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A WordPress plugin that implements a basic library collection and circulation system.


  • Minor bugfix for Patron Short Codes: removed unused functions and removed references to undefined members (leftovers from copying ListTable code from Admin land).


  • Added check for patron insertion falure.


  • Added short codes to put patron edit functions on the front side: editing patron contact info along with hold and circs handling. This allows use with plugins like WooCommerce that redirect away from the "normal" WP Admin Dashboard.


  • Secure data export code: convert to use admin-post.php.
  • Secure AWS code: convert to use admin-post.php and admin-ajax.php
  • Move AJAX code to proper WP coding (using admin_ajax.php).

  • Add 'view_admin_dashboard' cap. to Librarian, Senior Aid, and Volunteer, to allow usage with WooCommerce.

  • Fix minor error (wrong scope for WEBLIB_Circulation_Admin::single_row_columns()).

  • Add auto truncation of collection fields to prevent database errors.

  • Fix minor error (wrong scope for WEBLIB_Circulation_Admin::get_column_info()).

  • Fix minor error (unset variable).

  • Fix errors in cirlist code (fun with changed WP_List api...).

  • Moved URL defines to the constructor. And updated tested to version.

  • Fix incrstring -- MySQL uses case folded compares for unique string keys!

  • Add wildcards to username search in add patron id.

  • Fix small bug in Add Patron ID page: wrong page id in search form.

  • Minor stylesheet fix (#overdue => span.overdue).

  • Minor documentation update.

  • Handle Excel extra column stupidity.


  • Fix problems with generated barcodes during bulk uploads.

  • Include medium and large image in AWS item loopup and make them available for insertion

  • Fix bug in autobarcode generator code. (Stupid SQL 'order by'!).

  • Updated AWS Locale endpoints.

  • Fix missing name attribute in short code.

  • Remove two small short tags.

  • Comment out ALL debug code (silly IIS).

  • Fix minor bug in patron admin code (wrong page name).

  • Workaround for missing localization function (nl_langinfo()).
  • Fix missing localization function call (missing _'s).

  • Fix typo in the readme.txt file.


  • Contextual help translated to Italian (completed).

  • Update when styles are enqueued.
  • Contextual help translated to Italian (in progress).

  • Updated readme: Fixed Changelog section (too many ='s!). Added link for user manual (in English and Italian).
  • Updated user manual to include style sheet information for front side styling.

  • Added hook to allow for localized contextual help.
  • Fixed minor localization bug.


  • Move user manual to assets.
  • Small fix to options page: allow for blank AWS options.

  • Front side update: minor short code updates.

  • Front side update: short codes and front style sheet updates.

  • Localization updates. Minor database update.

  • Localization updates, including localized date validation.

  • Localization updates.

  • Added missing style definition for weblib-item-table.

  • Changed default for publication date to 1900-01-01 to deal with possible MySQL/PHP error on activation (out of range default for publication date).


  • Fixed up the jQuery UI, smoothed out the rough edges (eg got all of the proper stylesheet and image support). Additional (minor) localization updates.

  • Way too much fun with resizable iframes and jQuery: put the Amazon search thingy in an iframe and put the iframe into a resizable (via jQuery) div. sort of works, but still a little funky.
  • Fixed various minor typos: broken tags, spelling errors, missing localizations.


  • Changed AWS insert buttons to be a small icon instead of "bulky" text buttons
  • Updated localization, added Italian translation.

  • Add insert / add buttons to Amazon item loopup. (Experimental!)

  • Remove roles on deactivate.
  • Make title the default on Amazon searches.

  • Move loading of Localization files to the correct place


  • Added missing contextual help page.
  • Fixed silly typo error in the collection bulk delete code.


  • Added code to collection and patron delete functions to clear out orphaned holds and checkouts.
  • Added Collection Database Maintenance page, containing a button to clear out orphaned holds and checkouts.


  • Updated the support/donation links (added localization).
  • Added an 'About' page.


  • Added donation buttons and links.
  • Updated localization.


  • Minor bug fix with Call Number column.


  • Added Call Number column to collection database.
  • Updated localization.


  • Minor documentation update for the contextual help for the options page.


  • Major code rewrite. All of the WP_List_Tables redone properly and separated into separate source files. Adding the per_page screen options properly. Added bulletproofing to the collection import code: barcodes are now checked and fixed as they are added -- no more 'broken' databases!

  • Various security fixes.

  • Include debugging code.


  • Fixed minor bug with telephone number validation when adding patrons.


  • Fixed database creation to deal with MS-Windows / MySQL weirdness (no default allowed for BLOB/TEXT -- error under MS-Windows, warning under Linux).


  • Add localization to the JavaScript code


  • Add localization to the PHP code


  • Fixed a SQL syntax error.
  • Added 'upload_files' capability to Librarian and SeniorAid roles (allows them to upload images for items in the collection).
  • Fixed the scoping of variables in the JavaScript code.


  • Added something to the FAQ section.


  • Fixed a problem with the search form short code.


  • Fixed a problem with short PHP tags.


  • Updated to include the AssociateTag parameter required by Amazon.


  • Initial public release.

Requires: 3.2.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 700+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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