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Wikinvest Stock Quotes


Display in-line stock quotes on your blog

  • Easy Linking – The plugin picks up keywords by itself and suggests quotes for you to display them on your blog.
  • Updated Prices – The Stock Quotes plugin will show most recent price of the stock
  • Background research – Good, free, background research for your readers, ticker symbols next to the stock quote will link back to Wikinvest articles.
  • More than just equities(coming soon) include quotes for commodities prices, currencies, indices, and key rates such as the LIBOR.
  • Simple installation – easy to install and use, does not interfere with your posts.

Using the Plugin

  1. Create a new post or edit an existing post.
  2. Once you have completed editing your post, click on the Wikinvest Stock Quotes button on the editor toolbar (available only in Visual mode)
  3. On the popup, select the stocks for which you want to display stock quotes.
  4. You can customize the Stock Quotes plugin settings by clicking on the ‘settings’ link on the top right corner of the popup.

Terms of use


By adding the Wikinvest Stock Quote widget (the “Widget”) to your website, you agree to be bound by the Wikinvest Terms of Use and by these additional Widget Terms of Use:

  1. Nvest grants you a personal, non-exclusive license to download, install and run the Widget on your website in a manner consistent with applicable law and with the Wikinvest Terms of Use (including without limitation all disclaimers and limitations of liability set forth therein) and these Widget Terms of Use. To the extent that these Widget Terms of Use directly conflict with the Wikinvest Terms of Use, these Widget Terms of Use shall control.

  2. You acknowledge that Wikinvest or its licensors own all right, title and interest in and to the Widget and to any and all portions thereof, including without limitation any and all patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and other proprietary rights, and any and all applications, renewals, extensions and restorations thereof, now or hereafter in force and effect worldwide.

  3. You agree not to modify, reverse engineer or decompile the Widget, or remove or modify any attribution, promotional text, branding or links provided by Nvest with or in the Widget code. You agree not to syndicate or otherwise distribute the Widget to any third party.

  4. The Widget is provided “as is” with all faults. Nvest is not responsible for the content, accuracy or performance of the Widget, and Nvest disclaims any and all express or implied warranties relating to the Widget. Nvest is not responsible for the content, accuracy or performance of any third party content which may be deStockred to you through your use of the Widget. Nvest expressly disclaims any and all express or implied warranties, and any and all liability of any kind or nature, relating to such third party content. Your use of the Widget is also subject to Wikinvest’s general Disclaimer. To the extent that anything in these Widget Terms of Use directly conflicts with Wikinvest’s general Disclaimer, these Widget Terms of Use shall control.

  5. When the page on which the Widget appears is viewed, a request is sent to Nvest’s servers that includes the URL of the page together with certain other information relating to the content and the usage of the page, for the purpose of enabling and optimizing the Widget’s algorithm for serving content to the page through the Widget. Nvest’s services in making the Widget available are also subject to Wikinvest’s Privacy Policy. To the extent that anything in these Widget Terms of Use directly conflicts with Wikinvest’s Privacy Policy, these Widget Terms of Use shall control.

  6. Nvest may change its technical processes for serving content and/or responding to the Widget, or otherwise modify the Widget in its sole discretion. Nvest may cease to deStockr content to or otherwise support the Widget if the Widget violates applicable law or the rights of any third party, or for any other reason or no reason at all, in each case in Nvest’s sole discretion.

  7. You agree that you will remove the Widget from your website if you become aware that the Widget violates copyright or any other applicable law, or if Nvest notifies you in writing to do so.

  8. By providing the Widget, neither Nvest nor Wikinvest endorse or otherwise affiliate themselves with your website. Except as may be incidentally implied by the basic operation of the Widget itself (e.g. through any Wikinvest branding or links displayed by operation of the Widget), you may not display the Widget in a way that implies such an endorsement or affiliation.

  9. You may not display the Widget on a website containing content that is pornographic; that promotes or incites hatred or violence; that invades personal rights including rights of privacy; that violates any law including intellectual property laws; or that interferes with the functioning of other websites.

  10. In the event of a legal claim arising against Nvest from your use of the Widget, you agree to indemnify Nvest for all liability and expenses incurred as a result of that claim.

  11. Nvest may modify these Widget Terms of Use at any time in its sole discretion. Nvest reserves the right to terminate this contract and your use of the Widget, and to direct you to remove the Widget from your website, at any time in its sole discretion, including based on a violation of these Widget Terms of Use or the Wikinvest Terms of Use.


  • Example Post with the Wikinvest Stock Quotes Plugin
  • Admin Interface of the Plugin


  1. Download the current version of the Stock Quotes plugin.
  2. Unzip the file to your hard drive. The folder will be called wikinvest-stock-quotes.
  3. Connect to your blog’s server using an FTP client such as Filezilla. You will need to know the address for your blog’s server as well as your username/password.
  4. Find the folder called “wp-content” in your main WordPress directory. Copy the wikinvest-stock-quotes folder from your hard drive to the directory: /wp-content/plugins/
  5. Login to WordPress to administer your blog.
  6. Activate the Stock Quotes plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress dashboard.
  7. For instructions on how to use the plugin, click here, or click the Other Notes tab (if available)


I have a ticker or a company name in my post, but the Stock Quotes plugin isn’t picking it up. What should I do?

The Stock Quotes plugin usually won’t pick up terms that are ambiguous. For example, “CEO” could be the ticker symbol for CNOOC, the Chinese offshore oil drilling company, or it could be the acronym for Chief Executive Officer. In these cases, take advantage of the explicit linking syntax – Put your ticker or keyword in between double square brackets [[TICKER OR KEYWORD]]. For example, put [[CEO]] where you’d like to have a quote in your post, and the Stock Quotes Plugin will pick it up.

What price does the Stock Quotes plugin show?

Wikinvest Stock Quotes will show the most recent price for the stock, delayed 15-20 minutes for most exchanges.
(Stock price data is 15 minute delayed for NASDAQ, 20 minute delayed for AMEX and NYSE. Quotes for some foreign stocks may be delayed by a day)

Is the Stock Quotes Plugin subject to terms of use?

Yes. Please see the Wikinvest Stock Quotes Plugin terms of use here or in the Other Notes tab.

How does the Stock Quotes Plugin decide which quotes to suggest?

The Stock Quotes Plugin automatically searches your posts for possible ticker symbols and company names and then matches it against the Wikinvest database.

What other functionality is available with the Stock Quotes plugin?

You can change your settings so that the Stock Quotes plugin suggests links to other background research on Wikinvest which may interest your readers – for example, definitions of key financial terms. As before, you approve each link when you save a post. To try out these options, visit “settings” on the top-right corner of the popup.

If I need more help or need to talk to someone, where do I go?

Send an email to We’ll usually respond within an hour during business hours

Contributors & Developers

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