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The Official TraceMyIP WordPress Plugin enables WordPress users to utilize powerful web analytics tracking and visitor IP redirecting and control technology.

Some of the features include but not limited to:


  • Project Summary screen, enables viewing all website stats on a single page. These include visitors online, today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month and total. Sound notifications are available when new visitors come to site. The 30 day mini bar graph shows website page load activity over time.

  • Zoomable visitor map shows all visitors available in the real-time log. By clicking on each visitor icon, a new report is generated with detailed visitor activity, page view times, physical location and other information.

  • Variety of statistical charts give quick visualization of recurring visitor traffic, traffic sources, social engagement and National vs. International traffic sources.

  • Visitor Log shows individual visitors and their activity. If a visitor is online, he or she will be highlighted. Visitors can be tagged and tracked for IP changes.

  • Page loads log provides detailed visitor and page activity information about every single page load in real time. This includes visitor geo location, ISP, organization, user agent, IP address, referrers and landing pages

  • Link and Page Tracking & Redirecting

  • Integrated Page Tracker module allows controlling visitor traffic and redirect visitors based on custom redirect and messaging rules.

  • Some of the Page and Link Tracker rules can be triggered based on a variety of visitor data such as visitor Current IP address, First IP address, Last or First IP address, Computer ID, Referrer URL, Referring subdomain, Referring search engine keywords, Landing page title, Landing page URL, Device types such as mobile, tablet and desktop, Device names such as iPad, iPhone, User agent strings, Device OS, Device OS version, Browsers and other options.


Is TraceMyIP free service?

Yes. The basic TraceMyIP subscription that provides the vast majority of information and features is free. Additional advanced tracking and control options are available for premium subscriptions

What are the primary TraceMyIP functions?

  1. Visitor GEO IP Tracking and Address Book Tagging
  2. Visitor Computer ID Tracking and IP Changes Tracking
  3. Advanced Website Analytics and Statistics (some functions are similar to Google Analytics, but on a visitor level)
  4. Visitor Flow Control via IP Redirect and Computer ID Rules
  5. Individual Link and Page Tracking and access control
  6. AD Campaigns Tracking (some features are similar to Google Analytics + individual visitor tracking)
Questions or issues?

Please contact TraceMyIP with questions or issues.


Latest official support for WordPress


Extensively tested both Visitor IP tracking and visitor blocking and access control features for WordPress pages. Works with no issues with all major browsers and mobile devices.

Visitor blocking and redirecting was tested with following conditions:
- Block an IP address from accessing any WordPress pages - success
- Redirect visitor to a different WordPress page if IPv4 address contained specific numbers - success
- Show message to WordPress website visitor if the visitor's first IP address matched a given IP address - success
- Show visitor a Pop-up message if a referrer URL contained "" - success
- Show a blank page to a visitor if Landing Page contained a specific string - success
- Redirect a visitor if the device used is a tablet - success
- Show website visitor a warning of the Internet Explorer browser version was 8.0 - success
- Redirect visitor to a different language version of the website if the GEO location of the visitor from India - success
- Block visitor from accessing a specific page if the visitor has had more than 5 page loads - success

Other visitor access rules were briefly tested and worked without issues.

Visitor tracker function reliably detected all visits from various browsers using proxy servers and direct ISP connections.

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Improved visitor tracker loading speed
Optimized reverse DNS host queries performance
Improved TraceMyIP user interface loading times


Provisional update to comply with WordPress version 4.7
Updated IP tracing engine
Improved account accessibility performance


Updated visitor IP tracking engine
Improved analytics reports rendering speeds


Interface facelift rev 9.11
Corrected issue with TraceMyIP not loading reports properly on SSL enabled WordPress dashboards


Minor reporting interface revisions


Verified compatibility with the current WordPress version


Verified compatibility with the current WordPress version
Updated spam referrer blacklist
Added new user agent detection definitions
Conformed to TraceMyIP v9.01


Verified compatibility with the current WordPress version
Conformed to TraceMyIP v9.00


Improved performance of Link & Page trackers for redirecting visitors based on a new set of rules.
Improved GEO targeting precisions
Improved bots/spider detection and filtering
Conformed to TraceMyIP v8.98


Minor interface markup editing


Finalized 2.04 to stable


Improved browser scaling in embedded reporting


Fixed visitor tracker input field bug that affected older Apple Safari browsers


Improved browser response time for downloading reports


Added SSL auto code compilation
Improved precision of tracking devices that do not support JavaScript
Conformed to TraceMyIP v8.94


Initial stable release.

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