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User Meta

A well designed, features reached and easy to use user management plugin that allows front-end profile update, user registration with extra fields.


  • Visual options selector for dropdown, multi-select, radio and checkbox
  • Code: Minimum requirements for the plugin is PHP-5.4 and WP-3.7
  • Code: Using namespace and rewriting field generation classes
  • Code: Apply PSR-2 coding standard to all PHP files
  • Code: Rewrite all field generation codes
  • Optimized for wpml support
  • Update translation files
  • Added user_meta_loaded action hook to load extensions
  • Put inline front-end JavaScript to footer
  • Added tooltip to field editor
  • Remove placeholder as field label type, as placeholder has its own field.
  • Force uploaded file name to be lowercase and special character escaped.
  • New Hooks: user_meta_field_config_render, user_meta_field_config_before_update, user_meta_form_config_render
  • Style file remove link
  • Delete avatar and files while deleting a user
  • Delete old files & avatar on profile update
  • Pro: Redirection to a page
  • Pro: Export users by form_id and write to file
  • Pro: Renamed user-meta directory to user-meta-pro for pro version
  • Fix: re-validation for regex input
  • Fix: Storing admin approval emails bug
  • Fix: Email notification selection tab collapse
  • Fix: Bulk users export issue
  • Fix: Password reset issue since WP-4.3
  • Fix: Add user to blog, without user_login but user_email
  • Fix: Don’t let existing user register again for the same site under network
  • Fix: WP-4.5 compatibility

  • Fix: Duplicate field id in case of form import
  • Check if other reCaptcha library is exists, to avoid conflict.
  • Fix: Add user to blog
  • Fix: Rich text url bug


  • Redesigned fields and forms editor.
  • Conditional logic.
  • Username will remain same as email while registration without username.
  • Remove base64_decode.
  • Switch uploader code to admin-ajax.php.
  • Remove html5 required validation, add html5 regex to custom field.
  • Strip @noreply.com.
  • Added Turkish and Czech translation.
  • Added regex to password field.
  • Pro: Allow to hide extra social fields from backend profile.
  • Pro: reCaptcha v2.
  • Pro: Added %generated_password% placeholder.
  • Pro: Remove password & email field from standard fields set. Those fields can can be used via “custom fields”.
  • Pro: Add retype_label to custom field.
  • Pro: Added yearRange to datetime field.
  • Pro: Profile update email for backend, track modified email.
  • Pro: Added filter: user_meta_countries_list filter to countries list.
  • Pro: Separate email verification and admin approval processes.
  • Fix: Pagination bug.
  • Fix: required checkbox error.


  • Support user registration for free version.
  • Remove plugin-framework.css/js. Split user-meta.js into user-meta.js and user-meta-admin.js
  • Optimize the plugin for user-meta-advanced add-on.
  • Allow action/filter hook enable/disable by ‘user_meta_wp_hook’ filter.
  • Added Chinese translation.
  • Fix: postbox toggle icon and allows drag texts inside postbox.
  • Removed users_can_register option dependencies for user registration form.
  • Added role placeholder.
  • Added ver paramater to js and css files.
  • Pro: Shortcode: [user-meta-field id=Field_ID] for showing single field.
  • Pro: Shortcode: [user-meta-field-value id=Field_ID] to show stored field content.
  • Pro: Store resetpass hashed key instead of plaintext as of WP-3.7
  • Pro: Added Lost Password email notification.
  • Pro: Number field allows integer and decimal point.
  • Pro: Filter: user_meta_admin_email_recipient to filter admin notification email.
  • Pro: Added multiselect field and allow optgroup on select.
  • Pro: Import both plain text and hashed password with users import.
  • Pro: Allow override of WordPress default user registration and reset password email by add-on.
  • Pro: try to send single email when sending multiple email at a time failed.
  • Pro: Added registration link with login form/widget.


  • Add user_id parameter to user_meta_pre_user_update filter hook.
  • Remove not used uploaded files via schedule events.
  • Add Russian translation. (Thanks to Vitaliy Cherednichenko for his translation)
  • Add placeholder support to Fields Editor.
  • Change file upload directory to /uploads/files/
  • Change logout url. Logout url is not using resetpass anymore.
  • Add html5 placeholder to field by user-meta hook.
  • Bug fix: Required validation for country field.
  • Add settings for customize UMP generated text for front-end.
  • Pro: Allow to send email notification for all users who have administrative role.
  • Pro: User password will not force to include in registration email notification.
  • Pro: Add option for use default lostpassword url.
  • Pro: Remember last user import settings.
  • Pro: Use separate page for reset password and email verification.
  • Pro: Login redirect will not show any message while redirecting.

  • Add Captcha for login form.
  • Fix import UMP and pagination bugs.


  • Use TinyMCE as rich text editor.
  • meta_key auto generate from field title.
  • Enable translation for dynamic text.
  • Disable free to pro one click update as WordPress plugin guidline.
  • add allow_custom in datetime field to allow more customization by js.
  • Added alternate method when allow_url_fopen=0 for showing uploaded image.
  • Field validation in both server and client side.
  • Pro: Introduce new field type "Custom Field" to add custom regex and error message.


  • Assign form to login widget.
  • Allow role based profile as widget.
  • Replace type=both into type=profile-registration
  • Replace type=none into type=public
  • type=public allow user_id as $_GET for showing public user profile.
  • Add type=login to form widget.
  • Change date format and filter hook.
  • Default role selection.
  • Shortcode generator popup.
  • Clickable checkbox and radio.
  • Added filter: user_meta_pre_configuration_update for fields_editor, forms_editor and settings.
  • Action: user_meta_load_admin_pages
  • Filter: user_meta_execution_page_config
  • Filter: user_meta_default_login_form
  • Aded filter support to lost password form and deafult login form.
  • Theme for reCaptcha.
  • Check user access by “add_users” capability.
  • Clickable users listing for Active | Inactive | Pending | Pending Approval
  • Change email verification and reset password process.
  • WordPress-3.5 compatibility.
  • UMP Export-Import fields, forms, settings.
  • Role based profile showing.
  • Allow role selection on registration/profile (admin can choose which roles user can select).
  • Field title position: Top, Left, Right, Inline, Hidden.
  • Added “Auto login after user registration” feature.
  • Fixes: Password changing from frontend.
  • Image crop for avatar or file upload.
  • Single pot file.
  • Enable SSL admin.
  • Assign custom form with login widget/login form that allow to use custom field, class name, changing button text/class.
  • Integrate plugin-framework.pot with user-meta.pot (single pot file instead of two).
  • Provide more action/filter hook in every steps.
  • Allow to use placeholder under html field.
  • MU: New blog registration.
  • MU: Add user to blog.
  • MU: added option for prevent login for non-member for current blog.
  • Registration/Profile widget.
  • Registration/Profile Template Tag.
  • Extended users export.
  • Allow to change button’s text and css class of form.
  • Custom email notification for profile update(both user and admin).


  • One click upgrade to Pro version.
  • Add default email sender support.
  • Pro: One click version update.
  • Pro: Login widget. Showing role based user data with login widget or shortcode.
  • Pro: Extra fields in backend profile.
  • Pro: Role based customizable email notification with extra fields.
  • Pro: Import users from csv file including user's meta data.
  • Pro: Front-end lost password and reset password tools.
  • Pro: User email verification on registration.
  • Pro: User activation and deactivation.
  • pro: Role based user redirection on registration, login and logout.
  • Fix: Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability


  • Added Support while fail AJAX call


  • Include first version of User Meta Pro
  • Pro: added more fields type
  • Pro: Frontend Registration
  • Pro: Frontend Login with username or email


  • Changing complete structure
  • Make Seperation of fields and form, so one field can be use in many form
  • Add verious type of fields
  • Added dragable fields to form
  • Improve frontend profile


  • Extend Import Functionality
  • Draggable Meta Field
  • Add Donation Button


  • Optimize code using php class.
  • add [user-meta-profile] shortcode support.


  • Some Bug Free.


  • First version.

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 23 hours ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


3.2 out of 5 stars


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