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How can I customise the output?

All options can be customized within the Options page in WP-Admin itself

You can customise the CSS output. This plugin uses the following CSS classes / IDs:

  • wherego_related: ID of the the div that surrounds the list items on single posts, pages and attachments.

  • wherego_related: CSS Class on all pages

  • wherego_thumb: Class that is used for the thumbnail / post image

  • wherego_title: Class that is used for the title / text

  • wherego_excerpt: Class of the span tag for excerpt (if included)

You can add code to your style.css file of your theme to style the related posts list or in the Custom Styles tab.

How does the plugin select thumbnails?

The plugin selects thumbnails in the following order:

  1. Post Thumbnail image: The image that you can set while editing your post in WordPress » New Post screen

  2. Post meta field: This is the meta field value you can use when editing your post. The default is post-image

  3. First image in the post: The plugin will try to fetch the first image in the post

  4. Video Thumbnails: Meta field set by Video Thumbnails

  5. Default Thumbnail: If enabled, it will use the default thumbnail that you specify in the Settings screen

The plugin uses timthumb to generate thumbnails by default. Depending on the configuration of your webhost you might run into certain problems. Please check out the timthumb troubleshooting page regarding permission settings for the folder and files.

Manual install

The following functions are available in case you wish to do a manual install of the posts by editing the theme files.


If you disable automatic display of visited posts please add <?php if(function_exists('echo_ald_wherego')) echo_ald_wherego(); ?> to your template file where you want the posts to be displayed. You can also use this function to display posts on any type of page generated by WordPress including homepage and archive pages.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.10
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


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