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UnifiedSMB for WooCommerce


Purpose and Functionality

UnifiedSMB for WooCommerce integrates with UnifiedSMB Backoffice, a third-party service, to enhance your e-commerce capabilities.
This integration allows for seamless synchronization of your WooCommerce product catalog, customer data, orders, and payment processing with the UnifiedSMB platform.

  • Product Catalog Synchronization: Your WooCommerce store is automatically updated with product information from the UnifiedSMB Backoffice, ensuring your product listings are always up-to-date.
  • Customer and Order Synchronization: Customer information and order details are synced between WooCommerce and the UnifiedSMB Backoffice, providing a unified view of your customer interactions and sales.
  • Payment Processing: The plugin handles online payments through the UnifiedSMB payment platform, offering a secure and efficient checkout process for your customers.

UnifiedSMB Backoffice Access

Each user of UnifiedSMB for WooCommerce will have a unique URL to access their specific UnifiedSMB Backoffice.
This URL follows a standard format:


Replace [YourBackofficePrefix] with your personalized backoffice prefix provided by UnifiedSMB.
If you are unsure of your backoffice prefix, please refer to your UnifiedSMB account setup information or contact UnifiedSMB support for assistance.

Additional Third-Party Service Usage

Our plugin integrates with an external service known as the SalesChannels API to enhance its functionality and provide you with an advanced e-commerce experience.
This integration is a critical component of our offering, allowing for seamless interactions between your e-commerce platform and the UnifiedSMB Backoffice system.

  • Service Details and Usage

  • Service Name: SalesChannels API

  • Service URL: https://api-saleschannels.[YourBackofficePrefix]

To utilize this service, you’ll need to replace [YourBackofficePrefix] with the unique prefix assigned to your account by UnifiedSMB.
This prefix is essential for ensuring your plugin’s successful communication with the SalesChannels API.
If you’re uncertain about your backoffice prefix, you can find this information within your UnifiedSMB account setup documents or by reaching out to UnifiedSMB support.

Documentation and Support
For further details on how to integrate and use the SalesChannels API with our plugin, please refer to the following resources:

  • UnifiedSMB Support:
  • SalesChannels API Terms of Use:
  • SalesChannels API Privacy Policy:
    These resources provide comprehensive guidance on using the SalesChannels API, including its terms of use and privacy policy, ensuring you are fully informed about the data handling and legal aspects of using this external service.

Legal and Privacy Considerations
By using our plugin and the SalesChannels API, you agree to the terms of service and privacy policies outlined by UnifiedSMB and the SalesChannels API provider.
We encourage you to review these documents thoroughly to understand how your data is used and protected.

We are committed to transparency and legal compliance in all our operations, including the use of third-party services.
If you have any questions or concerns about our use of the SalesChannels API or any other external service, please do not hesitate to contact us or the respective service provider directly.

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By using UnifiedSMB for WooCommerce, you agree to the terms of use and acknowledge the privacy policy of UnifiedSMB Backoffice.
Please review these documents to understand how your data is handled and the implications of integrating with this third-party service.


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