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Unique Headers

Adds the ability to use unique custom header images on individual pages, posts or categories or tags.

Version 1.4.8: Fixing a bug triggered by WordPress assigning non-URL's as the URL. Version 1.4.7: Setting a more sane plugin review time. Version 1.4.6: Fixing bug with handling taxonomies. Added plugin review notice back, but without the non-existent MONTH_IN_SECONDS constant. Version 1.4.5: Removing plugin review notice due to unsolvable errors. Version 1.4.4: Adding plugin review class back, with correct time stamp set. Version 1.4.3: Temporarily removing plugin review class until bugs are fixed. Version 1.4.2: Adding a plugin review class. Version 1.4.1: Instantiating the plugin later (allows for adding additional post-types in themes). Version 1.4: Adding backwards compatibility to maintain header images provided by the Taxonomy metadata plugin. Version 1.3.12: Added French language translation. Version 1.3.11: Moved instantiation and localization code into a class. Version 1.3.10: Added Deutsch (German) language translation. Version 1.3.9: Fixing error which caused header images to disappear on upgrading (data was still available just not accessed correctly).
Version 1.3.8: Modification translation system to work with changes on WordPress.org.
Version 1.3.7: Addition of Spanish translation
Version 1.3.1: Adjustment to match post meta key to other plugins, for compatibilty reasons.
Version 1.3: Total rewrite to use custom built in system for media uploads. Also adapted taxonomies to use ID's and added support for extra post-types and taxonomies.
Version 1.2: Converted to use the class from the Multiple Featured Images plugin
Version 1.1: Added support for tags
Version 1.0.4: Added support for displaying a category specific image on the single post pages
Version 1.0.3: Correction for $new_url for categories
Version 1.0.2: Bug fix to allow default header to display when no category specified
Version 1.0.1: Bug fixes for post/page thumbnails
Version 1.0: Initial release


Thanks to the following for help with the development of this plugin:
* Todd - Assistance with implementing support for tags
* Mariano J. Ponce - Spanish translation
* Tobias Klotz - Deutsch (German) language translation. * Nadia Tokerud - Proof-reading of Norsk Bokmål (Norwegian) translation (coming soon)
* Bjørn Johansen - Proof-reading of Norwegian Bokmål translation (coming soon)
* Karl Olofsson - Proof-reading of Swedish translation (coming soon)
* Jenny Beaumont - French translation (coming soon)

Requires: 4.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 9,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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