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Waving Portfolio

This is a free multi-purpose responsive plugin that gives the website owners the capability to elegantly represent their long job achievements.

If you update to 1.2 from any previous version and lost your portfolio items, here is how to retrieve them

"1.2 NOTICE: Total redesign of the plugin in (v1.2). If you want to upgrade, you have to recreate portfolio items from the scratch in a new simpler way."

This is been written as update notice.

Quick solution for your migration, is to execute these SQL query:

  1. UPDATE wp_posts SET post_type='itech_portfolio' WHERE post_type='portfolio';
  2. UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy SET taxonomy=’waving_portfolio_category’ WHERE taxonomy='portfolio_category';
  3. UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy SET taxonomy='waving_portfolio_tag' WHERE taxonomy='portfolio_tag';

And all should be sorted out.

A major enhancement and total redesign for the plugin has been done in version 1.2, note that you have to select your galleries again using the new selection feature for each portfolio item, for a short term changes this might be hectic, but for long term simplicity and manageability it is better to move to 1.2.

Thanks for your migration

How I can create 2 and more portfolios ?

It is a mix of using categories and tags, so if you need to seperate portfolios, just tag portfolio items with different tag names, for instance:

  • Portfolio item#1 -> tag=City
  • Portfolio item#2 -> tag=City
  • Portfolio item#3 -> tag=Countries
  • Portfolio item#4 -> tag=Countries
  • Portfolio item#5 -> tag=Continent
  • Portfolio item#6 -> tag=Continent

Now you can have three different portfolios using the following shortcodes:

  • [waving width="200" theme="light" all="0" showCat="true" tag="city" /]
  • [waving width="200" theme="light" all="0" showCat="true" tag="countries" /]
  • [waving width="200" theme="light" all="0" showCat="true" tag="Continent" /]

And within each tag you can devide the list of portfolio using categories so it will become filterable through categories.

How I can change the theme style ?

There is 2 pre-defined themes that can be used starting from 1.0.3 release, you can either use "dark" or "light" style.

To apply your style just add attribute theme in your shortcode ass follow:

[waving width="200" theme="[light|dark]" /] example: [waving width="200" theme="light" /]

Notice: By the default the dark theme is enabled.

Requires: 3.8.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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