Where did they go from here


Have you seen Amazon.com’s product pages? Amazon is a great example of visitor retention through recommendations. All of Amazon’s pages have a “Customers who viewed this also viewed”. And how many times have you clicked those links? I know I have!

Now you can implement the same feature on your WordPress blog. Where did you go from here let’s you show “Readers who viewed this page, also viewed” links on your page.

The plugin tracks the pages, posts and custom post types that visitors click through from the current post. You can then display these followed posts automatically at the bottom of your posts, using a shortcode or via the inbuilt widget.

If you’re looking for a plugin that displays posts related to the content, look no further than Contextual Related Posts.

Key features

  • Automatic: The plugin will start displaying visited posts on your site and feed automatically after the content when you activate the plugin
  • Shortcode: Use [wherego] to display the followed posts. For a range of options check out the function wherego_default_options
  • Widget: Find the Followed posts widget to display the posts in your theme’s sidebar
  • Manual install: Want more control over placement? Check the FAQ on which functions are available for manual install
  • Exclusions: Exclude select posts and pages from the list of posts. Exclude posts from select categories from the list of posts
  • Custom post types: The visited posts list lets you include posts, pages, attachments or any other custom post type!
  • Styles: The output is wrapped in CSS classes which allows you to easily style the list. You can enter your custom CSS styles from within WordPress Admin area
  • Fully customisable output: Extendable via filters and actions. Style with CSS or use the inbuilt plugin API
  • Thumbnail support:
    • Uses the default WordPress image options to fetch the correct sized image. Recommended thumbnail setting is the same as what you set for Thumbnail size or Medium size in your Media settings page
    • Support for WordPress featured image
    • Auto-extract the first image in your post to be displayed as a thumbnail
    • Manually enter the URL of the thumbnail via WordPress meta fields

From v2.0.0, this plugin incorporates Freemius Insights. If you opt-in, some data about your usage of will be sent to freemius.com and will be used by me to help improve the plugin. This is completely optional and if you choose not to opt-in, it will not affect your usage of the plugin.


  • Options in WP-Admin - General options
  • Options in WP-Admin - Output options
  • Options in WP-Admin - Thumbnail options
  • Options in WP-Admin - Custom styles
  • Options in WP-Admin - Feed options
  • Meta box in Edit Posts screen
  • WordPress widget


WordPress install

  1. Navigate to Plugins within your WordPress Admin Area

  2. Click “Add new” and in the search box enter “Where did they go from here” and select “Keyword” from the dropdown

  3. Find the plugin in the list (usually the first result) and click “Install Now”

Manual install

  1. Download the plugin

  2. Extract the contents of where-did-they-go-from-here.zip to wp-content/plugins/ folder. You should get a folder called where-did-they-go-from-here.

  3. Activate the Plugin in WP-Admin.

  4. Goto Settings » Where did they go to configure

  5. Optionally visit the Custom Styles tab to add any custom CSS styles. These are added to wp_head on the pages where the posts are displayed


Check out the FAQ on the plugin page for a detailed list of questions and answers.

If your question isn’t listed there, please create a new post in the WordPress.org support forum. I monitor the forums on an ongoing basis. If you’re looking for more advanced paid support, please see details here.

How can I customise the output?

Check out the settings page for a wide array of settings that let you customise the plugin output. You can also style the followed posts list using CSS. The following are the main classes that can be styled:

  • wherego_related: CSS Class on all pages

  • wherego_thumb: Class that is used for the thumbnail / post image

  • wherego_title: Class that is used for the title / text

  • wherego_excerpt: Class of the span tag for excerpt (if included)

You can add the CSS code in the Custom Styles section of the plugin settings page or in your theme’s style.css file


Use [wherego] to display the followed posts. For a range of options check out the function wherego_default_options

Manual install


Use <?php if ( function_exists( 'echo_wherego' ) ) { echo_wherego(); } ?> to display the followed posts.
You can also use this function to display posts on any type of page generated by WordPress including homepage and archive pages.

This function takes an array of options similar to the shortcode above.


Where did they go from here

One of my favorite plugins and I’ve been using it for years. Not sure why the ratings got reset but “Where did they go from here” is top notch!

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Contributors & Developers

“Where did they go from here” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed:
    • Limit for number of posts broke in v2.0.0


  • Features:

    • Multisite activation and uninstall
    • Shortcode: Use [wherego] to display the followed posts. For a range of options check out the function wherego_default_options
    • Widget: Find it in your theme customizer or under Appearances » Widgets
    • Integrated Freemius Insights
  • Modifications:

    • Enhancements to the metabox where the list of followed posts are cleaned for incorrect post IDs or published posts when saving the post
    • Replace wick with jQuery suggest which is bundled with WordPress. This is used to power the category exclusion setting in the Admin
    • Tracker is modified to use admin-ajax.php and is more compatible if jQuery is loaded in the footer instead of header
    • Removed all non en_US language files to allow for the WordPress.org repository translation
  • Deprecated:

    • Modified: timthumb has been deprecated. The script is no longer included
    • ald_wherego and echo_ald_wherego have been deprecated. Use get_wherego and echo_wherego respectively
    • wherego_related id for the div has been deprecated. Use .wherego_related to style

For previous changelog entries check out the changelog.txt file included with the plugin