce & BuddyPress compatible)

Mobile dedicate Theme

Don't settle for a responsive theme, get a real mobile theme for your WordPress site with the most advanced mobile user experience. You can choose your adaptive mobile theme from our new themes directory and keep your desktop theme intact.

Create your own Native iPhone & Android Apps

You can create your own Native Android & iPhone Apps & publish it to the Google Play Store and to the Apple Appstore.

  • Notify your readers about new content by sending push notifications directly to their mobile devices.
  • Use Admob ads for mobile to monetize your Native Apps.
  • Publish your Apps to Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Main features:

  • Enable your mobile users to access your mobile site from their mobile device's browser and enjoy an advanced mobile App user experience.
  • Your users can easily read and post new comments directly from your mobile Apps.
  • Display your images and galleries in a mobile native App style.
  • Playing video and audio using mobile players.
  • Your readers can easily search your content directly from your mobile iPhone App.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Use Adsense ads for mobile to monetize your Apps.
  • App's Header Customization.
  • Colors Customization.
  • Edit CSS.
  • Compatible with Woocommerce powered shop.
  • Compatible with BuddyPress

Ads removal module

We sometimes display advertisements on your WiziApp powered mobile site to help pay the bills. This keeps all features & themes free! To eliminate ads entirely / Take over the Ad Space, you can purchase the Ads removal module.

Why adaptive mobile theme is the right choice?

  • Adaptive mobile theme enables you to deliver the best possible user experience to the widest possible audience. This means that functionalities can be catered for in the most user friendly way, depending on the particular device being used to access your website.
  • Adaptive mobile themes are designed to respond and adapt to different screen sizes using responsive techniques, and to adapt to different User requirements based on different device capabilities.
  • With adaptive mobile delivery, the server hosting the website detects the devices making requests to it, and uses this information to deliver different batches of HTML and CSS code based on the characteristics of the device that have been detected.
  • Keep your desktop theme intact

Why responsive theme is not enough?

  • Apart from screen size it doesn't consider other device characteristics (e.g. device functionality).
  • Responsive web design is focuses just with helping visitors to read a website in a more comfortable way on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Responsive is a solution to get your website to look fine on different screen sizes.
  • Due to its nature, responsive web design inevitably puts the focus on achieving a layout and design that "fits" rather than on what content needs to be there and how it will be used.
  • You have to use the same theme both on mobile and desktop.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.4
Last Updated: 2015-4-29
Active Installs: 10,000+


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