Free Shipping Per Package For WooCommerce


Free Shipping Per Package plugin lets you configure advanced conditions for every shipping zone when a Free Shipping should be offered.

If you use Shipping Packages for WooCommerce to split cart baed on a flexible group by condition then Free Shipping Per Package is an essential choice, because built-in WooCommerce Flat and Free Shipping rates don’t support Shipping Packages.


  • Conditions are calculated based Shipping Package contents, instead of a cart.
  • Unlimited Free Shipping rules for each Shipping Zone.
  • Ability to specify the custom name of the Shipping Method that will be displayed to a customer.
  • Choose Free Shipping as a default shipping method.
  • Require all or any condition to match for the Cart package to qualify for Free Shipping.
  • Require a valid Free Shipping coupon.
  • Require min and max quantity.
  • Require min and max subtotal (amount before coupons and discounts).
  • Require min and max total (amount after coupons and discounts).
  • Require min and max weight.
  • Require min and max volume.
  • Ability to run in debug mode to trace behavior of configured rules.

PRO Features

  • Display Cart Notice when shipping package does not meet Free Shipping requirements.
  • Ability to hide all other Shipping Methods.
  • Ability to keep other Free Shipping methods.
  • Ability to choose if Free Shipping method should be the first or last in the list of Shipping Methods.
  • Supports WCFM, Dokan, WCMP, WCPV and YITH multivendor marketplaces.
  • Require all or any of the products to belong to selected Vendors.
  • Require a Customer to belong to one of the specified User Roles.
  • Require all or any of the products to belong to one of the specified Categories.
  • Require all or any of the products to have one of the specified Shipping Classes.
  • Require all or any of the products to have one of the specified Tags.
  • Require all or any of the products to have one of the specified Taxonomy values.
  • Schedule for selected days of the week.
  • Schedule for specific dates.
  • Schedule for specific time interval.

PRO Version of the plugin

Package means a group of products created by Shipping Packages for WooCommerce plugin that can be combined and shipped by the same warehouse / vendor and require a separate shipping charge from other packages.

Possible Shipping Scenarios

  • Free Shipping based on cart package weight
  • Free Shipping based on cart package subtotal
  • Sell from different warehouses / dropshipping providers and Free Shipping only when subtotal of the products from the same location is more than a specified amount

These are only a few examples of possible use cases and they are only limited by your imagination and requirement.
In case it is not enough, then feel free to Contact Us and we will find a way to meet your requirements.




  • Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Free Shipping Per Package.
  • Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Shipping Zones and then Select Edit on any of the Shipping Zones, then hit Add Shipping Method inside of it and choose Free Shipping Per Package and hit Add Shipping Method.
  • You can enable / disable individual Shipping Methods in the configuration of the Shipping Zone.
  • Hit Edit on the Free Shipping Per Package method in the Shipping Zone and configure various conditions.


  1. Go to WordPress -> Plugins -> Add New
  2. Hit Upload Plugin button
  3. Hit Choose File button and select zip file with the plugin
  4. Hit Install Now button
  5. Hit Activate link
  6. Installation complete


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Contributors & Developers

“Free Shipping Per Package For WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.0.6 2022-11-03

  • Updated compatibility

1.0.5 2022-06-29

  • Verified and updated compatibility


  • Fixed autoloader so it won’t conflict with the one used in PRO version


  • Updated language template
  • Removed unused dependency


  • Fixed issue when cached price calculations caused issues in case of multiple packages
  • Ability to include tax in total and subtotal calculation


  • Improved checking for plugin dependencies


  • Initial release.