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A powerful Twitter integration system that allows you to display tweets using widgets and shortcodes.


  • (NEW) Added an option to control the avatar size (Can be managed under Twitter Feed->Appearance)
  • (FIX) Trailing white spaces in authentication tokens are now being trimmed to prevent the "Bad authentication data" error


  • (NEW) Added support for loading more tweets via AJAX (Commercial Version)
  • (NEW) Added support for single tweet embedding (Commercial Version)
  • (NEW) Added support for animated GIFs
  • (NEW) Added an API layer to easily render tweets using PHP. See API documentation for more info
  • (IMPROVE) Better error messages
  • (IMPROVE) Retweets/likes count number format
  • (FIX) Vine ratio issue
  • (FIX) Automatically playing vines when they become visible in the page


  • (NEW) Added a Hebrew translation
  • (NEW) Added a .pot file for internationalization
  • (FIX) Fixed an issue related to late static binding
  • (UPDATE) Bumped up PHP required version to 5.4.4
  • (UPDATE) Tested under WordPress 4.4.2


  • (UPDATE) Bumped up dependencies versions
  • (FIX) Tweet time is now relative to GMT instead of local time
  • (FIX) Showing an error message when cURL is not installed
  • (FIX) Showing an error message when Twitter returns 0 results


  • (UPDATE) Twitter-API-Exchange version 1.0.4
  • (UPDATE) Changed the 'favorites' start icon to heart (as has been done by Twitter)
  • (FIX) Caching related bug
  • (FIX) Bug that was causing the search resource to show retweets/replies when they are set to off
  • (FIX) Bug that was causing widgets not to show retweet credits


  • (FIX) Some CSS bugs
  • (UPDATE) Tested under WordPress version 4.3.1


  • (NEW) You can now set tweet media to automatically show when the page loads (located under Twitter Feed -> Appearance)
  • (NEW) You can now choose to show the url's expanded version (located under Twitter Feed -> Appearance)
  • (FIX) Hashtags with Latin characters are now being rendered correctly
  • (UPDATE) Amarkal Framework v0.3.7


  • (FIX) Bug that was causing the widget to break
  • (UPDATE) Improved HTML Accessibility
  • (UPDATE) Tested under WordPress 4.2.3


  • (FIX) Bug that was causing search results not to be properly stored in cache
  • (UPDATE) Widget code structure
  • (UPDATE) Loading all media using https


  • (FIX) Bug that was breaking the status tracker if Twitter could not authenticate the user
  • (FIX) Issue related to embedded youtube videos
  • (UPDATE) Bumped up FontAwesome version


  • (FIX) Improved code structure and fixed PHP notices
  • (FIX) Security vulnerability related to add_query_args()
  • (FIX) RTL/LTR issue
  • (UPDATE) Amarkal Framework v0.3.6


  • (UPDATE) Amarkal Framework v0.3.5
  • (UPDATE) Twitter API Exchange v5.3.10
  • (NEW) Add an option the write custom CSS (under 'Appearance')
  • (FIX) Tested under WP_DEBUG mode
  • (FIX) Scrolling tweets showing the wrong tweet time
  • (FIX) Bug that was causing retweet credits not to show


  • (UPDATE) Amarkal Framework v0.3.4
  • (FIX) Some CSS issues
  • (FIX) Slider height is now adjusting automatically


  • (UPDATE) Updated code documentation and improved formatting
  • (UPDATE) Amarkal Framework v0.3.3
  • (FIX) Some CSS issues
  • (FIX) Widget assets not corresponding to settings
  • (FIX) Issue involving multiple framework instances


  • (FIX) Critical Amarkal framework update


  • (NEW) Minified and concatenated CSS & JS, only 10kb total!
  • (NEW) Better formatted, self contained JavaScript
  • (NEW) Integrated into Amarkal Framework
  • (NEW) options & widget control panels
  • (NEW) Editor widget with easy-to-use box icons
  • (NEW) Added usage status section to the admin panel (Thanks for the idea, Mark Rickan!)
  • (FIX) Improved stability
  • (FIX) Improved Cross-Browser compatibility
  • (FIX) Bug report tool not getting through spam filter


  • (FIX) Minor bug fixes
  • (FIX) Minor CSS improvements
  • (UPDATE) field names for oAuth tokens
  • (UPDATE) Readme


  • (NEW) Twitter Feed API
  • (FIX) Separated view from controller
  • (UPDATE) Minor CSS updates


  • (FIX) for include/exclude retweets
  • (FIX) for bug-report section
  • (NEW) Added widget subtitle option
  • (NEW) Added tooltips for tweet actions


  • (FIX) Critical fix for WordPress 3.9 and TinyMCE 4
  • (NEW) editor button icon, with retina display resolution
  • (FIX) Minor CSS fixes


  • (NEW) Added support for embedded media in tweets. A tweet containing media will have a button that show the included media when clicked. Supported media types are (for now): Photos, Vine videos and YouTube videos
  • (NEW) Improved CSS


  • (FIX) namespace issue
  • (FIX) Critical fix for a bug that was causing the caching system to crash
  • (UPDATE) Removed unused files


  • (FIX) Loading Font Awesome from a CDN instead of storing it locally
  • (FIX) Removed the 20 tweets limit from the input fields
  • (FIX) minor CSS issues
  • (FIX) web-intent issue that was causing it to open twice
  • (FIX) Reorganized file structure
  • (FIX) Added PHP namespace implementation to prevent name collisions and improve modularity
  • (UPDATE) Tested on more themes to improve CSS compatibility
  • (UPDATE) Updated wrong UI instructions


  • (NEW) Twitter lists. Feature any list from any user.
  • (NEW) Twitter search. Feature tweets using the twitter search api.
  • (NEW) Home timeline. Feature your home timeline, including your tweets, and the tweets of those you follow.
  • (NEW) Mentions of me. Feature tweets containing a users's @screen_name for the authenticating user.
  • (NEW) Retweets of me. Feature the most recent tweets authored by the authenticating user that have been retweeted by others.
  • (UPDATE) Cache design
  • (UPDATE) Debug mode can now be turned on/off from the administration panel.
  • (UPDATE) User manual to reflect the new features
  • (FIX) Slider with a single slide issue


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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