WP Accessibility Tools & Missing Alt Text Finder


This software HELPS you in the process of becoming ADA Section 508 compliant by providing:

Missing Alt Text Finder

Easily add any Missing Alt Text, Description Text or Caption Text to all of the pictures in your Media Library and the pictures that are already published on your Pages and Posts.

Contrast Ratio Checker

Provides you with a Contrast Ratio Checker to make sure everything hits the minimum requirements.

WCAG 2.1 Compliance Checklist

A interactive WCAG 2.1 Section 508 Checklist that helps you better understand your websites accessibility issues.

Automated Accessibility Audit

You can activate the A11Y auditing function and run multiple accessibility tests on your website and even get suggestions on how to fix them.


We give you some great resources in the form of links that will help you better understand web accessibility and help your website become even more inclusive.

While this plugin can HELP you meet compliance requirements, you are the only one that can ensure that all requirements are met.

If you find this plugin useful, please rate and review it. If you have a problem with this plugin, please send me an email letting us know what issues you are having. I will address all issues in a timely fashion. Thank you!

Main Features Are:

  1. Shows you all of the pictures from either your Media Library, Posts or Pages that are missing any of the 3 types of text. (Alternative Text, Description text or Caption Text)

  2. Allows you to add any missing – Alternative Text, Description Text or Caption Text to any of your pictures one at a time.

  3. Allows you to add missing Alternative Text, Description Text or Caption Text to all of your pictures with just one click.

  4. Helps the process of making your website ADA Section 508 Compliant become much easier. (by adding Alt Text to all pictures on your website)

  5. Allows you to run a Automated A11Y Accessibility Audit so you can see where you are not compliant.

  6. Provides a free Contrast Ratio Checker. This allows you to easily understand your websites contrast ratios.

  7. We provide you a interactive (WCAG 2.1) Section 508 Checklist. This checklist helps you better understand the WCAG 2.1 recommendations and guidelines.

  8. We offer a ton of Free Accessibility resources in the form of links that will greatly help your understanding of web accessibility.

The video below is how to use our missing alt text feature.

The video below is part 2 on how to use all of the new accessibility tools we added.

The video below is us giving our “Web Accessibility Made Easy” talk in Tampa Fl.


  • Displays all of the photos in your media library so you can easily add any missing ALT Text

  • Displays all published pages or posts that have photos on them.

  • Displays all of the photos on your pages or posts so you can easily add any missing ALT Text.

  • It will only display pages or posts that have photos on them.

  • A contrast Ratio Checker to make it easy for you to check your websites Contrast Ratios.

  • A WCAG 2.1 Checklist that allowys you to easily track your websites Section 508 (WCAG 2.1) compliance. This checklist does a great job in breaking down all the recommendations and guidelines.

  • An example of our free automated accessibility testing software in action.

  • A resources tab that gives you a lot of information and links that help you understand web accessibility.


  1. Download the plugin onto your WP site.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Thats it!
  4. You will find this plugin inside the settings tab of your WP admin navigation menu.


How does this software help me in the process to become Section 508 compliant

One of the requirements to be Section 508 compliant is that – you have to provide text alternatives to all non-text content. This software makes it much easier for the developer or the client to add any missing Alternative Text to the non-text content. In this case, Images on your WP website.

How do I use this software

A. Chose 1 of the 3 locations that have images.

  1. Media Library
  2. Pages
  3. Posts
    *Note: There will be nothing displayed for any pages or post that are not published

B. Chose how you want the images to be organized.

You can chose to have the images displayed in order based on what text you are looking to replace.

  1. Show All Media – This just displays all images in no particular order.
  2. Missing Caption – This displays all the images without Caption Text at the top.
  3. Missing Alt – This displays all the images that are missing the Alternative Text at the top.
  4. Missing Description – This displays all the images that are missing the Description Text at the top.
    *Note: If you are in the Pages/Posts then you will only be able to display images that are missing the Alternative Text.

C. One you have added the text that you want to that image with the missing text, you have 2 options.

  1. Click the green update button to update that single image.
  2. Continue to add more missing text and then click the Update All button on the bottom.

D. You can also add missing text to all the images with one button.

  1. On the first line you can add missing text in a category and then click the Add To All button.

Why is it not displaying the images that are published on my page or post?

This plugin does not work with all of the page builders available. We are working very hard to continually update this software to be compatible with more and more page builders.

If you feel that it is not working with your page builder. Please email us and let us know what page builder and version of that page builder you are using.

Then we will add that to our list and let you know once our software is compatible with that builder.


April 1, 2021
Works great and it's made by guys in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is a great place.
February 27, 2021
Jullie zijn echt goed bezig Hoop nog lang en veel gebruik te maken van jullie diensten.
January 21, 2021
Discovered St. Pete Design at WordCamp Atlanta in 2019. Loved the presentation and really appreciate this plugin!
December 30, 2020
Works perfectly, a Very Helpful Plugin!
October 30, 2020
This tool is Extremely helpful. Makes fixing alt tags so easy. It is well thought out in terms of how users would want such a tool to function. I particularly like the Page option (and bulk text helps to draft similar images). Bonus: it also includes accessibility AND HTML compliance tools make this a one-stop shop for quickly and easily bringing our sites to meet semantic and accessibility standards. Minor suggestions (icing on the cake to an already great design): - It would make more sense to re-order to ALT (as it is REQUIRED, and the main reason for the plugin), then I'd put Description, as it is the next most used/visible text, and lastly caption, as it is both least used, and most likely for people to manually seek out WHEN it IS used. - Would it be possible to add a checkbox for indicating "decorative" images? I envision that an empty alt text (alt="") would then be saved to the Media Library and front end img tag, AND "role=presentation" would be added (on the front end--I don't think it can be done in the Media Library)? This would help us bring decorative images into full compliance, and help clear confusion about how to properly deal with them. The additional tools you have added are a real bonus. Especially the front-end checker!! I really like the contrast checker, too, even though, during development, I use the one offered in Dev Tools, it is nice feature to have this built into the WP platform (via this plugin). - Any chance of embedding a color picker into this tool?? That would be icing on the cake 😉 The checklist tab is a fantastic idea. It both informs us on various tasks we should address, and helps us keep track of our progress. - A minor suggestion: it is not clear to the newcomer how it works (or maybe it was just me..). re: I initially thought it was an auto-generated status indicating met compliances. Perhaps a comment indicating that it is a self-managed checklist would clarify?: "Checkmark, then Save, when you have manually completed an audit and fixed (or determined you are finished with) an item." type comment. External links for Accessibility and HTML info is a great touch for the curious among us. You make it very easy to learn and follow through. Thank you so much for your mission in educating us on Web Accessibility, and helping us quickly and easily bring our websites into compliance. 🙂
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