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Video Recorder

Build Your Community with Fan Videos. Collect and share crowdsourced video with Vidrack web-based video recorder.

Why should I use Vidrack?

Crowdsourced Video is some of the most powerful and engaging content. Vidrack increases website engagement and/or video interviewing/reporting efficiency within any organization. Video testimonials, video reviews, video opinions, video feedback, video contests, video interviews and fan videos are all great content for your website. The problem is its hard to collect unless you use a web-based video recorder. And we believe Vidrack is the easiest and most economical of any browser-based video recorder.

Does Vidrack Video Recorder work on all WordPress Sites?

Yes it works on all WordPress sites that meet WordPress best practices. Sometimes Vidrack has trouble when a site is improperly configured.

Does Vidrack work on all devices?

Vidrack works on all devices that are newer that 2 years old using a good Internet or mobile connections. For desktop devices Adobe Flash must be installed.

Why does Vidrack use Adobe Flash?

Due to the nature of desktop browser recording we must use flash for desktop recordings. Mobile submissions are done using HTML5. As time goes on, we hope to eventually remove the need for Flash.

Does Vidrack work on all browsers?

Vidrack works on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other mainstream browsers that follow common browser standards. For lesser known browsers we sometimes experience issues beyond our control. If your browser isn't following web standards then it won't work.

Why is Vidrack free?

We think web-based video recording should be free. Just like water, food and communication should be free. But we do have bills to pay. Soon we will be asking larger organizations to pay for their video campaigns. We're also working hard to release a premium paid video recorder with value added features

Where are the videos stored?

Vidrack has a secure Amazon server where videos are stored. This prevents strain on your website hosting resources. Most WordPress hosting services aren't built for storing videos.

What should I do if the plugin doesn't work with my theme or conflicts with other plugins?

The reality of WordPress plugins is sometimes they have plugin conflicts or theme conflicts.

The only two solutions to this are change themes, find the offending plugin by deactivating each one individually or you can try our web-application available at http://vidrack.me and embed our recorder on your WordPress site. For more info on embedding see http://vidrack.com/embed. Note that if your use our web app you must access your videos at http://vidrack.me

What if I want to use Vidrack but don't want it on my website?

You can make a Video Recorder Landing Page with our web application. It will give you a branded Vidrack URL you can submit videos through. For more info see http://vidrack.com/pages

What are the limitations of web-based video recording?

Users submitting video with mobile devices that are over 2 years old, have poor Internet connections and/or uncommon browsers may experience video submission issues. The best solution is try a different device, different Internet connection and different browser. Read http://vidrack.com/fix

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


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