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Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin

Awesome plugin to host auctions on your wordpress site and sell anything you want.


  • Fix - Plugin would only show comments which are approved by admin.


  • Fix - False Error while adding auction about empty title and description has been fixed.


  • Fix - Added UAE's currency support
  • Fix - Fixed South African currency symbol issue
  • Fix - Fixed multiple emails problem.


  • Fix - Missing file "see-more-bidder.php" has been checked in to fix Manage auction section


  • New Feature - Auction feeder and dedicated pages are made responsive.
  • New Feature - Now Bid is retained if non logged is redirected to login.
  • Fix - Localhost upload problem
  • Fix - Usernames are now hyperlinked to show their emails inside Manage auction section.


  • New Feature - Deleting auction would delete its images too.
  • New Feature - Manage Auction -> Expired auction -> Payment column would now highlight payment method for better readability.
  • Fix - Description text would appear without HTML code.
  • Fix - New layout for Settings tab and separate Payments tab to mention payment related details.


  • Fix - Plugin comments conflicts with theme/site comments.
  • Fix - Javascript code has been moved out in separate directory as it was previously posing problem with few wordpress themes.


  • Fix - Warning message appearing under manage auction.


  • Fix - Auction owner cannot place bid on his own auction
  • Fix - Feed page overlap issue for few WP themes.
  • Fix - Timer is now localized to be converted to local language.
  • Fix - Popup message saying "ʺyou can be winner if you amount is close to buy nowʺ is now rectified to show at correct time.


  • Code Update to support Proxy Bidding Addon. One needs to buy Proxy Bidding Addon for free plugin or PRO version for it.
  • Code Update to support Automatic Time Extension to avoid snipping. One needs to buy Proxy Bidding Addon for free plugin or PRO version for it.
  • Fix - Feed Page Image is now displayed by scaling it ratio wise which does not squeeze or blur the image.
  • Fix - Default Image when no images are loaded.
  • Fix - Lightbox Image container is fixed for no images. Earlier empty container was shown.


  • Fix - Email Notification is not working for some wordpress site.
  • Fix - Paypal link not proper for email clients like outlook.


  • Support for new Search feature - Plugin will integrate with Categories Addon to display categories and search box.
  • Auction short description field - New field added inside "Add Auction" form. This field is responsible in displaying auction excerpts (1 or 2 lines about auction) on feed page. Prior to this,
  • All prices on front end would display decimal values upto 2 places.
  • Bug - Fix provided for HTML Editor for auction description to accept new line characters.
  • Bug - Email Sent via plugin would have sender name as website name.


  • Plugin now supports Category Addon - If you want category feature then you need to buy category addon.
  • Added Countdown timer for auctions.
  • Breadcrumb added for dedicated auction.
  • Bid Now button added on feed page.
  • Lightbox feature to display auction images


  • HTML editor added for Product description field.
  • Bulk delete feature added for Manage Auction.
  • Feed page Shortcode Issue resolved: Use your own text below and above shortcode.
  • Resolved plugin conflicts: Renamed common variables which causes issues with other loosely coded plugins.
  • Bug Resolved pertaining to End Auction when 2 bidders are competing for auction till last minute.


  • Outbid Email which sends emails to all existing bidders that you have been outbid
  • Code to integrate with Shipping Cost Addon. This lets you add shipping cost in auctions.


  • Decimal Pricing is now possible. To make this work: Update your plugin to 1.0.3 & then deactivate & re-activate the plugin.


  • Pagination bug resolved


  • New Feature added where only registered users can place bids
  • Major CRLF bug resolved


Alpha Launch

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


15 of 20 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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