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The most advanced protection against sploggers and spam users registration, is fully WordPress,WordPress MU ,BuddyPress and bbPress 2.0 compatible

1.7.3 - 18 Gen 2017

1.7.2 - 2 Aug 2016

  • Fixed: A Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability was found in the WangGuard WordPress Plugin. This issue allows an attacker to perform a wide variety of actions, such as stealing Administrators' session tokens, or performing arbitrary actions on their behalf. In order to exploit this issue, the attacker has to lure/force a logged on WordPress Administrator into opening a malicious website. Discovered by Yorick Koster (Summer of Pwnage #2016). All versions prior to 1.7.2 are affected.

1.7.1 - 2 Jun 2016

  • Fixed a check when login page is loaded with signup moderation enabled. This bug cause some problems with some settings.

1.7.0 - 24 May 2016

  • NEW Added Signup moderation
  • NEW Disable WangGuard cron emails
  • Fixed: Problem with BuddyPress and remove users when are reported to WangGuard
  • Fixed minor issues.

1.6.2 - 9 Dic 2014

  • Added Whitelisted users list in WangGuard Users Screen.
  • Some Tweak to code. - 7 Dic 2014

  • This version is trying to fix a problem that have 1% of users. The users are always redirected to WangGuard splash screen form a random admin page. This problem was fixing itself within a few hours. This is a path based in a theory, so maybe it dosen't work. - 5 Dic 2014

  • Extending message about obstructed connection. This is only a maintenance release, so if you want, you don't need to update. We are extending The connection problem message because there are many people that their sever has problem with SSL / TLS connections.

1.6.1 - 2 Dic 2014

  • Fixed a bug with SSL deactivation.

1.6 - 2 Dic 2014

  • Added secure connection to WangGuard API. Now all connections to WangGuard server are SSL/TLS by default, you can disable it from WangGuard Configuration.
  • Added email notification when a user or blog are reported.
  • Added ability to allow a user registration when hi is detected as sploggers by WangGuard (False Positive). You only need to add the user email in the WangGuard configuration. The user will be marked as "Whitelisted".
  • Added new filters and actions.
  • Fixed CHARACTER SET and COLLATION in database table creation.
  • Removed hardcoded CSS in security questions. Now is loaded with a CSS file.
  • Fixed historical bug with users_per_page in WordPress simple.
  • Removed white spaces.

1.6 RC4 - 26 May 2014

  • Fix for some Multisite installations that the users are not checked and the security questions are not displayed.

1.6 RC3 - 20 May 2014

  • Fix a problem produced by old code for WooCommerce, That code has been removed and now Domain not Allowed if fixed in some WordPress No Multisite installations.

1.6 RC2 - 14 May 2014

  • Fixed an issue that breaks the signup forms (Domain not Allowed) in some installations.
  • Fixed an issue with security questions that are not showed in some installation.
  • Fixed a bug related to non Multisite websites.
  • Fixed some translation problems
  • Added CSS style for Whitelisted Users

1.6 RC1 - 23 April 2014

  • Added compatibility with WordPress 3.9.
  • Added compatibility with BuddyPress 2.0.
  • Added the ability of whitelist users
  • Added some !important for fix some problems with some CSS at signup page.
  • Added Contact page with us from WordPress admin.
  • Added Add-ons page.
  • Added Third party plugins page.
  • Added ability of deactivate HoneyPot fields.
  • Added about WangGuard
  • Added Credits page
  • Added Development page (you can now follow WangGuard development)
  • Added Help Us page
  • Added Help page with First Steps and FAQ
  • Added Welcome screen.
  • Added User Info in WangGuard Users (Beta version).
  • Added Unchecked Users
  • Added German Localization by Marco Jakobs
  • Added Servian Localization by Borisa Djuraskovic
  • Added Russian Localization by maxmadknight
  • Fixed a historical WangGuard CRON problem when BuddyPress is activated.
  • Fixed compatibility with many custom signup page for Themes and plugins.

1.5.10 - 12 Aug 2013

  • Fixed a problem with WangGuard users and BuddyPress without Groups component enabled.
  • Added compatibility with the latest jQuery version in "Blocked Domains" WangGuard screen.
  • Removed WangGuard statistics from Dashboard in WordPress 3.6. This is a temporal decision waiting for Wijmo update. - 30 Jul 2013

  • This update is critical for WooCommerce Users.
  • Fix a bug in WooCommerce My Account page signup.
  • Add support for other signup plugins combined with WooCommerce. 'My Account' signup has to be disabled from WooCommerce Settings.

1.5.9 - 30 Jul 2013

  • Added ability to disable WangGuard Menu in WordPress & BuddyPress AdminBar. (Check WangGuard Settings).
  • Added Groups created by users in WangGuard users screen (only BuddyPress). This will help to identify Splog users.
  • Added more compatibility with BuddyPress (WangGuard now use more hooks for clean all user activity).
  • Added compatibility WangGuard Cron WooCommerce.

1.5.8 - 19 Jul 2013

  • NEW Full Compatibility with CloudFlare. Now you will get the user's real IP instead of CloudFlare's IP. Thats means WangGuard will work 400% better on your website because WangGuard will know the real user's IP with this update. If you use CloudFlare, you need this update. - 10 Jul 2013

  • Fix a possible bug with WooCommerce.

1.5.7 - 9 Jul 2013

  • NEW WooCommerce Compatibility.
  • Minor tweaks to WangGuard cron to look for fix the cron problem in some installations
  • Minor tweaks to registration Form

1.5.6 - 25 Jun 2013

  • Added ability to open/visit BuddyPress users profiles in WangGuard Users Screen.
  • Fixed some Notices.
  • Added JS version for future updates.
  • Added CSS version for future updates.
  • Moved JS files and CSS files to their own directory

1.5.5 - 11 Jun 2013

  • Added ability to open/visit subsites in WangGuard Users Screen (Only WordPress Multisite with or without BP).
  • Added Unckeched users sreen in WangGuard Users.
  • Increased Timeouts in WangGuard Wizard. Some servers had a problem with Timeouts.

1.5.4 - 21 Mar 2013

  • Fix some compatibility problems with security questions on some new versions of AppThemes
  • Added Compatibility with Ideas AppThemes
  • Fix an overwritten menu problem to WangGuard by Gravity Form

1.5.3 - 21 Dec 2012

  • Added the ability for other plugins to use WangGuard services to verify e-mail addresses. Check the Wangguard Developers Page, we'll upload soon docs ands samples on how to use WangGuard services on your own plugins.
  • Fixed a Javascript issue on the Dashboard and Stats page due to the new jQuery version used in WordPress 3.5

1.5.2 - 4 Dec 2012

  • Added compatibility for WordPress 3.5.
  • Added the ability to remove the generator META tag (check WangGuard Settings)

1.5.1 - 9 Aug 2012

  • Added the ability to avoid checking the IP address of the users when verifying them against WangGuard service, this option reduces WangGuard effectiveness, but if your new accounts come mostly from the same IP, in the case of colleges, universities or other large institutions, this would prevent WangGuard from flagging the IP address as suspicious.

1.5.0 - 11 Jul 2012

  • Added WangGuard Cron Jobs to automatically verify your users against WangGuard, and flag or delete users that may not be identified as Sploggers at time they signup and catched later by WangGuard.
  • Tweaked the stats barchar javascript files to include these only in the Dashboard and WangGuard Stats pages in order to avoid collision with other plugins / custom themes. - 8 Jun 2012

  • Added 3 missing JS files.

1.4.6 - 8 Jun 2012

  • Added compatibility for WordPress 3.4.
  • Fixed Report blog and author functionality for WP Multisite menu bar
  • Avoid flagging as spam main the main blog (when using the WANGGUARD USERS SCREEN ONLY), it also flag as spam only the blogs for which the spam user is author or admin (previous version also flagged a blog as spam if the user was only a suscriber).

1.4.5 - 19 Apr 2012

  • This is a recommended update
  • Fix a bug in WangGuard wizard (Typo error). Thank to Paul Newsome of http://www.nufcblog.org for report it.
  • Now Security questions work with AppThemes Child Themes

1.4.4 - 13 Apr 2012

  • Fix an issue with all AppThemes, now the WangGuard Security Question are well formatted.
  • Minor tweaks to CSS

1.4.3 - 23 Mar 2012

  • "Report blog" option is now shown on multisite installations.
  • Solved a "Notice: Undefined index" error that may appear on the server's error log

1.4.2 - 20 Mar 2012

  • Critical fix to workaround an IE compatibility issues to avoid legitimate users to be identified as Sploggers on registration screen.

1.4.1 - 13 Mar 2012

  • jQuery library is not longer enqueued by the plugin except when BuddyPress is installed and "Show the report user button" is selected.
  • BuddyPress options on WangGuard Settings page are no longer displayed when BuddyPress is not installed.

1.4 - 6 Mar 2012

  • Added Advanced User Management.
  • Fix minor issue where WangGuard CSS load on frontend.
  • Revamped wizard. Now ask you for the advanced User Management.

1.3.2 - 11 Feb 2012

  • CRITICAL UPDATE, fixes to the code due to a bug on the dbDelta() WordPress function, only affects to WordPress installations which uses capital letters in the database prefix.

1.3.1 - 10 Feb 2012

  • Minor tweaks to improve Splogger identification and reporting accurancy

1.3 - 30 Jan 2012

  • NEW Added the ability to block users which e-mail addresses belongs to well known domains, the domain's list is maintained by WangGuard. Go to WangGuard Configuration -> Blocked domains to select which domains you'd like to block.

1.2.6 - 23 Jan 2012

  • Fix minor HTML/CSS issue on BuddyPress registration screen.

1.2.5 - 18 Jan 2012

  • Fix minor HTML issue.
  • Fix an issue where some users could give false positives.

1.2.4 - 12 Jan 2012

  • Fix minor compatibility issue with BuddyPress 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 on register page.
  • When running on jQuery 1.7.1 (WordPress 3.3+), the plugin doesn't uses the deprecated live() functions, instead it uses the new on() function to hook certain events.
  • Revamped plugin configuration look and feel. - 5 Jan 2012

  • Fix minor compatibility issue with W3C Total Cache when the HTML output was minified. - 13 Dec 2011

  • Fix issue in users screen. When WangGuard is installed with s2member plugin, the columns added by the s2member plugin didn't display the value for each.

1.2.3 - 9 Dec 2011

  • Minor tweak to the statistics

1.2.2 - 8 Dec 2011

  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.3.
  • Changelog outline displayed in the plugins page when there's an available update for WangGuard.
  • Fix in wangguard-admin.php prompted by boonebgorges Thank you.
  • Updated statistics charting components, now are correclty viewed on iPad, iPhone and iPod.

1.2.1 - 19 Sep 2011

  • New gmail.com and googlemail.com duplicated account verifications. As gmail.com and googlemail.com ignore dots on the left side of the @ in an email address, Sploggers uses email variations to create multiple accounts using only one gmail.com account. Also, googlemail.com is an alias of gmail.com. WangGuard now checks for existing accounts having in count these rules in order to prevent fake accounts to be created. You can turn off this feature from the Configuration page.
  • New optional DNS verification of the email domain (right side of the @ in an email address). New account's email domains are checked against your server's DNS for an associated MX record, if the resolution fails, a message is displayed to the user and the sign up process is stopped. - 14 Sep 2011

  • Adding 2 missing folders, Sorry. - 14 Sep 2011

  • NEW Added Italian Language, Thanks to Arturo.
  • Minor bug fixing.

1.2.0 - 07 Sep 2011

  • Added the ability to flag a user as "Not Splogger", overriding WangGuard response or cancelling a false/accidental report sent from your site.
  • Reported users does not get deleted by default, this is a change of behavior from the previous version, if you want WangGuard to delete reported users, as on previous versions, go to Configuration and check the option "Delete users when reporting them to WangGuard".
  • Added a new Statistics page which shows the last 30 days activity and a side by side comparison of the last 6 months activity (queries made to WangGuard / Sploggers blocked / Sploggers reported by you).
  • Added a new dashboard box which shows the last 7 days activity.
  • BuddyPress only, when clicking on "Load more" in the latest activity screen, report buttons now works as expected.
  • BuddyPress only, you can now report users from the view post comments screen.
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixing.

1.1.6 - 15 Aug 2011

  • Fixed minor issues involving the URL for some links to the Configuration screen.

1.1.5 - 29 Jul 2011

  • Fixed issue involving WangGuard questions on signup for WordPress 3.2.1 and its new 2 step registration when creating a blog on the registration screen.

1.1.4 - 23 Jun 2011

  • Fixed compatibility issue for WordPress 3.2+.

1.1.3 - 18 May 2011

  • Wizard now verifies, report and delete users in small groups in order to avoid timeouts.

1.1.2 - 12 May 2011

  • Minor tweak on code.

1.1.1 - 11 May 2011

  • Minor tweak on code.

1.1.0 - 10 May 2011

  • NEW Wizard for detect and eliminate Sploggers
  • NEW Mark as Splogger from post list
  • NEW Add "Report blog and author" on every blog
  • NEW Moderation Queue for repored users and blogs
  • NEW Add report user on every Activity
  • NEW Add report user on every profile

1.0.4 - 28 Mar 2011

  • Minor tweaks to readme file.

1.0.3 - 23 Mar 2011

  • Fixed a bug on the BuddyPress registration process which generated a log entry in apache's error log (duplicated entry on DB insert on table {DB_prefix}_wangguarduserstatus).

1.0.2 - 18 Mar 2011

  • Disabling the main blog when reporting a user fixed, reported user's blogs gets flagged as spam now.
  • Fixed a "Parser error" on servers which doesn't have "short_open_tag" enabled.

1.0.1 - 2 Mar 2011

  • When reporting a user, user's blogs doesn't get flagged as spam because there is a risk of disabling the main blog. Working on a patch for the next release.

1.0.0 - 1 Mar 2011

  • Initial Release

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


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