Website Monetization by MageNet


Website Monetization Plugin by MageNet is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell contextual ads from your pages automatically and receive payments with PayPal.

To get started sign up for a MageNet Key.

Hassle free
We deal with the advertisers and offer relevant contextual ads to place. It’s free and easy to use.

Regular payouts
Withdraw your earnings with ease. Transfers are made via PayPal and WebMoney.

Full control
We crawl all the pages of your site and list them for sales. You can set up the pages available or forbidden for advertising and set up the desired prices for your ads.

Safe and secure
All your personal data is safe. Your websites will only be available to our trusted advertisers.

Detailed information on all your current ads and listed pages of your sites.

You will have access to awesome affiliate program available to our publishers.


  • Plugin Settings
  • "Your sites" menu
  • "Pages options" menu


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload monetization-by-magenet plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Sign up at
  4. Get MageNet Key (Login at, go to “Your sites” menu and click “Not activated” in Placement plugin)
  5. Return to WP Dashboard, go to Settings > “Website Monetization by MageNet” configuration page, and save your MageNet Key.
What should I do after plugin installation?

Sing up at and add your website to get MageNet Key

How much can I earn?

Monthly prices per contextual ad are based on your website’s PR and amount of ads on this page. You may also set your custom desired prices in your account’s settings once you signup.

When do I get paid?

Once we sell at least 1 ad and you place it on your site, you will start to receive monthly payments for that ad. You’ll receive your first payment 30 days after ad placement. Your MageNet balance can be transferred anytime to your PayPal account after reaching $50 minimum.

How will MageNet sell ads from my sites?

Once you signup MageNet will index the content of your websites. We’ve got hundreds of advertisers, who want to purchase ads matching your content. Once MageNet finds proper content on your websites, these pages will be offered for placement to our advertisers.

Can I exclude specific pages from ad sales?

Yes, you can forbid sales from any page of your site.

Can I control what kind of ads to sell and not to sell from my sites?

Yes, you’ll be able to block sites, for which you don’t want to place ads.

What kind of sites can I submit?

You can any site into MageNet. However please note that MagNet doesn’t allow the promotion of escort services, pornography, adult, or other mature content.

What will you do with my websites?

MageNet crawler will index your sites the same way Google does. It will “read” the content of your pages, and number of outbound links on each page. MageNet needs to index the content of your sites in order to be able to sell ads from your pages to our advertisers.


Only 10 minutes spent

I just have added my site and installed the plugin. Two simple steps, easy and fast.
They also have another plugin, the Universal one. Has anybody tried it?

Love this tool

Great tool. I used to spend so much time placing ads manually. Installing the plugin I forgot about this headache.

Use it for 6 month

I have installed it half of an year ago. The ads look quite natural, and those which I don’t like I may just refuse to install.

Go ahead if you want to hit by a google's manual penalty

So, my site was running for almost 2 years with daily traffic of almost 3000 visitors. Then I did the mistake of installing this plugin and waited for like 20 days for this plugin to be activated. Once activated, I got the email from Google that my site has been hit with manual penalty for “Sneaky Mobile redirects”. Guess what… my fucking hard work of almost 2 years just went to drain. Coz it will now take me another 2 years to get my reputation in search engines back.


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Contributors & Developers

“Website Monetization by MageNet” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Refactored to remove deprecated code patterns.


  • More user-friendly plug-in activation process.
  • Flexible Plug-in enabling via MageNet account


  • Plugin security has been improved
  • Fixed problems with compatibility with other plugin’s
  • Plugin stabilization was increased


  • The bug, which show warning on site fixed


  • The bug, which didn’t show the links on tags pages and categories pages, and some other pages, was fixed


  • The bug, which didn’t show the links on some pages, was fixed
  • Plugin security was increased
  • Fixed the issue with errors on website, which occurred after Plugin installation


  • Fixed the issue with errors on site after Plugin installation


  • Control of the Plugin version
  • Increasing of the Plugin stabilization
  • Improvement of the Plugin optimization


  • Fix small bug


  • Fixed the issue with installing links at the homepages
  • Fix some other small bugs


  • Fix problems with host security


  • Fix some bugs and problems


  • Fix some bugs and problems
  • Plugin optimization


  • Fix some bugs and problems


  • Add Refresh Ads button
  • Fix some bugs and problems


  • Changed readme file


  • Change JSON lib
  • Bug fixes


  • Update API host
  • Change cache time


  • First version available