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Tumblr Crosspostr

Tumblr Crosspostr cross-posts your WordPress entries to Tumblr. Changes to your WordPress posts are reflected in your Tumblr posts.

Tumblr Crosspostr posts to Tumblr whenever you hit the "Publish" (or "Save Draft") button. It can import your reblogs on Tumblr as native WordPress posts. It even downloads the images in your Photo posts and saves them in the WordPress Media Library.

Donations for this plugin make up a chunk of my income. If you continue to enjoy this plugin, please consider making a donation. :) Thank you for your support!

Tumblr Crosspostr uses Tumblr's simple API to keep posts in sync; when you edit your WordPress post, it updates your Tumblr post. Private WordPress posts become private Tumblr posts, deleting a post from WordPress that you've previously cross-posted to Tumblr deletes it from Tumblr, too, and so on. The plugin supports both scheduled posts (scheduling a WordPress post schedules it to publish at the same time on Tumblr) as well as the Tumblr Queue feature.

Tumblr Crosspostr is very lightweight. It just requires you to connect to your Tumblr account from the plugin options screen. After that, you're ready to cross-post! See the Screenshots for a walk through of this process.

Tumblr Crosspostr uses post formats to set the appropriate Tumblr post type. The first image, video embed, etcetera that Tumblr Crosspostr detects will be used as the primary media for the Tumblr post type. To take full advantage of Tumblr Crosspostr, I suggest you choose a WordPress theme that supports all the post formats that your Tumblr theme supports, but Tumblr Crosspostr will still work even if your theme does not natively support this feature. :)

The WordPress post format to Tumblr post type mapping looks like this:

  • WordPress's Standard, Aside, and Status post formats become Tumblr's Text post type
  • WordPress's Image post format becomes Tumblr's Photo post type
  • WordPress's Video post format becomes Tumblr's Video post type
  • WordPress's Audio post format becomes Tumblr's Audio post type
  • WordPress's Quote post format becomes Tumblr's Quote post type
  • WordPress's Link post format becomes Tumblr's Link post type
  • WordPress's Chat post format becomes Tumblr's Chat post type
  • WordPress's Gallery post format becomes Tumblr's Photoset post type (sadly this is not yet implemented, but maybe one day soon!!)

Other options enable tweaking additional metadata from your WordPress entry (notably tags and "Content source" attributions) to Tumblr, sending all your post archives to Tumblr in one click, and more.

Servers no longer serve, they possess. We should call them possessors.

--Ward Cunningham

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Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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