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Experimental WordPress admin UI features, shiny ones.

2.2.2 (2016-01-04)

  • Changed: Bail earlier if the slug comes up null because that means the plugin is doing something derpy.

2.2.1 (2015-11-30)

  • Fixed: An unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM occurred.

2.2.0 (2015-10-07)

  • New: Experiment number 5, added warnings for plugins over 2 years old

2.1.1 (2015-08-21)

  • Fixed: CSS with scheduled posts was off because of a change I missed in core!

2.1 (2015-02-11)

  • Changed: CSS trickery to show the scheduled posts with a fake button
  • Fixed: Array state of stupidity with post states

2.0 (2015-01-26)

  • Notice: Forked from original by John O'Nolan with the intent to merge and/or take over.
  • Changed: Removed images in order to use Dashicons instead.
  • Changed: Moved CSS to subfolder for organization.
  • Changed: Moved settings page to Tools.
  • Changed: Modernized code via singleton, settings UI, shared options (upgrade will keep 'em intact).
  • Fixed: Proper use of plugins_url (we should never be calling our plugin folder by name).
  • Fixed: Removed post-format images since that's in core now.
  • Fixed: Experiment number 2, updated for the WP 4.0 world.
  • Updated: Screenshots
  • New: Experiment number 4, larger fonts for old people

1.2 (2011-10-05)

  • New: Experiment number 3, server identification colour coding. Adds a coloured bar to the top of WP admin to easily identify when you're editing dev/staging/live site.

1.1.3 (2011-08-21)

  • Fixed: Bug where post titles were invisible for non admin users. Props RyanImel.

1.1.2 (2011-07-20)

  • New: Experiment #1 support for Custom Post Formats with new icons.
  • New: Classic admin footer bar also added to experiment #2.
  • Fixed: Background labels made properly invisible with new WordPress 3.2 table bg colors.
  • Fixed: Display errors with new admin header when using menu in collapsed mode.
  • Fixed: Experiments will now automatically turn on when the plugin is activated.

1.1.1 (2011-07-16)

  • Fixed: CSS bug in new admin header
  • Fixed: Ollie swearing on the settings page. Bad Ollie.

1.1 (2011-07-15)

  • New: The second UI Labs experiment, brings back a more traditional WordPress admin header. WARNING: Minimum version for this plugin is now WordPress 3.2.
  • New: Settings screen to enable/disable individual experiments. Special thanks to Ollie Read for this.

1.0.2 (2011-07-06)

  • New: WordPress 3.2 compatibility
  • Fixed: Bug where there was no margin between post status labels and post titles.
  • Fixed: Bug where "Header image" labels were being made invisible on the Media management page.

1.0.1 (2011-03-23)

  • New: Support for Private and Password protected post statuses.
  • Fixed: Support for multiple post statuses
  • Screenshot: http://cl.ly/5RgI

1.0 (2011-03-23)

  • New: The first experiment! Colour-Coded Posts Statuses, making it easier to pick out Sticky, Pending, and Draft posts from the edit-posts screen. Mmmmmm shiny.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.2
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 400+


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