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Users Ultra is the ideal plugin for creating advanced user communities & networks in few minutes. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google.










  • Improvement - Issue with Paypal IPN
  • Improvement - All Language files were updated.





  • Improvement - Updgrad to pro message issue. We have fixed it. Please update ASAP. This is not a bug, however, we understand this may be an annoying message.
  • Improvement - All the language files were updated.


  • New Feature - Search function within the Orders module has been improved. Now it loads faster.
  • New Feature - Option to delete the plugin information has been added when uninstalling it. This setting is in the Setting tab and it's turned off by defaut.



  • Improvements - Issue with required fileds.
  • Bug Fix - Not translatable text "with" in social media buttons.
  • Bug Fix - Paypal IPN tweak. There was an issue with the transaction # sent back to UU from paypal. Please update ASAP.
  • Improvements - All language files were updated.


  • Improvements - Friends count issue. We have tweaked the SQL sentences a little bit. There was an issue with the calcuation of the user's total friends.



  • Improvements - Instagram Login feature has been improved.
  • New Feature - Capability to set a minimalistic registration form. The users wont' be asked for a password but UU will generate a random password which will be emailed to the user.


  • Improvements - WooCommerce tweaks. We have implemented some tweaks in the plugin due some changes on WooCommerce 2.3.5.




  • Improvement - Logout issue. There was an issue with the logout shortcode.





  • Bug Fix - Please update again. There was an issue with the recent features we have implemented. Thanks


  • New Feature - Option to redirect users to My account page when clicking on the log in link. Check details here http://usersultra.com/support/forums/topic/login-redirect/
  • New Feature - Option to redirect users to My account page when clicking on registration link.
  • New Feature - Capability to display the users directory to logged in users only. This can be done by using a new option in the shortcode. Check the following link to see details http://doc.usersultra.com/members-directory/
  • Improvement - Language files were updated.


  • Improvement - LinkedIn API updates. Recently, we have received some messages from LinkedIn. LinkedIn announced some significant changes to our Developer Program that will likely affect your LinkedIn API access.


  • Improvement - Yammer and other social login features were updated.


  • Improvement - JS files update. Due some conflict with some premium themes we had to improve the JS coding a little bit.
  • Improvement - reCaptcha lib tweaks.


  • Improvement - "jQuery" & "$" issue has been resolved. There were some JS conflicts with some themes.


  • Improvement - Stats calculation tweaks for photos, galleries and users.
  • Improvement - Code clean up in order to make the plugin load faster.
  • Improvement - ASCI characters issues for French language.
  • Improvement - All the language files were updated.
  • Improvement - Tweaks for Paypal IPN module.


  • Improvement - Paypal orders class was tweaked and optimized.
  • Improvement - Tipsy tool tip plugin has been updated.




  • Improvement - Default WP Avatar enhancement. Please update ASAP.


  • Bug Fix - We have tweaked the coding because it looks like the previous version wasn't uploaded correclty. Please udpate ASAP.



  • Improvement - We have improved the coding once again due some changes on WP 4.1. Thanks for you understanding, please update your plugin.


  • Improvement - More tweak in order to avoid some "possible" vulnerability.


  • Improvement - We've tweaked the coding due a vulnerability with Photo categories module. Please update ASAP


  • Improvement - Quick fix that we had to implement due an issue when upgrading the plugin. Please update ASAP.





  • Improvement - Coding has been tweaked so the final zip files is not that "big". Some people were having issues on shared hosting wiht low performance. So.. made the zip file smaller.
  • Improvement - Stats module was tweaked. Although, we were controlling the IP number we had to tweak this feature even more.
  • Improvement - Some words were not being translated within the Membership tab. We rebuilt the mo and po files. Please update.



  • Improvement - Please update ASAP. We've tweaked the Permalink feature for 4.1. We received some complaints about the profile link.



  • Bug Fix - We've fixed and issue with LinkedIn sign up. The API changed a little bit so we updated the coding.
  • Bug Fix - There were blank spaces in the WP HTML Editor Shortcodes button. This was causing some issues.
  • Improvement - Some characters were not translatables into Franch language.



  • Improvement - We have tweaked the CSS stylesheet due some css clash with premium themes.
  • Improvement - Language Files have been updated.



  • Improvement - Coding improvement, issue with checkbox has been fixed.


  • Improvement - Language files update.
  • Improvement - Coding Improvements.


  • Improvement - CSS style sheet cleaning up.
  • Improvement - New look for checkbox and radio butions. We've removed some shadows now they look much more moderns.



  • Improvement - Issue with "textdomain" has been resolved. Just a few improvements for WP 4.1





  • Improvement - Language files were updated. Please update your plugin. It would be great if the plugin's translator could update the respective files. Thanks guys




  • Improvement - New Language has been added. Now UU has been translated to French language.


  • Improvement - Typos on Setting pages.
  • Improvement - New Language has been added. Now UU has been translated to Portugues.




  • Improvement - Language files were updated.
  • Improvement - Improvementes for WP 4.1



  • Improvement - The LinkedIn registration feature has been improved. Now, the "access_token" is being generated only if the user clicks on the LinkedIn button rather than generated it every time the users visit the login form.




  • Improvement - Option to autoroate image on mobiles has been improved
  • Improvement - Many sql sentences were removed from the photos class. This will SQL sentences load faster now.


  • Improvement - MO and PO language files for Spanish and German updated.
  • Improvement - Source code clean up.


  • Improvement - WooCommerce library has been improved.
  • Improvement - reCaptcha conflict with plugin User Front Pro.


  • Improvement - Issue with Stars Rating on Users Directory has been fixed. In some themes the stars were not appearing.
  • Improvement - Issue with Stars Rating on Photo Listing has been fixed. In some themes the stars were not appearing.


  • Improvement - File uploader has been tweaked. Please update.
  • Improvement - CSS style sheet has been minified a little bit. That will help your webiste to load faster.


  • Improvement - CSS styles tweaks. Radio button and checkbox had a "doted" border when selecting them.
  • Improvement - Spanish Language Updated.


  • Improvement - Typos issue.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files for Spanish and German updated.
  • Improvement - Coding clean up.


  • Improvement - Codestyling Localization Improvement.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.


  • Improvement - Localization issue with old textdomain has been resolved.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.


  • New Feature - Email address is updated in mailchimp when the user updates his/her email.
  • Improvement - Localization issue fixed.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.


  • Improvement - reCatpcha module udpate.
  • Improvement - Registration form update.



  • Improvement - We have changed the style of the checkboxes and radio buttons. There were some issues overriding the UU styles, so.. we ended up adding a new style for those components. Now they use pure CSS3. Please clean your temps. It was tested on Firefox/Chrome/Opera/IE/Aurora. Just in case you need to switch back to the old styles just let us know and we will send you the styles. Or you may download the previous version from the repository.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.


  • Improvement - Rating System has been improved. Points calculations tweak
  • New Feature - Package Name is displayed in the Users module of WordPress.


  • Improvement - There was an issue with the path to the style sheets and js files.


  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.
  • Improvement - Swedish language PO file updated.
  • Improvement - German language PO file updated.


  • Improvement - Responsive style were adjusted. There were some issues when seeing the users profile on mobile devices. We've tweaked the css styles.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.


  • Improvement - reCaptcha tweak.


  • New Feature - IP number column. Now you can check the IP number of the users directly in the WP Users link.
  • New Feature - Last login Time. Now you can check the last login date of the user. A new column has been added to the WP Users module.
  • Improvement - Misspelling fixing.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.


  • Improvement - Code clean up.
  • Improvement - We have updated Typsi library for tooltips.
  • Improvement - New words were added to the english language.


  • Improvement - We've tweaked the settings tab. There was an issue with double quotations on reCaptcha text.
  • New Feature - We've added 3 more "Terms&Conditions" text boxes. Now you can ask user to accept up to 4 "terms&conditions".


  • New Feature - After login hook has been added. Now you can perform your own actions right after the user has been logged in. More info here http://doc.usersultra.com/user-after-login-hook/
  • Improvement - Google API tweak.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.



  • Improvement - We've improved the Users Ultra Dashboard. We moved the pages setting within the Permalink Tab. Also, we've imprlemented some other tweaks in order to make the Dashboard much more organized.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.


  • New Feature - tipsy tooltips were added to the UU Dashboard.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.


  • New Feature - New Tab has been added that will let you add your custom CSS code.
  • Improvement - Admin settings section was improved. We've implemented the stripslashes function that will help to avoid issues with the quotations.
  • Improvement - Activation and Confirmation link functions were improved. click here to see details



  • Improvement - Help tab has been improved.
  • Improvement - MO and PO language files were updated for the English language.
  • Improvement - CSS style sheet was improved and optimized. Now, it should load faster.



  • Improvements - Social features updated.
  • Improvements - MO and PO language files for english have been updated.
  • Bug Fix - We have fixed and issue within the dashboard when uploading photos. It was happening only on some Explorer such as Opera


  • Improvements - There was a css clash issue with the "stars rating" module. Some themes are using background-image:none !important; for the "li", this affects directly to some elements of Users Ultra. Please avoid using "!important" within your theme.
  • New Language - Users Ultra Lite has been translated to Swedish language. Thank you very much to €lger. Take a look at her profile here http://www.usersultra.com/support/profile/elger/.


  • Improvements - Some text changed and were improved within the admin dashboard. We've updated the languages files as well.
  • Improvements - Coding clean up.


  • Improvements - Language files MO and PO for english language have been updated.
  • Improvements - Twitter API has been updated and we've added some controls in order to avoid conflicts with other plugin using this class.


  • New Feature - Now you can exclude users from the search results. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE DOCUMENTATION .
  • Improvements - Mailchip has been improved. There was a conflict with other plugins using this library. So.. we ended up renaming the Mailchip class to MailChimp_UUltra.


  • Improvements - CSS tweaks on User's Dashboard.
  • Improvements - Users Directory load speed has been improved.


  • Bug Fix - Password re-type issue. We fixed and issue in the registration form. Althoug, it was an strange issue it has been resolved. please update.
  • Improvements - English Language - PO and MO file were updated.


  • Improvements - Improvements to readme text and help tab.


  • Improvements - Coding clean up.
  • Improvements - New shortcode added to the HTML editor.


  • Improvements - Textdomain improvement. There were some issues when translating the plugin. Now, everything should work well.
  • Improvements - PO and MO file were updated.


  • New Feature - Now You can import users by using the powerful importing tool that comes with the plugin. It doesn't matter how many extra fields you would like to import, Users Ultra will import all of them automatically.


  • Improvements - "Help" tab was updated with new shortcodes.



  • Improvements - Css clash with premium theme food recipes has been fixed.
  • Improvements - Star rating issue has been fixed.


  • Improvements - We've updated the language files, mo and po.


  • Bug Fix - IMPORTANT SECURITY ISSUE. A Vulnerability issue has been fixed in private messages module. PLEASE UPDATE ASAP!


  • Improvements - Coding clean up.
  • Improvements - reCaptcha lib tweaks to avoid double declaration.


  • Improvements - Css clash fixed. Directory buttons text was warping outside of the button. Now it should look fine.


  • Improvements - Updates for translation files. Since WP v4 it's possible to switch your language within the WP admin panel. Please update


  • Improvements - We have optimized the images in the free version which takes almost 1.6mb off of the size of the zip file and almost 2mb off of the unzipped folder. Thanks Dot 07


  • Improvements - reCaptcha conflic with third-party plugins fixed.


  • Improvements - We have cleaned up the JS file within the admin section.
  • Improvements - We have cleaned up the JS files for the front-end profile.
  • Improvements - CSS tweaks for responsive design improved.


  • Improvements - Language file updates.


  • Improvements - Another reCaptcha lib tweak. Please update.
  • Improvements - Language files updated.


  • Improvements - reCaptcha lib tweak. Please update.


  • Improvements - Users Ultra will automatically fix the rotation of JPEG images using PHP's EXIF extension, immediately after they are uploaded to the server. This is implemented for iPhone rotation issues. Please make sure that your turn this function on in the admin.


  • Improvements - We have tweaked some js files such as editor_plugin.js which is in the admin folder. A blank space was being added when using the shortcode button in the HTML editor.



  • New Feature - Now you can set tooltips to each one of you custom fields. The tooltip texts will be displayed in the registration form.


  • Improvements - Language files have been updated.
  • Improvements - Source code clean up.
  • Improvements - Several tweaks have been implemented for the JS coding. There were some plugins and themes overriding the $ variable. Now Users Ultra uses jQuery rather than "$" in multiple functions. Please update

1.3.44 (10-04-2014)

  • New Feature - Now you can display a checkbox in the registration form to display Terms & Conditions Text/HTML. The user must accept terms and conditions to continue with the registration.

1.3.43 (10-02-2014)

  • Improvements - Country flag centering option.
  • New Feature - By default the following heading is displayed when the captcha is activate 'Prove you're not a robot'. You can set your custom heading here

1.3.42 (09-30-2014)

  • Improvements - Even more css tweaks in order to make Users Ultra look better on mobile devices. Enjoy !

1.3.41 (09-30-2014)

  • Improvements - Tweaks within the admin area.

1.3.40 (09-29-2014)

  • Improvements - CSS tweaks for mobile devices. Now user's dashboard, login and registration form should look better on mobiles.

1.3.39 (09-28-2014)

  • Improvements - There were some issues when running the plugin in Multisite installation. Although, our lite version doesn't support multisite installation the improvement should allow users to update their profiles now. It was working fine on single site installation. Since we've received some complaints about multisite installation we made the decision to tweak it. Now everything should work well. Upgrade and enjoy :) !

1.3.38 (09-27-2014)

  • Tweaks - Tweaks to the readme file.

1.3.37 (09-26-2014)

  • New Feature - Option to embed videos from different websites that offer copy/paste players.

1.3.36 (09-25-2014)

  • Improvements - Front-end publisher issue has been fixed. It was taken back users to login page in some WP installations.

1.3.35 (09-25-2014)

  • New Feature - The Social Login features have been improved. Now there is a now option within the admin panel that allows admin to automatically approve accounts when using facebook, twitter, google, yahoo etc etc.

1.3.34 (09-20-2014)

  • Improvements - Star Rating CSS tweak.

1.3.33 (09-17-2014)

  • Improvements - Another tweak to avoid the conflict with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget has been fixed.

1.3.32 (09-17-2014)

  • Improvements - Conflict with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget has been fixed.

1.3.31 (09-17-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Important bug fix in the front-end publisher. Please update.

1.3.30 (09-15-2014)

  • New Feature - reCaptcha has been integrated. Now you can protect your WordPress against spam.

1.3.29 (09-15-2014)

  • New Feature - We have enhanced the shortocode to protect content. Now you can display a blank message instead the default message "Content visible only for registered users."

1.3.28 (09-13-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Date Picker field has been improved since we have received some issues with some custom WP themes. Please update.

1.3.27 (09-11-2014)

  • New Feature - New Shortcode has been added that will allow you to include the Front-End Publisher in any page.

1.3.26 (09-10-2014)

  • Improvements - Login class coding clean up.
  • Improvements - PO and MO files were updated.

1.3.24 (09-08-2014)

  • Bug Fix - Users Can Edit option has been fixed.

1.3.23 (09-06-2014)

  • Improvements - PO and MO files were updated.
  • Improvements - Teeny editor is being displayed in the Front-End Publisher. Please update ASAP.

1.3.22 (09-04-2014)

  • Improvements - Po and Mo files have been updated.

1.3.21 (09-02-2014)

  • Improvements - New option to disable the default lightbox option included in Users Ultra.

1.3.20 (08-26-2014)

  • Improvements - VERY IMPORTANT- PLEASE UPGRADE. We have enhanced the login features for all common and social logins. please upgrade since there was an issue when working with multisite installations.

1.3.19 (08-25-2014)

  • Improvements - Language files mo and po have been updated.

1.3.18 (08-23-2014)

  • Improvements - Minor CSS tweaks due some css clashes.

1.3.17 (08-22-2014)

  • New Feature - We have improved the user's dashboard. Now the user can see the membership package, user id and registered date.

1.3.16 (08-19-2014)

  • Update - mo and po files have been updated. please upgrade.

1.3.15 (08-18-2014)

1.3.14 (08-15-2014)

  • Improvements - Tweaks to the css styles, now it's compatible with salient theme. please upgrade if you're using salient. thanks

1.3.13 (08-15-2014)

  • Improvements - We have changed the "register_activation_hook", just to avoid conflic with other plugins. Thanks codecandid.

1.3.12 (08-13-2014)

  • Improvements - Tweaks to readme text, tweask to css style sheet.

1.3.11 (08-12-2014)

  • Improvements - Social buttons width. Now all the social buttons have the same width.
  • Improvements - There was an issue with some WP themes. The fields were being displayed wrong. We've tweaked the CSS style sheet.

1.3.10 (08-12-2014)

  • Improvements - Please upgrade ASAP. We've improved the user registration process in order to make the user meta data table cleaner.

1.3.9 (08-11-2014)

  • Improvements - Minor tweaks to the coding.

1.3.8 (08-10-2014)

  • Improvements - Css fix and some minor bug fixing.

1.3.7 (08-08-2014)

  • Improvements - Now, when the users register by using a social login option they are automatically approved and they don't need to confirm their accounts.

1.3.6 (08-07-2014)

  • Improvements - Due some complaints we have removed the defaul font family from the plugin. this will avoid some confilc with your current theme's font family.

1.3.5 (08-06-2014)

  • Improvements - CSS tweaks. Now the user's dashboard looks more elegant and some font sizes has been fixed.

1.3.4 (08-05-2014)

  • Improvements - The admin has been improved.

1.3.3 (08-03-2014)

  • Improvements - A warning message will be displayed when the "My account" page is not set. This page is very important because users are taken to this page when using a social authentication method.

1.3.2 (08-03-2014)

  • Improvements - We have updated the language file.

1.3.1 (07-30-2014)

  • Improvements - Css clash issue.

1.3.0 (07-28-2014)

  • Improvements - Minor tweaks to the users module, we have added support for special characters within the emails.

1.2.9 (07-27-2014)

  • Improvements - Please upgrade, we have tweaked the plugin so it will be easier to upgrade from lite to pro.

1.2.8 (07-27-2014)

  • Improvements - We have improved the css within the user's dashboard. The side menu was giving some issues with some themes.

1.2.7 (07-26-2014)

  • New Feature - New setting has been added to guests can leave a rate without being logged in.

1.2.6 (07-24-2014)

  • Improvements - We have fixed some translation issues with some texts.

1.2.5 (07-22-2014)

  • Improvements - Minor tweaks to the plugin and we've updated the readme description.
  • Bug Fix - Issue with message displayed when not selecting user profile options. Array message has been resolved

1.2.3 (07-20-2014)

  • Improvement - We have added a new setting to the settings page so you can choice your desired "My Account" page.
  • PRO - Minor CSS tweaks.

1.2.2 (07-20-2014)

  • Improvement - PLEASE UPDATE ASAP. We have fixed an issue when upgrading from free to pro version. It's very important you will need to upgrade to 1.2.1 version before upgrading from free version to pro.

1.2.1 (07-19-2014)

  • Improvement - Newsletter and Mailchimp updates.

1.2.0 (07-19-2014)

  • PRO Improvement - Many budges have been added.

1.1.9 (07-18-2014)

  • Improvement - WooCommerce sync, Billing and Shipping country sync issue on 2.1 version.
  • PRO - New Features for the pro, badges achievements, offline/onine status.
  • PRO - New Feature, capability to place social connect buttons at any place of your blog.

1.1.8 (07-18-2014)

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-25
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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