This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Weather and Weather Forecast Widget


Multilingual widget (Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Spanish) with shortcode functionality shows current weather and forecasts for the next nine days for any location, at yours or at your visitors home – detailled infotexts for current weather and forecasts on mouse over – multiple installation


  • Present the weather in your sidebar or by shortcode anywhere on your site
  • Weather available for nearly any location in the world
  • Weather texts in Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Spanish
  • Customizable Layout (Font and Font size / Images and Image size / Amount of Info) incl. optional smooth theme integration by embedded CSS
  • Current Weather
  • Day Forecast
  • Three Day Forecast
  • Further four day forecast (depends on data provider)
  • Working with two data providers optimizes and enriches weather data
  • Detailed information of current weather and forecasts on mouse over
  • Optional Sun- and Moon Info text
  • Supports Imperial and Metric units

These features rock!

  • Optional automatic language output on your site (great for multilingual sites or if you simply like to welcome foreign site visitors in their language)
  • Optional automatic location finder showing the weather at site visitor’s location
  • Place weather in your posts, on your pages, in the footer or in the header of your WP-Site using the shortcode plugin
  • Easy multiple sidebar Installation – up to three times on your site
  • Choose from different image sets – two sets included – additional can be downloaded at

The screenshot section will show you the variability of layouts / Images and settings!

If you are updating from a previous version – please refer to the installation section of this text

Khaled – Arabic Translation
Tracy – Chinese translation
Morton – Danish Translation
Dave – Dutch Translation
Dorothee – French translation
Cecile – French review
Mate – Hungarian Translation
András Tuna – Hungarian Translation and Review
Eoin – Irish Translation
Pieppo – Italian Translation
FiGu Webdesign – Norwegian Translation
Michal – Polish Translation
André Reu – Portuguese Translation blog: Twitter: @andrereu

Konstantin – Russian Translation
Restorani u Beogradu – Serbian Translation
Monica – Spanish Translation

Michal and András Tuna – for their most valuable advice
Marz – for his needs and quest for shortcodes
and lots of others for reporting bugs and suggestions for getting an even better Weather Widget


  • Large layout using customized image set 'Grzanka'- + font Arial + Day Images
  • Medium Layout using image set ' Set 2' + font Comic
  • Large Layout using customized image set 'Plain' on a dark grey background + Extended Forecast +Day and Night Images
  • Left: Medium Layout using image set ' Set 1' + french ***** Right: Small Layout using image set ' Set 2' + italian
  • Left: Large Layout using customized image set '7 degrees' +Day Images +Polish + Lines ***** Right: Medium Layout using customized image set '7 degrees' +Extended Forecast +Spanish
  • Large Layout using customized image set 'Grzanka' +Auto-location Selection (in this case =Dortmund, Germany) +Auto Language Selection (in this case =German) +Extended Forecast
  • Collage of "Shortcode"-Weather arranged in a html-table in a post
  • Weather in the header of
  • Control panel


Before updating, please think of writing down and/or backing up your style, layout and technical settings as well as your keys!

Update procedure from any prior Version
Please deactivate Widget first
Empty the existing folder and copy / extract everything there (not really necessary but it will free some space on your server!)
Activate the new version 5.0
Get at least one License Code from one of the weather data providers.
Set up widget!
If you have changed CSS settings and don´t want to use the Embedded CSS option you may like them to be updated as well: Please refer to the manual to get the optimal settings!

New Installation:
Extract the files to your plugin directory (should be /wp-content/plugins).

Enable the Plugin and configure it in the Widget Area!
You can install it using the Plugin Installation feature in WP as well!
It´s your choice.
Customize it afterwards in your Widget Area!


Is there a detailed reference manual coming with the widget?
All you have to know about customizing and setting the widget is written in the manual. The pdf-manual is available in a German and English version. Just follow the help-links in the control panel.

How can i install the widget more than one time?
That´s very easy! Just have a quick look into the manual!

Where can i get additional image sets?
There are lots to be finding on the net. A few can be downloaded at

How can I use the Shortcodes? I cant find the Shortcode Plugin?
I’d like to recommend to have a look in the manual first. (I hope that) All you have to know is written down there! The manual can be downlaoded at or directly from the control panel (follow the “help” links there)!

What is the Auto-Location-Feature?
If you don´t want to show the weather for a given location and want to surprise your site visitors by showing their weather, this is the option to choose! The weather widget will then locate users home by some free geolocation services and present the weather and a forecast from there!

Does the widget slow down my side? How can I prevent this?
The weather of a given location normally doesn´t change every minute! So allow the widget to cache the weather data for approximately an hour. This helps in two things: The server of doesn´t have to handle too many quests for weather data and your site should speed up a little bit, because your user will see the cached data!
Nevertheless, if you decide to use the auto-location-feature it doesn´t make any sense to cache the weather data, it has to be produced every time your visitors show up. So you can´t avoid this traffic.
You neither can avoid, that the widget have to get all the information about your user´s location. This needs a further connection to three, up to four additional servers all over the world. If this slows your server and the connection down too much, i am sorry, but then you should consider not using this feature.


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Contributors & Developers

“Weather and Weather Forecast Widget” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Initial Version


First update
*Additional languages (French / Italian / Polish / Spanish
*Auto-Language detection and output
*Multiple installation widget can now be installed up to three times
*Output of system status in widget panel
*Minor Bug fixes (broken links / image location finder / wrong picture)


Second update
Layout improvements:
* Usage of additional sets of Images
* Images can be adjusted and resized with the control panel
* Embedded CSS or use of own CSS set
Technical Improvements:
* Extended Forecast for further six days (forecast total of ten days possible now
* Ten day Forecast available with every language selection – text description for further six days in English and German only nevertheless

* More detailed weather texts (in English and German version)
* Auto location option – Weather at site visitors home can be shown now


Third update
* Additional language (Hungarian)
* Country Names shown with the “Auto Location” feature are now translated into all installed languages
Layout improvements:
* Optional padding (left and right) to fit widget in wider sidebars as they are often used in “footer” widget areas
* Widget title can be shown within the widget or as usually at widget top
* Some improvements of arranging icons in CSS
Technical Improvements:
* Addition of further 200 German text phrases for translation of weather texts
* added some mouse over texts in the control panel with help texts
* Bug fixed a timeout error if one of the geoip-server are down
* Minor bug fixes and slight improvements (location finder / CSS / German translation)


Fourth Update
* Addition of Shortcode functionality
* Additional language (Portuguese and Arabic)
* Bugfix to prevent slower server connections to timeout before getting location data
* Images and Weatherinfos about actual weather can be deselected now, if actual report data only show “N/A” for the location
* Layout changes in the control panel


Fith Update
* Change of Weather Data Provider from Weather.Com (now a service to be paid for) to (Free services) of World Weather Online (WWO) and Wunderground (WUN)
* Major Changes in Codes and some functionalities
* Weather Services can be used separately or combined
* Setting of preferenced Weather Service with optional optimization
* Better Availability: If one weather service fails, the other gets the data!
* Input of coordinates to set location possible(latitude / longitude)
* Total of 5 day data from WWO to 8 day data of WUN
* Further weather details: Visibility / Cloudcover / Dewpoint
* UV-Index no longer available / separate Night and Day Images no more available
* Changes in the Large Layout
* Autolocation feature now also available with the Shortcode Plugin
* “Feels like” temperature is now optional


This version
* Shortcode working with coordinates as well
* Additional Layout Option “Pure”
* Larger Weather-Infotext and descriptions in international versions
* Additional languages – Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Irish, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian