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Ultimate Product Catalog Plugin

A responsive and easily customizable product catalog plugin for all your product catalog needs.

How do I display my catalog? If I have more than one catalog, what do I do?

Put this shortcode on whatever page you’re trying to put the catalog on: ‘[product-catalogue id=’X’]’ or [product-catalog id=’X’]and replace the ‘X’ with the ID of your catalog. This can be found by clicking on your catalog, the catalog ID is beside the catalog name on the catalog’s details page. You can also copy the shortcode directly from the “Catalogues” page.

To display one of your catalogs use the corresponding attribute ‘id='X'’ in the product-catalogue shortcode to specify that catalog, where 'X' is replaced with the catalog ID.

Can my products be in more than one category or sub-category?

No, products can only be in a single category and sub-category. Products can have as many tags desired, since tags are used to represent product attributes.

Can I load my catalog with a layout other than the default "Thumbnail" layout?

Add the attribute [starting_layout='LAYOUT’] for your catalog, where LAYOUT is replaced with the layout you would like to be the starting catalog layout (List or Detail are the two options currently).

I only want to display one catalog layout and to remove the layout bar at the top from my catalog?

The attribute ‘excluded_layouts’ lets you stop one or more layouts from being displayed for your catalog. It accepts a comma separated list of layouts you wish to exclude. For example, [excluded_layouts='Thumbnail, List’] would make your catalog display only the "Detail" view. To remove the layout bar you can try adding the following into your "Custom CSS" box for your catalog(where the colour matches the colour of the catalog you are using): ‘.Blue-prod-cat-header-div {display: none;}’

My product description gets cut off even though I have changed the max characters for my catalog, how can I fix this?

There is a text area labelled "Custom CSS" when you click on the catalog that you're editing. Try adding this to it: ‘.prod-cat-addt-details-desc-div {max-height:none;}’

How do I remove the sidebar from my catalog?

You can use the attribute [sidebar=‘No'] in the product-catalogue shortcode to remove the sidebar from a catalog.

Why aren’t my products uploading from the spreadsheet?

There are a number of reasons why products might not be uploading correctly. First, make sure that you’re uploading either a .xls or .xlsx file type (not .csv). Second, make sure that you’ve written all of your field names correctly (Name, Slug, Description, Price, Image, Category, Sub-Category, Tags), especially custom fields, which need to be exactly the same as the field name. Third, make sure that you don’t have any columns that have been edited unintentionally (which gives an “incorrect field name” error).

How do I get custom changes I’ve made to the product page layout or the custom fields I’ve added in the product details to display?

On the “Options” page the “Custom Product Page” needs to be set to “Yes” for custom layout to display.

How do I sort the order of the products within the catalog?

You can arrange the order of the products by dragging and dropping the products on the “Catalogue Details” page .

How do I translate the catalog into my language?

A great place to start learning about how to translate a plugin is at the link below: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-translate-a-wordpress-plugin

Once translated, you'll need to put the translated catalog mo- and po- files directly in the lang folder and make sure they are named properly for your localization. If you do translate the catalog, other users would love to have access to the files in your language. You can send them to us at Contact@EtoileWebDesign.com, and we’ll be sure they’re included in a future release.

What is enabled in the 'Premium' version?

The premium version includes a lot of great features including: the ability to add over 100 products, additional product images, SEO friendly catalog URLs, product tags and custom fields for catalog sorting, custom catalog product pages, a minimalist catalog layout option and more!

  • Super responsive tabbed layout with customizable tabs
  • Drag-and-drop catalog product pages layout
  • Lightbox, product inquiry form and product reviews
  • Custom fields that can be used to include product manuals, additional information, etc.
  • SEO friendly catalog single product pages
  • Unlimited catalog products
  • Additional images per product
  • Catalog pretty permalinks
  • Product tags
  • More catalog layout options
  • Related and Next/Previous catalog product display
  • Styling, labeling and dozens of other options!

For a more in depth list, please visit our FAQ page: http://www.etoilewebdesign.com/ultimate-product-catalogue-faq

For more questions and support you can post in the support forum: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/ultimate-product-catalogue


Tutorial Video 1 - Installation and Set Up

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Tutorial Video 6 - Shortcodes

Tutorial Video 7 - Extra URL Parameters for Filtering

Tutorial Video 8 - Custom CSS

Premium Features (a little out of date, update coming soon!)

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.2
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