This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Track The Book


This plugin gives visitors the option to track their book by entering their location and book number into a form.
Their location is then turned into coordinates through the use of the Google Maps API and is able to be plotted onto
a map. A KML file is also dynamically generated and can be displayed in a map using a separate plugin that reads KML
files (i.e XML Google Maps).


  • An example of the Track The Book plugin in action at Howard County Library.


How do I activate this plugin?

Enable the plugin by visiting the “Plugins” menu in WordPress and activating “Track The Book”.

How do I add a link to the form to let visitors register their book?

To display the link to access the Track The Book form, you would include the following code in your post: [trackthebook]Register my book[/trackthebook]

Or to include the link directly inside of your WordPress template, add the following code:

How do I display a map that plots all of the books that visitors have entered?

You must use a separate plugin to actually display an interactive map. Any plugin that is able to read KML files will work.

I have tested it in conjunction with the XML Google Maps WordPress plugin.

What is the shortcode for the dynamic KML file?


What is the URL of the dynamic KML file?


What is the difference between the using [trackthebook_kml] and http://your/wordpress/site/?view=trackthebook.kml

The normal KML address (http://your/wordpress/site/?view=trackthebook.kml) does not support filters and can also be cached
by Google, which would prevent an updated map from displaying for several minutes.

The short code ([trackthebook_kml)] will dynamically insert an address similar to
http://your/wordpress/site/?view=trackthebook.kml&book=&nocache= This is able to support filters and prevent caching.

Why does my map not update immediately?

If you are using the direct address to the KML file you may find that it is being cached, which prevents the map from updating immediately. In order to prevent the KML file from being cache you need to append a random code to
the end of the KML address or use the shortcode [trackthebook_kml].

[trackthebook_kml] or http://your/wordpress/site/?view=trackthebook.kml&book=<?php echo $_GET['book']; ?>&nocache=<?php echo time(); ?> 



  • Fixed incorrect name of the filters form
  • Added a feature to automatically launch the registration form when someone tries to access the page directly


  • Fixed missing column in the CSV export


  • Added dashboard statistics
  • Added the ability to download a CSV file of all the data
  • Added the ability to add a filters box and filter the map by a specific book
  • Added a shortcode for the KML address [trackthebook_kml]
  • Fixed several strings that were not internationalized

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