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Image Slider Widget

Easily create responsive & lightweight image slider (rotator) widgets in any sidebar, post or page.

Image Slider Widget is a responsive, easy, lightweight image slider widget plugin integrating nivo slider script to any sidebar, post or page without any conflicts.

You can add images to rotate in any sidebar. Arrange image order with drag & drop. You can also add links to each image.

The slider settings are all done within the widget. There are 16 widget settings including 16 animation options and 4 built in slider templates.

You can use multiple sliders on multiple sidebars on the same page.

You can use the shortcode support to add it to your posts or pages.

Example shortcode: [weptile-image-slider items="image=http://url-to-image-1.jpg|link=http://link-of-image-1|target=_blank|caption=Test Caption|alt=Test Alternate Text,image=http://url-to-image-2.jpg|link=http://link-of-image-2|target=_blank|caption=Test Caption|alt=Test Alternate Text" width="700" height="100" responsive="0" effect="boxRandom" directionalnav="0" buttonnav="1" pausehover="1" start-random="1" slices="30" center="0"]

Shortcode Variables: items : this is a 2 level shortcode variable which includes the images to rotate in slider, their target url when they're clicked (optional), caption and alt text. width : number pixel value, without px at the end height : number pixel value, without px at the end responsive : 0 or 1 (off / on) theme : default,light,dark,bar directional-nav : 0 or 1 (default: 0) button-nav : 0 or 1 (default: 0) pause-hover : 0 or 1 (default: 0) start-random : 0 or 1 (default: 0) slices : any integer value (default is 15) box-columns : any integer value (default is 8) box-rows (sayi degeri olacak, default:4) prev-text : any text for the previous button (default:Previous) next-text : any text for the next button (default:Next) effect : (fade, fold, slideInLeft, slideInRight, random, sliceDown, sliceDownLeft, sliceUp, sliceUpLeft, sliceUpDown, sliceUpDownLeft, boxRandom, boxRain, boxRainReverse, boxRainGrow, boxRainGrowReverse) center: 0 or 1 (default: 0)

Change Log: 1.3.8a Hot fixing missing js assets for wp.frame 1.3.8 Added support for SSL 1.3.6 Added nonce checks Appended functions with plugin specific prefix to prevent conflicting names with other plugins Removed donation links 1.3.5 Testing support for latest wordpress 1.3.1 Adding analytics 1.3 Transferred ownership of the plugin from weptile to pmslider 1.2.2 Fixed the bug where captions were mixed up on shuffle. 1.2.1 Corrected several language/text mistakes. 1.2.0 Moved the cache folder under uploads folder to prevent missing images after plugin update. (With this update you need to re-save the widget settings to re-create the cache folder one last time. From this point on, it's all safe for future updates :) ) Improved UI with larger image, smaller buttons Improved widget setting process Added image target link, alt text, caption options Added slider center align option Added link, alt text, caption options to shortcode system Changed the whole shortcode system to include the new additions. (Legacy shortcode still works) 1.1.4 Added shortcode variable to center align the slider on page 1.1.0 Added Shortcode support for posts/pages Fixed several bugs in widget update

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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