Weather for us – animated weather widget


By Installing this weather widget your users can see weather updates for their location on your website. You can get weather forecast, various units and really beautiful, eye pleasing weather status that instantly seeks attention of your visitor. This weather widget can either stay in your footer or you can put the mini (weather widget) version of weather widget in your side bars. The weather widget plugin loads from our optimised servers to server the best version according to users browser; thus the plugin feels as snappy as possible.


Currently Weather for us has 2 skins as we are working on more:

  • Signage weather widget – that shows you a beautiful animated state of current conditions. This widget is recommended for placing in your site or article footers. Excellent for embedding anywhere where you want on your desktop site, showing inline weather state and weather forecast.
  • Mobile weather widget – that shows minimal weather conditions for today with temprature. Clicking opens a full weather details showing you detail forcast. This widget is fluid .i.e. adjusts to width of your panel, but recommended for widths between 120px to 200px range. The weather icon, text a location automatically adjusts to your sidebar width of your panel. You don’t need to worry about configuration mess at all!

Great Features include

  • Really simple to install
  • Weather available for nearly any location in the world
  • Present the weather in your sidebar anywhere on your site
  • Cool and familiar style
  • Current Weather
  • Daily forecast
  • Detailed information of current weather
  • Ultra snappy to load from our ultra fast CDN
  • Coming soon Premium version. Contact for beta testing.


You can embed widget anywhere via shortcode [weatherforus]. You can also include customization attributes like units, location, and color [weatherforus location="san francisco, ca, usa" txt_color="#000000"], more advanced attributes are:

  • type – Type of widget to display, values can be `mini` or `desktop`, default value is mini. `mini` displays a the mobile version of the widget (described above) while `desktop` displays the desktop version of the widget.
  • location – Location for which weather and forecast should be displayed. Do not specify this attribute to auto detect the visitors location.
  • unit – Widget’s default temprature units (fahrenheit or centigrade). Value can be either `f` or `c`. Default is value is `f`

For mini widget you have following additional attributes:

  • width – `only applicable for type=”mini”`. Width of the widget. Default is 100%.
  • height – `only applicable for type=”mini”`. Height of the widget. Default is 100%.
  • txt_color – `only applicable for type=”mini”`. Color of text of widget, default is white.
  • bg_color – `only applicable for type=”mini”`. Background color of widget, default is transparent.

Install demo

Learn more and get support on official site


  • Main weather view transparent with any background.
  • Main weather view with a different unit(metric).
  • Weather forecast view.
  • Weather widget installation procedure.


Follow the procedure to install weather widget for you site.

  1. Download zip file.
  2. Extract directory weatherforus-widget it contains all your required plugin files; upload this director to the `wp-content/plugins/, this will create a directory under plugins folder with name of weatherforus-widget.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Drag Drop the WeatherForUs widget to your panels according to your need.(goto Presentation-> widgets).


Ask your questions by mailing us


Really good support

Was having trouble installing the widget. Contacted the support team and they are really awesome! Replied within minutes and sent me detailed steps 🙂

Love the look and feel

Widget looks really neat and works pretty well. I have tried few other widgets and this widget by far was the most painless install I had.

Not working

I would like a shortcode. Instructions say go to “Presentation > Widgets” Last time I looked, WordPress Admin doesn’t include “Presentation”. My Admin has “Appearance”. Your instructions only mention a Widget, but your screen shots show a Shortcode.

Anyway, I dragged the Widget into the sidebar and nothing.

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Contributors & Developers

“Weather for us – animated weather widget” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Adding shortcode support
Compatibility upto wordpress 4.x
Improving Readme and description for installation
Introducing Text Color option for mini widget
Compatibility all the way up to 3.9

Major bug fixes for admin panel and introducing default unit support

Introduced background color option for mini widget

Readme fixed
Mini widget provided

First release