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TouchCast Embed Plugin (beta)

The TouchCast Embed Plugin allows WordPress sites to easily embed their touchcast videos in any post with the URL of their video.

What is TouchCast?

TouchCast is the most powerful, mobile video authoring tool on the planet comparable to an HD video broadcast truck on an iPad. TouchCast allows creators to build a new video web experience. It is a platform where viewers can experience the web through on-screen browseable and interactive video apps (vApps) without leaving the video.

What can users do on TouchCast?

Users can either “Touch”or “Cast”. “Touch” allows viewers to watch and touch videos on iPad or TouchCast.com. Users can also create videos using the “Cast” authoring tool which allows creators to effortlessly add live web pages and other interactive Video Apps (vApps) to videos.

What are vApps?

vApps, or Video Apps, are on-screen elements that look and feel like television graphics but are interactive and update in real-time from inside the video so as to not interrupt the video playback.

What vApps are available?

TouchCast offers a growing library of vApps that transform web pages, polls, maps and more into interactive graphics that users can play with while watching a video uninterrupted. They include YouTube videos, Twitter streams, Facebook Pages, Flickr photo galleries, news headlines, stock charts, ratings, comments, and more. TouchCast’s vApp library is an open-platform so developers can also create and customize their own vApps for any need.

Where can users find, create and watch TouchCasts?

TouchCast for iPad can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. TouchCast for Desktop can be downloaded from TouchCast.com. Users can create and watch TouchCasts on iPad devices or in our PC app. They can also view TouchCasts on TouchCast.com via Chrome and Safari browsers. And now TouchCast is available on WordPress via an embeddable player. TouchCasts are also available on YouTube, though our patented interactive vApp technology is not enabled by the YouTube player. Other platforms will be unveiled later in 2014.

What kind of video file does the TouchCast Embed Plugin play?

TouchCast apps (free to download for iPads, Windows PC and soon Mac OS) produce .mp4 video files with html for the interactivity (we also offer a Flash version).

Will the plugin allow my touchcast videos to work with mobile devices that are viewing my WP site?

For version 1.0, the TouchCast Embed Plugin will only play the video file without interactivity on mobile browsers. Viewers will see everything but will need to view the post on a desktop browser to gain full interactivity.

What desktop browsers are supported for touchcast video playback?

For version 1.0, we recommend the latest versions of Chrome and Safari browsers.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 70+


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