User Wallet Credit System


User Wallet Credit System is the first and original plugin for WooCommerce that provides each user of your WordPress website with their very own personal
wallet. Users can load their wallet with virtual money paid for using real money. The plugin provides a way to purchase items from your store while using their virtual money.
Store managers can also adjust user amount easily in the backend of WordPress.

Starting with version 3.0, you will be able to adjust a users wallet by clicking on Users. You will now see the option to “Edit Wallet” under each user.


  • Easy to install
  • Load wallet using credit products which then can be used for later purchases.
  • Ties into WooCommerce settings for currency formatting (simple).
  • Manually adjust user wallet balances if need be from the admin area.
  • Make purchases using the wallet balance.

How To Use:

  • Go to “Add Product” in WooCommerce and give the bundle a name.
  • Ensure the product type is “Simple Product”, “Virtual” check box is checked, and “Credit” is checked as the products category. Under the inventory tab check “Enable this to only allow one of this item to be bought in a single order”
  • Save the product. Once saved you will see an input label “Credit Amount”. Enter the credit amount for the product. (If the product’s retail price is 10.00 then the credit amount should be 10.00).
  • Save the product again.

The plugin is setup not to list the credit bundles (products) in the store with other products. It is recommended that when you are offering users the ability to purchase products, that they do not have anything else in their cart.


Show Current User Wallet Balance:

[uw_balance display_username="true" separator=":" username_type="display_name"]
  • display_username = (true|false) – Show username next to balance
  • separator = (:|-) The character separating the username and wallet balance.
  • username_type = (display_name|first_name|last_name|full_name)

Display a table containing the bundles (credit product) and “Buy Now” buttons:


Things to Note:

  • The plugins uses user meta fields to keep track of wallet balances. (_uw_balance).. Beware if you plan to change this. You could wipe everyones wallet balances out.


  • Fixed the required issue with a file that does not exist.


  • Restructure admin management flow for better performance.
  • Security Update.
  • Minor code refactoring


  • Tested with WP 4.8.
  • Added: wpuw_update_status filter. Defaults to “completed” (WC status). Used to modify the checkout status when using WPUW.
  • Removed default values from main class to auto complete.
  • — Added a widget to display user wallet for logged in users


  • Tested with latest version of WC and WP.
  • Fixed undefined error if debug was set to true in wp-config.php
  • Typo Updates
  • Changed occurrences of plugin to User Wallet instead of Virtual Wallet


  • Fixed issue where all orders go into “Complete” status, even if the product was not a currency package or virtual wallet was used as a payment method.


  • Fixed infinite credit bug reported by dvolkering
  • Updated version and confirmed working on 4.1


  • Initial Release


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload user-wallet to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Refer to plugin description in regards to setting up how the plugins works


Can User Wallet be used to make purchases?

Yes. If you enabled the Virtual Wallet Payment Gateway (which is included in the plugin).

Can the Wallet balance and Credit card Payment Methods be used together to make a purchase?

No. Use Wallet can not be used with any other payment method at the same time during checkout.

Is there Multisite Support

Yes. The users funds will follow them accessed all network sites.


THE user wallet plugin

If you need user wallet plugin for your Woocommerce, look no further! It is easy to set up and use, being actively developed and has awesome support!

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work – I am unable to add funds from the backend.
Also, configuration screen doesn’t load completely – there’s a checkbox to enable showing funds at checkout but not even a “Save” button after.

Given that the plugin was last updated 9 months ago (as of writing this review) I doubt it will be fixed.

Good plugin, less options, slow support

The plugin works great and does what it says it does.

More importantly it was the only plugin i could find that has a way to handle a multisite wallet system. Most other credits/wallet/deposit plugins are tied to woocommerce, which basically means that when you have a multisite setup and work with seperate subsites every site will have his own wallet and synchronizing userfunds isnt possible.

With this plugin it is!!! Its fully amazing and it works as the user funds are stored in the user meta fields. So when you have a multisite setup which works with 1 user database then this plugin is fantastic as you are able to have a global wallet which works on all subsites. So a user can deposit at shop A, spend at shop B, spend more at shop C and so on, and offcourse the other way around.

For me this makes this plugin unique as its the first (as far as i know) who uses the meta field as fund storage, a brilliant idea.

But as there are some things im not that font of. The plugin basically comes with zero settings which sucks. It would be nice if you could adjust field names (like instead of credits, points or whatever).

Also the shortcodes are limited. Would be nice if you could do some basic checks like: if user has no funds then show x, or some other basic stuff.

Last but not least. I understand this plugin is free, but that doesnt mean its ok to not look at your support page for weeks. People use your plugin and the plugin owner should provide faster support, paid or not paid, i dont care.

For the rest the plugin seems to work flawlessly.

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