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Wiredrive Player

This plug-in allows you to embed Wiredrive video reels and image galleries into your WordPress-powered website.


  • Switched to HTML5 video player by default


  • Fixed bug in IE11 that prevented some videos in the gallery modal from scaling correctly, causing the video player to scale to 0x0.


  • Bugfix: Updated to fix admin style issues with WordPress 6
  • Bugfix: If Flash fails to load a video, it no longer prevents you from loading another video


  • Bugfix: Moved player strategy logic to JavaScript from PHP to address to prevent caching layers from caching the strategy of the first browser to cause a cache miss.


  • Video poster images now use the largest thumbnail
  • Overlay pagination arrows should no longer be visible on iPad 1
  • Bugfix: If a presentation contains both images and videos, set to slideshow, no autoplay, and the first asset is a video, the slideshow button no longer conflicts with the play button.
  • Bugfix: HTML5 - Image viewer no longer visible at init if first asset is video (regression: lead to rendering errors)
  • Bugfix: HTML5 Gallery thumbnails now play the correct video.
  • Bugfix: Setting the credit count to 0 now behaves correctly


  • proxy calls to retrieve a presentation url can now only be made by authenticated WordPress admins
  • Removed all PHP short tags
  • Fixed video poster image justification
  • Pagination arrows now only appear if there is more than one asset in the presentation
  • A presentation with no viewable assets now renders out an error message in place of the player. It no longer generat es JavaScript errors.
  • Added loading indicator to post Dialog window on submit.


  • Player now properly supports multiple instances on a single page
  • Presentation data is now recieved as JSONP
  • Player can now display both images and videos as part of the same presentation
  • Now accepts any valid (non password protected) Wiredrive presentation url (short link, mRSS, email, etc.)
  • Grid and Grid-Box themes have been replaced by the Gallery theme
  • Player can now loop entire presentations
  • Slideshow functionality can now be controlled via on hover play/pause buttons
  • Duration between slideshows is now customizable
  • Number of credits being displayed is now customizable
  • Added option to choose whether or not the credit label is displayed with each credit
  • Gallery thumbnails can now be either constrained to fit within the thumbnail bounding box (Scale) or the bounding box can be used as a cropping mask for the thumbnail (Crop)
  • Gallery players can now specify a linebreak, that is how many thumbnails will be rendered before the next thumbnail is forced to the line below
  • Bugfix: Flash volume slider now works (Open Video Player has been replaced with Adobe Strobe)


  • Bugfix: Making HTML5 video instances not resize after switching to the next video


  • Bugfix: Preventing slideshow instances from disappearing/reappearing and affecting other player instances in the same document


  • Added poster image to html5 template


  • Bumping version to make wordpress.org behave


  • renamed README.txt to readme.txt for issue with wordpress.org
  • Added GPLv2 license


  • Fixed README layout issue with wordpress.org


  • fixed bug where & characters in asset URLs were not being passed to flash correctly.
  • fixed a bug when hidethumbs was enabled. tag wasn't closed properly.
  • fix for html entities being displayed instead of applicable characters.
  • removing poster element which caused a thumbnail bug when a video was played.
  • fix for html entities being displayed instead of applicable characters.
  • height/width resize fix. courtesy Visual23 - Robb Bennett (rbennett@visual23.com)
  • removing poster element which caused a thumbnail bug when a video was played
  • renamed files so they will work better with other plugins. settings.php was conflicting with other plugins settings files in php5.2


  • Fixed width/height bug. Fixed credit list bug


  • Bug fix.


  • Added play button on HTML5 video.
  • Added play.wdp and ended.wdp events to player.


  • Updated readme.txt file.


  • Fixed a bug which caused all "Settings" links on the Plugins page to link to players settings page.


  • Fixed a bug where entering an RSS that started with 'feed://' gave an error.
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails in a grid layout didn't stack correctly.


  • Added AirPlay compatibility
  • New settings page that allows customization of the player
  • New letter- or pillar- box grid layout


  • Fixed issues when showing multiple slideshows on the one page.
  • Fixed issue where Flash player would set all the stages to have a transparent background.
  • Cleaned up code.
  • Updated readme.txt and embed dialog box.


  • First stable release.

Requires: 3.4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


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