Udinra All Image Sitemap



  • Generates ALT text if there is none must for Image SEO
  • Support WordPress Multisite installation
  • Index sitemap functionality to help large sites. Google recommending Index Sitemap
  • Control Sitemap generation frequency
  • Pings Search Engines

Image Sitemap Pro Features

  • Supports popular Gallery plugins (NextGen Gallery, Foo Gallery, Envira Gallery, Photo Gallery, Final Tiles Grid Gallery,Gallery plugin by Best Web Soft)
  • Supports Slider plugin (Meta Slider).
  • eCommerce plugin support (WooCommerce,WP eCommerce,Easy Digital Downloads etc)
  • Supports Visual Composer plugins (WPBakery , Site Origin etc)
  • Supports Download Monitor plugin
  • All of Free plugin features

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Image Sitemap details by Google

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  • Configuration Page
  • Index Sitemap
  • Sitemap Page


The plugin can be installed like any other plugin.You can search from WordPress Dashboard (Udinra Image Sitemap) and click install to install it.You can also download it and upload it to your server wp-content/plugins directory and extract the zip file.


Step by step solution to common problems faced so please read the documentation before raising a support ticket.


Installation Instructions

The plugin can be installed like any other plugin.You can search from WordPress Dashboard (Udinra Image Sitemap) and click install to install it.You can also download it and upload it to your server wp-content/plugins directory and extract the zip file.


Ruin your site with this

If you’re a newbie, then you’ll love this in ignorance. If you’re experienced, check your server for 4 (FOUR!) different sitemaps. This plugin is a mess leaving orphans behind and will destroy your site entirely when it comes to photos. We checked our server and had 4 different variations of image sitemaps. Stay away from this or destroy your site. Terrible programming and updates just destroy it more.

Don’t bother

I agree with the last reviewer. This plugin is all over the place haphazardly leaving its current users in the dark about the needed cleanup. The code could have been a bit more complete, as there are now numerous users who will suffer without knowing about the changes made over the last versions, thereby leaving the SEs to get confused with the multiple issues the author has created.

The plugin author has changed the sitemap URL and the plugin and therefore, one must login to the server to delete old deprecated sitemaps that will only confuse the search engines.

As already mentioned, if you were utilizing this in your robots.txt, you will also have to alter that as well, also realize that this plugin has drastically changed over the last versions. If you still have the old compressed version of the sitemap on your server, you will have to delete those too.

Keep in mind that the search engines have been doing just fine reading alt-text and img-atts for years. With the new algorithms, they will find your images just fine. To use the sales line that this plugin utilizes “Alt Text” is redundant, because alt-text has been used to identify photos for years and years without any problems whatsoever.

If you care about your images being found on the SEs, then just write good quality Img-Atts & Alt-Text. There has never been a need for plugins like this, as they would only bloat your plugin list unnecessarily.

alert she changed the path

[ Moderator note: Topic decapped. Please do not use all caps again, it is considered to be rude. ]

Absolutely ridiculous. If you have THE SITEMAP IN YOUR ROBOTS.TXT FILE, she changed the freakin URL! This means you have to go in and redo everything.

I cannot believe the new colors, in-your-face layout, and this new 2 -level sitemap version, and it has a new path now. If you have more than 1 site (we have 50!) you’ll have to go in and change your Robots file(!). She also got rid of the compressed file, so you’ll have to login to your server to delete that or the Engines will read TWO DIFFERENT SITEMAPS!

This plugin is getting worse. It is done with us now.

Not worth it. Let the engines spider your images. They do just fine. This is so irritating. Find something else!

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Contributors & Developers

“Udinra All Image Sitemap” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Intermediate release to prepare ground for next big release


Backward compatibility added for Sitemap URL. Option added for number of URL per sitemap default 1,000.


The plugin was rewritten fixing some bugs and improvement in performance. Support for Multisite and Index Sitemap file is added. Option is added to create sitemap manually and also daily.


Removed Sitemap zipped version creation and option as Google indexes zipped version slower than normal one.


WordPress 4.7.2 compatibility and removing unwanted processing.


Bug fixes and notification addition


WordPress 4.5.1 compatible.


Clubbed Ping Google,Bing and Ask options to single option Ping Search Engines.Also WordPress 4.4 compatible.


Compatible with WordPress 4.3.1 and minor compatibility fixes with other plugins.


Compatible with WordPress 4.2.1


Minor bug fixes


Handled Draft post and other small bugs,code enhancements


Handled Unattached image bug


Link to generated sitemap on plugin configuration page
Small code cleanup


Compatibility with other sitemap plugins


Special character handlingin URL


Search engine ping issue resolved


Fixed xsl issue.
Code changes for pinging search engines


Minor code fix


Minor verbiage fix


Option to control automatic generation of sitemap.
Sitemap generated automatically if post contains images
minor coding enhancements
XSL support


Pings gzipped version to search engines if gzipped version is created


Option to generate gzipped version of image sitemap


Fixed special characters in title and caption issue.