True Evangelical Faith


A humble alternative to Matt Mullenweg’s standard WordPress “Hello Dolly” plugin. Both can be used at the same time, but the effect will be odd. When this plugin is activated, you will randomly see a statement from Menno Simons’ description of “true evangelical faith” in the upper right of your admin screen on every page. The original source for the Anabaptist mantra “True faith cannot lie dormant…” comes from Menno Simons’s work “Why I Do Not Cease Teaching and Writing,” written in 1539, translated into English in 1871 and published by John F. Funk. For greater parallelism and snappiness, the original text, which follows, was adapted for the plugin:

For true evangelical faith is of such a nature that it cannot lay dormant;
but manifests itself in all righteousness and works of love;
it dies unto flesh and blood;
destroys all forbidden lusts and desires;
cordially seeks, serves and fears God;
clothes the naked;
feeds the hungry;
consoles the afflicted;
shelters the miserable;
aids and consoles all the oppressed;
returns good for evil;
serves those that injure it;
prays for those that persecute it;
teaches, admonishes and reproves with the Word of the Lord;
seeks that which is lost;
binds up that which is wounded;
heals that which is diseased
and saves that which is sound.
The persecution, suffering and anxiety which befalls it for the sake of the truth of the Lord,
is to it a glorious joy and consolation.

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