This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Under Construction Admin Color Scheme


Under Construction Admin Color Scheme is a visual throwback to the early days of the Web, when spirits were high, no-one used Internet Explorer, and those annoying “Under Construction” graphics were all over the place.

With strong blacks, bright yellows and some eye-grabbing stripes, it’s a macho color scheme for manly designers who need a visual reminder that their site isn’t finished yet.

Will it make you more productive? Probably not. But you’ll have the comforting illusion that you’re working heavy machinery with your bare hands, rather than growing old and pudgy under fluorescent light.

The layout of the Admin panel is for the most part unaltered, save for a few pixels here and there. However the main editing area is centered and made wider (90% of screen width), just because I prefer it that way.

Tested in Forefox 2 and IE7 (Win). This plugin requires WordPress 2.5.

Known Issues

  • There are some small inconsistencies in the way menus are rendered, because tracking down all the CSS rules used in WordPress to create those menus is a real pain. If you’re fussy about this, you may want to redirect those energies into something constructive.
  • It’s kinda ugly. I know. But have you seen what IE8 does to your blog template?


Thanks to Ozh, for his article about creating a color scheme plugin.

Much thanks of course to Matt and the WordPress team.


GPL sounds good.


I didn’t break it, you did.


  • The Dashboard page, completely impossible to ignore.
  • The Write Post page, now with added urgency.
  • The Plugins page: now it's blatantly obvious when you haven't updated or activated all those plugins you've downloaded.
  • The Admin Color Scheme chooser. You too could have the Under Construction option, for the price of a free download and some trivial unzipping/uploading/activating effort.


To use the Under Construction Admin Color Scheme you must:

  1. Download the plugin and unzip.
  2. Upload the plugin directory (‘/under-construction-admin-color-scheme/’) to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory on your WordPress installation.
  3. Activate the plugin on your Plugins page.
  4. Choose the ‘Under Constructuion’ color scheme under Users / Your Profile.
  5. Get back to work.


What use is this plugin?

This is of almost no use whatsoever. What little use it had at all was in the development process, where I learned quite a bit about WordPress’ Admin design, and about the ways you can torture CSS into doing all sorts of things. What use it may represent to you is beyond my capacity to guess.

Will this break anything on my site?

Unlikely. All the plugin does is add a color scheme. It might annoy you, but that’s about it. Usual caveats apply, and if you don’t know what the usual caveats are, give me your username and password.

Why a Construction scheme?

The metaphor of construction is commonly used when developing websites, though not often so literally anymore. There was a time when developers felt the need to remind their visitors that a website was never a finished object, that it was perpetually ‘under construction’. That time was 1996.

Why did you make it?

A man apparently called Photo asked whether anyone had developed color schemes for WordPress 2.5. There were no immediate responses, and he seemed depressed and lonely. Plus I wanted to learn about the Plugin Directory’s system without having to finish a plugin that actually did something useful.

What about foobar?

The foobarity of the color scheme has been assessed independantly at approximately 0.3, though you may have to recalibrate your monitor to repeat that value under real-world conditions.

Contributors & Developers

“Under Construction Admin Color Scheme” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.