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Ultimate WP Query Search Filter

Ultimate WP Query Search Filter lets you filter searches through post types, taxonomies and meta fields. Results displayed via search template or Ajax

How can I styling the search form?

You can simply refer the themes/default.css within the plugin folder and alter it or override it at your theme's CSS file.

What if I want to display the search form in my template?

Put this into your template:

What if I want to display the search form in a sidebar widget?

Just insert the shortcodes like you would in the post content. eg. [ULWPQSF id=3299]

What if I want to display the search form in a tempate?

From version 1.0.4 you can use get_uwpqdf_form() to display the form in template. You have to insert aleast the form id attribute to the function. Eg. $arg=array('id'=>102); echo get_uwpqsf_form($arg);. Other attributes supported includes 'button','formtitle' and 'divclass', just like the shortcodes does.

What is the 'button' parameter? How is it used?

The 'button' parameter is used to display/hide the search button. NOTE that this parameter is applied to AJAX SEARCH only and once you hide the button, it will automatically update the result when a change is made in the search form. To hide the button, simply add 'button=0' to the shortcode. eg. [ULWPQSF id=3299 button=0]

What is the 'divclass' parameter? How is it used?

The 'divclass' is used to add your own class to the front-end search form. This class will be applied to each filter (taxonomy or meta field) and then you can use it for customize the design etc. To use the parameter, just simply add 'divclass' to the shortcode. eg. [ULWPQSF id=3299 divclass=my_own_class]

What if I don't want to display the title of the search form?

Just set the formtitle attribute to 0 in the shortcode eg. [ULWPQSF id=3299 formtitle="0"]

I want to put the string search input box on the top of the search form

Frist, you need to enable the string search at the form setting page, then on the shortcode add text_position="top". Eg. [ULWPQSF id=3299 text_position="top"].

How can I customize the plugin?

Visit this website to get the details.

For more Info or Documentation please visit here.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.13
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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