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Twitter posts to Blog

This plugin simply create posts in your blog from selected twitter searches. Good work with this plugin.

I don't understand the utility of this plugin. Can you explain me what's mean?

This plugin periodicaly pick tweets from tag,username or some text like this: https://twitter.com/search?q=%40iWafer&src=typd and for each tweet create one post in your blog.

Where do I select the category,tags,content it will post to?

In plugin settings page there is a tab called "Post customization" where you can choose those and more options for each tweet post this plugin publish

Can i exclude tweets with unwanted words/authors?

Yes you can exclude authors or words from the main configuration tab of the plugin

How work the title/body formatting

Formatting is easy to use, you can choose what you want to see in every post you publish, for egsample, you can set as title something like this:

Tweet from %author%

and the body content like this:

<img src="%avatar_url%" alt="%author%"/> %author%: %tweet%. <a href="/">Back to Home</a>

And your tweet result is something like:

Tweet from iWafer
[IMAGE] iWafer: @divenock hello friend im the #best. Back to Home

This is the list of codes you can use in the formatting fields

%tweet% The text of the tweet
%author% The author name of this tweet
%avatar_url% An url to the author avatar for this tweet
%tweet_url% Url of this tweet in twitter.com
%tweet_images% An html block of all images in the tweet

How can i filter for tweets with images

You can search tweets with images using this filter in your query string


Or you can exclude images with the same filter but with a - in front of it


How can i filter for tweets with Mentions or Replies

You can search replies or mentions using these filters in your query string


Or you can exclude replies with the same filters but with a - in front of it


Why my site doesn't grab images from twitter?

In some cases hosters have security setting in their configuration or firewalls or some other think like these, if you have problems with images in tweets the main problem maybe is the "allow_url_fopen" PHP setting, normaly you can request the activation of this function to enable the grabbing of images

Can i intercept some actions on the plugin runtime?

Here the list of actions with a small description


This action runs before the insertion of the image (from twitter) in the post


This action runs after the insertion of the image (from twitter) in the post (runs only if you choosed to insert the image as preview or as content


This action runs after the insertion of the post, the only parameter gived is the id of the post

Can i customize posts without edit the plugin?

Yes you can, usin filter you can edit some parts of the plugin engine without edit it, keeping the ability to update the plugin without lost any costomization made by you. Filters are listed here.


Allow to edit the post data before it be published, is and array with and array containing infomations for "wp_insert_post"


Filter the author name


Filter the html link to the author page on twitter

Can i the id/author/avatar or query string of certain post in my template?

All posts made by this plugin are created with some metas for those who want cusutomize their theme for tweets, here the collected post metas:


The query string used to pick up this post


The id of the tweet in this post


The author name of the tweet in this post


The avatar url of the author

Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Last Updated: 11 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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